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Authors Note: This story is written as a fantasy, yet as all fiction must be, it has its basis in reality. The story line is a combination of past events that actually have happened to me, combined with a few events that I wish would occur. Therefore all characters in the story are fictitious, and it is a fantasy account . . . not to be confused with reality, which can be dangerous.

ALL of the images are composed and contrived by myself. The idea was to see how many different situations can be contrived using just one source file. In composing these images, I selected ONLY digital images that are in the public domain, and I've been extremely careful not to infringe on anyone's copywrite. I do want to thank those unnamed people who posted these images, whoever they are.


Being Victor's Sissy

by Paula Pink



As Victor's spasms slowly subsided, I knelt there at his feet, his deflating organ still firmly wedged between my lips. I couldn't believe how good his cum had tasted! Salty, sweet, musky, yummy! I didn't want this to end at all. Remembering that Victor was in charge, I simply stayed where I was, his big penis between my lips, gently suckling the big pink head, waiting for direction. It wasn't long in coming, and it was just what I wanted to hear.

Victor shook his head, a bleary, satisfied expression on his face. He grinned down at me. "That was an incredible blow job, sissy!" He said, slowly regaining his composure. "Is that what you wanted? Did you enjoy that?" I nodded, his prick still in my mouth, watching his eyes.

"You look awfully good with my cock in your mouth. Keep it there for a while." I smirked around his cock, and winked at him. He smiled and continued laying out what our new arrangement would be.

"Now that we understand each other, here's how I think we should proceed." He went on in soothing tones. "Since you love sucking cock so much, that will be your first priority, to make sure that cock you're sucking gets drained at least twice a day. Agreed?" I nodded enthusiastically, licking the pee hole of his prick.

"Like I said before, you are a sissy, and under my direction. I won't be mean to you, just give you what I think you want." He paused, waiting for me to respond. I nodded again, and he continued.

"You are to be naked at all times. If we have guests, I will dress you, but you should know that it will always be revealing, ultra feminine garb. I want there to be no mistake that you are the 'lady of the house', as well as the house sissy, the house cocksucker, the house faggot. Get used to it, Paula. You might still try to deny it, but you are as queer as the night is dark. This regimen will help you accept that, I think."

Again, I just nodded, gently sucking his now soft dick. It was still a mouthful, though. Given the circumstances, it would've been difficult to argue the point anyway. But I didn't care. I was in heaven.

Victor continued. "After you blow me, you will always do exactly what you are doing now. You will keep my cock in your mouth till I tell you to release it. I might make you keep it in your mouth for hours. I'm just giving you what I think a cocksucker would want." This time I smiled up at him, gently tonguing the cock head in my mouth.

He continued. "We're also going to push your limits. I'm not much into bondage play, but I might tie you up and face fuck you all day." I raised my eyebrows, but there was a twinkle in my eye. He knew I liked the suggestion.

"You will take care of your man, sissy. If I need to piss, I even expect you to hold it for me, maybe even take it in your mouth to point it as I piss. Do you like that idea, fairy?" All I could do was raise my eyebrows, a little doubt now in my eyes. I had never done water sports, and wasn't sure if I wanted to try.

Victor sensed my concern, God, he was perceptive. "OK, we'll cross that bridge when we reach it. You should know that 'scat' events disgust me, so there will be no ass fucking going on here." I kind of frowned, a little disappointed. I did like to have my ass pussy filled on occasion, and had hoped that Victor would want to fuck me some time. I even had a pink vinyl eight inch cock that fulfilled that purpose wonderfully when I was in 'that' mood. He read my expression perfectly.

"Anal sex is true gay sex, and I'm not gay." he restated. I must have still shown my disappointment, because his expression softened. "However, I'm willing to compromise here a little too. If you make yourself completely clean, inside and out, I'll consider fucking you. After all,' he went on. "You ARE a pussy boy. MY pussy boy. Right?"

I quickly nodded my head in agreement, smiling around the cock in my mouth. Victor smiled.

"For the time being, let's just relax. After that terrific blow job you just gave me, I just want to soak in the glow. You can continue to suck my dick, sissy, gently. It's a little sensitive after I cum."

So we stayed there, locked into position. Victor lay back, toying with the wisps of hair on my head, I adoringly and gently sucking his cock. I was going to like this arrangement perfectly. Or so I thought. I had no idea what else he had planned, but decided right then and there to submit to this man. I was probably in love with him, and that excited me tremendously. I thought 'I guess I am a total queer. And I like the feeling!'

After about fifteen minutes, Victor tapped me on the top of my head. "Time to talk a bit, sissy." I slowly let his penis slip from between my lips, giving it a soft kiss before smiling at him and straightening up, still on my knees. I looked at him with a warm smile on my face, both proud that I had done such a good jog sucking him off, and happy that I had gotten such a lovely load of sperm in my mouth. I could still taste it, and his cock. I waited for what he had to say.

"You haven't gotten off yet, have you, sissy?" He said his hands folded behind his head, watching me carefully.

"No, Victor, I haven't." I was getting a little sore from kneeling there, but that sensation was nothing compared to the burning urge I felt in my little weenie. It had been stiff as an oak rod since we were in the shower, and I was dying for relief. I wondered what he had in mind. I didn't have to wait long.

