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The Au Pair               by: Gingerfred Man


Chapter One -- Mandy

Peter Miller was doing the best he could, considering the circumstances. He was the 39-year-old father of two fine boys. Michael was 16 and about to be a junior in high school and Tommy was almost eleven and about to enter the sixth grade.

The boys had no mother and Peter had no wife because his dear Lindsay had succumbed to breast cancer over two years ago.

It had been very hard on them all, but little Tommy seemed to be having the slowest recovery. He missed his Mommy terribly and still had frequent nightmares.

Michael was a fine young man who was a good student and a leader among his peers. He had had a number of relationships with girls his age and a bit younger, but nothing serious. There seemed to be something missing there, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Unlike many siblings, Michael was good to his brother and worried about him a lot.

Peter had lived without the comfort of a woman for some time. Everyone told him he should move on, but he didn’t feel ready. He did feel, however that the Millers needed a woman’s touch around the house. That’s why that summer he went to the Internet to advertise for an au pair.

The ad he placed for the au pair described his family and asked for assistance with housekeeping and some childcare. Peter did the best he could with his boys, but his dental practice meant that he couldn’t be there with Tommy all the time. And Tommy needed attention.

Peter received 85 responses to his ad and sorted that down to twelve young women, whom he asked for more information. From these responses he invited six to an interview at his home in Indiana. Four agreed to interview after he agreed to pay their travel expenses.

Peter selected a day for all the interviews to take place and took a day off from work to meet the applicants. The first three were fine young women, aged 18 to 24. They were all highly qualified and eager for the job. Peter was worried that he wouldn’t be able to decide, but that worry was over when he met his last applicant.

She knocked on the Millers’ door at precisely 3 p.m. Peter opened the door to greet her and his heart nearly exploded. Amanda was the most beautiful person Peter had ever seen. Her honey-blond hair was curly and feminine. Her legs were encased in silky black stockings, impossibly long and the shapeliest he had ever seen. Her breasts were stunners – high and full and perfectly shaped. She was wearing very conservative clothes, a knee-length skirt and long-sleeve blouse, but they were losing the battle to hide her voluptuousness. Her eyes were icy blue. Her mouth was cherry red.

And when she spoke, it was in the voice of an angel. "Good afternoon, Mr. Miller. I’m Amanda Brown, but people call me Mandy."

Peter was so stunned, he almost answered, "I’m Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump." Instead, he managed to give the correct name, rank and serial number and ask Mandy to come in.

She smiled at him and he almost fainted. "How much of this can I take?" he wondered. "How about a lifetime full?"

Mandy clacked across the living room in what appeared to be four-inch pumps. Wow! Her ass was protruding in one direction; her boobies in another. She sat down very primly, but Peter couldn’t stop staring. Then he recovered somewhat and was able to conduct a reasonably sane discourse.

Peter learned that Mandy was from a remote town in the Western United States called Woodville. She had recently graduated from her state university with a B.S. in journalism, but wanted to take a year to see some things before she went home to live. She was 22 and grew up in a family with two brothers and two sisters. She was the oldest, so she knew something about childcare.

Now the way a man typically hires a woman is, he interviews the candidates, reviews their resumes, checks references, then hires the one with the best rack. Peter realized that even if she hadn’t been the most beautiful collection of protoplasm on earth, she would still be the first choice because she was articulate, efficient and experienced. He therefore awarded her the job without guilt.

Mandy squealed happily and hugged Peter. He fell her erect nipples on his chest. He calmed himself down and asked when she could start. She said, "How about now? I brought my things, because I knew I was right for the job."

Peter was amazed. Along with everything else, she was incredibly self-confident. What an interesting year this would be.

Chapter Two – Domestic tranquility

Over the next few months, Peter was delighted with his choice. Mandy was a whiz. She organized the household, cleaned house, and shopped. Her cooking needed work, but she was improving rapidly.

The best part was that the boys adored her. Peter was afraid that Michael would lust after her, but he saw her as a big sister and they became fast friends. Mandy spent many fine hours with Tommy, whose mood improved dramatically and nightmares diminished.

Mandy drew lustful stares from men everywhere she went, but she seemed to have only the needs of the Miller family in her heart.

Peter was scared to death that he was in love with her. She was 17 years his junior and, he thought, way out of his league in looks. And while their relationship had become affectionate in a family sort of way, it was not a romantic relationship. Darn it.

One night in March, Peter awoke to crying. "Poor Tommy’s having those nightmares," he thought. So he went to Tommy’s room to investigate. The door was open on a crack and Peter could see that Mandy had arrived first and was already comforting Tommy.

She was hugging Tommy and telling him it was all right. Tommy was breathing in gasps, but calming down.

Peter was moved by the love he saw between them. He was also moved by the sight of Mandy in a delicious, sheer, blue nightgown. Peter thought that Tommy was a lucky boy to be embraced by the wondrous Mandy.

Then Tommy got luckier. "Mandy," he gasped, "Can you give me relief again, like your parents gave you kids."

"Of course, Honey. You just lie back and Mandy will calm you down."

Peter wondered what relief was. Then he found out.

Tommy rolled up his pajama top and pulled down his pajama bottoms. Mandy gently and expertly began to masturbate young Tommy, while singing him a soft lullaby.

Peter was startled, then outraged at the "child abuse" he was witnessing, then stricken by the beauty of the scene. There was such love and tenderness there and Tommy seemed so happy for the first time since Lindsay died. Peter began to weep. That was when he knew he loved Mandy. Now what would he do about it?

Meanwhile, Tommy was breathing calmly and giving Mandy a little smile. He looked at her, scrunched his face a little, groaned softly and oozed out two little globs of boygoo. Mandy pulled a Kleenex from the folds of her nightgown, cleaned Tommy up and kissed him softly on the cheek. He was already asleep with a sweet smile on his face.

Peter scurried away before Mandy caught him spying. Little did he know that she had known he was there all along.

Chapter Three – The Birthday

As the school year drew to a close, the Millers and Mandy had formed a tight bond. They did things together as a family and the boys couldn’t imagine living without her. They began to urge their dad to do something. Like almost all men, he was terrified by rejection. Which is dumb, because if a man isn’t on nature’s A-list, it’s what his life is about.

Peter’s 40th birthday was April 30. He was depressed because he thought being over 40 would widen the gap between him and the Mandy he loved even more.

The boys and Mandy were taking Peter out to dinner. The three men were dressed and waiting to go. Mandy was the slow poke, but it was worth it. She descended the stairs in a cloud of feminine splendor. Her tiny, little black dress was barely there, held by two overtaxed spaghetti straps. Her legs would start fires in men’s pants. And her face would start long-stopped clocks.

Peter’s poor, over-stimulated and underused cock leapt to attention. Mandy pretended not to notice, but she did. Even the boys were in awe. They rushed to open the doors for her. Peter’s throat was dry.

They all had a lovely dinner, laughing easily and each hoping this could go on forever. It was late when they returned home. The boys went to bed. Mandy wished Peter happy birthday once more and kissed him on the cheek. The words, "I love you. Marry me. Stay with me forever," were in his heart, but never made it to his lips. He went to his bedroom, brushed his teeth, got in bed and turned out the lights. He was very sad and ached for Mandy.

Twenty minutes later, as he was falling asleep, his bedroom door opened softly. A figure moved across the room, pulled back his covers and got in bed with him.

Half asleep, Peter asked, "Tommy, are you having a nightmare?"

In reply, he heard a lovely, feminine voice say, "I’m looking forward to sweet dreams for the birthday boy and me tonight."

Mandy! God does hear prayers! She was lovely. She was naked. Her skin was soft, warm and smooth. She had a big, hard cock between her legs. What?

Peter touched Mandy’s cock to be sure. "Mandy, what’s……."

"Shhhhh, my Love. Love first. Talk later."

Upon minimal reflection, that sounded like a wonderful idea to Peter.

She turned the light on because she wanted to see him and him to see her. She was a delicious sight. Her body was perfect. Even better than perfect, with her gorgeous cock that was almost as big as Peter’s.

He held her in his arms and kissed her lips. Their tongues met and danced. Mandy rubbed her heavy titties against Peter’s hairy chest. He broke the kiss and greedily sucked her right nipple, hefting her breasts in both hands. Mandy moaned softly in appreciation. Peter kissed Mandy again. And again. She cooed with love.