"Don't expect me to do anything about that, Paula. I think you understand that. But feel free to play with yourself. Right now, in fact! From what I understand, sissies play with themselves a lot. So, I expect you to be twiddling that little dick of yours constantly, understand?" His tone had resumed that dominating sound, and I looked at him intently. "But you must also ask permission to get off. And explain why."

Now he had me confused. "Ummm . . . how do you want me to do this, Victor?"

"You simply ask me if you can get off, that's all. In fact," he added with a smirk. "Since I expect you to play with yourself constantly, and you will be naked all the time, I don't expect you not to touch yourself. I figure sissies love to play with themselves, so I want you to always be twiddling your little dick, even when you are prancing around in front of me. But if you want to orgasm, you ask, OK?"

I loved where this was going! "OK, Victor. May I please get myself off?" My hand was already circling the head of my little erection. I suddenly became aware that the whole head was coated in pre-cum.

"Sure. Get yourself off, just like a sissy is supposed to do. Lay back and play with yourself. Sissies love to play with themselves, right, Paula?" he asked.

"Yessss . . . "I moaned as I began slowly rubbing my little prick. "I love playing with myself!" Now I was the one breathing hard.

"Why do you like playing with yourself so much, Paula?" he asked, again with that smirk on his face.

"Because I'm a sissy, Victor!" I was rubbing faster now.

"Whose sissy are you, Paula?"

"I'm your sissy, Victor!" I was getting SO close. I leaned back and spread my legs, exposing more of my tiny cock and balls to Victor as I rubbed myself off.

"If you're a sissy, say it like a proper sissy. Lisp it for me." he demanded.

I looked at him through bleary, pre-orgasm eyes. Victor certainly knew how to 'kink' up a scene! This could be fun, I thought "You want me to lisp?" I asked, a little taken back, my hand moving faster on my dick.

"Definitely. Sissies lisp. You claim to be my sissy, I think you should lisp like one. Just to make sure you accept your role." Victor explained smirking down at me

I'm REALLY liking this! "OK, Victor. I'll be your lithping thithy! "

"Perfect. Now, while you play with yourself, I want you to recite to me what you are, and what you want to be." He was really getting into humiliating me, but I was very much getting into it as well.

I was rubbing my cock faster now, oh so close to coming. "Yeth, Victor, I'm your little cock thucking thithy . . . . I love playing with mythelf in front of you . . . . ohhhhhhh . . . . I love being your lithping thithy cockthucker . . . .ohhhhhhhh . . . .ohhhhhhhhh . . . . I'm a little lithping thithy cockthucker . . . . . I'm a little lithping thithy cockthucker . . . . . OHHHHHHHH . . . . I'm a little lithping thithy cockthucker . . . . . Victor, I love being your lithping thithy . . . . . . . your . . . cock . . THUCKER . . . . AGGGGHHHHHHH!"

And with a final thrust of my hips into my hand, my sissy cum spurted straight up, an explosion unlike any I had ever had alone! I had never come that much, and the next spurt shot out and landed on my bare tummy. I continued rubbing my cocklette wildly, moaning uncontrollably the whole time, until I was completely spent, my sperm drooling down my hand and sprayed all over my bare tummy.

Slowly catching my breath, I looked up at Victor. He was smiling down at me, completely engrossed in the little show I had put on for him. "That's quite a mess you just made, fairy." he smiled down at me. "You better start licking it up before it gets on the floor."

I lifted my cum covered wrist and hand to my lips and began licking my semen up. I was immediately struck by the difference in the taste between his cum and mine. Then as Victor watched, I scraped it off my tummy and licked it off of my fingers, smiling at him the whole time.

"Now, thank me for letting you get off, sissy." he demanded.

"Thank you, Victor, for letting me get off. and cum"

"No. Correction. Sissies don't come, they 'sissy'. Whenever you climax, you will refer to it as 'making a sissy'. And I didn't hear you lisp!" He said this in a very demanding tone, one I was beginning to like. A lot!

I leaned forward, my hands on his knees, looking him straight in the eyes. "Thorry, Victor. Thank you for letting your thithy make a thithy. I loved it, and I loved licking up my thperm, too!" I lisped softly. "And thank you for letting me be your thithy!" Then I leaned forward and kissed the tip of his penis.

"Excellent! You learn fast, Paula." He had a smug grin on his face, still sitting there with his hands behind his head, watching me.

"I think we're going to get along just fine!" Victor stretched and yawned, saying he was sleepy and needed to go to bed. Alone. I was getting up onto my feet, and I stopped, finger tips on the floor and still on my knees.

"Alone? Victor, I thought that maybe . . ." He reached down and put his finger tip on my lips again, shushing me.

"I know, you want to sleep with me. That's not what I want, sissy. Considering that I have been more than compromising allowing you to be my cocksucker and sissy, I still have my boundaries. I like to sleep alone, sissy. It's no real reflection on you. I just think that I would be more comfortable if we sleep alone. OK?' As he explained this, I stayed on my knees, his finger on my lips, looking up at him. I suppose I was a little sad, as I assumed I would also sleep with him.

Again, he sensed my disappointment, and smiled down at me warmly. "But don't worry, sissy. I'm more than willing to let you give me a good morning blow job. Deal?"

My expression changed as I realized the wisdom in this. It would be a little much, especially at the beginning. I simply smiled, and took his finger in my mouth and gave it a gentle suck. Victor smiled back.

"Good night, sissy."

"Good night, Victor." I replied.




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