"Mmmmm," she said. "It’s a good thing I decided to take the first step or I would have died an old maid."

Peter chuckled at that one, but his heart was warmed by it. Then his cock was warmed by Mandy’s soft hand. She traced its outline with her fingertips and stroked the foreskin with a delicate touch. Having one of her own, she knew how to touch a cock to full effect.

"Petey," she whispered.

No one had called him Petey since the third grade. It enchanted him. "Yes, Mandy, my one true love."

"I want you to make love to me now."

"But Honey, you don’t have…I mean.."_

Mandy giggled. The sound made him ache with love. "Don’t worry. I have a warm, moist, very tight place for you and no one has been there for nine months. I lubed it up for you. I also have nine-months-worth of delicious girlie goo stored up for you in my little pink ball sack. Just let me show you how this works, OK, Sweetheart?"

What does one say to that, other than an enthusiastic, "All right!"

Mandy asked Peter to lie on his back. She rubbed her beautiful body all over him, kissing him whenever and wherever he had skin. She gave his long, fat cock a slow, delicious lick, tracing the most prominent vein with her tongue. Peter had to recite the Gettysburg Address four score and seven times to keep from losing three years worth of manly juices too early.

When Mandy had wet Peter’s rammer thoroughly with her plentiful saliva, she straddled his waist, smiled at him dazzlingly and slowly, maddeningly, voluptuously sat, one-centimeter at a time, on his cock.

Peter had never had his cock in anyone’s asshole before. He liked it a lot. The grip was different from that of a vagina. A little tighter, perhaps. A little drier. A different feel. But the important thing was that the asshole was attached to Mandy, whom he loved with all his heart.

Mandy’s beautiful face grimaced just a hair when she took his shtupper in. It was a good size, he knew and Mandy, by her recent admission, was out of practice. But now it was all in and she was loving it. Mandy locked eyes with Peter. He said, "I love you."

She leaned over and kissed him and repeated her love for him.

Peter watched Mandy bouncing on his hard cock. Her fantastic titties were jiggling. Her face was a little scrunchy in concentration on the feelings. Her prickie was stiff and big and red and………..beautiful!

Peter surprised them both by reaching to grab Mandy’s prickie. He held it in his strong hand, feeling it from stem to stern. With his other hand, he gently cupped her balls. They did feel heavy and full. Well, let’s change that, he said to himself. He began to stroke Mandy’s prickie expertly. She gasped and used her ass muscles to further thrill Peter’s spear. She smiled at him and told him her love. He told her how beautiful and loving she was to him and the boys. She squealed, scrunched her beautiful features, squeaked and moaned. Then she spurted five huge globs of hot girlie goo on Peter’s hands, arms, chest and face. Her delight was extreme. Peter was proud that he could make his Love so happy.

Then the time came for Peter to be even happier. He felt the point of no return in his stomach, then happily passed it. His toes curled. His nipples erected. He shot wad after wad of thick cum up Mandy’s fantastic ass. She screamed his name with the intense pleasure of it all.

Down the hall, Michael heard the scream and understood. "Happy Birthday, Dad," he said to himself.

Chapter Four – All about Woodville

When their breath had returned to mid-marathon levels, Peter held sweet Mandy in his strong arms, stroking her prickie lovingly.

"Mandy," Peter said, "I love you, I’ll always love you. But I have to know. Why does the most beautiful, sweetest girl in the world have a huge cock?"

"It’s a strange story, but in Woodville, it seems perfectly normal to us. All the women in Woodville are gorgeous and voluptuous. And we all have cocks. We were all born males.

"Our town is very remote. When Woodville was founded it was so remote that we couldn’t get women to live there. One day, a young psychologist named Jefferson Wood came to town. It had long been suspected that all men were part woman. We know that to be true today, because all women have XX chromosomes and all men are XY. So even the most macho man in the world is half woman. Men try to suppress it, but that female side jumps up some times. The female side is just below the surface. Sometimes we’re Ginger. Sometimes we’re Fred. I’ve chosen to live my life as Ginger."

"What do you mean, ‘chosen’?"

"Let me get back to that. Dr. Wood convinced the men in this town that the lack of women was a strength if they followed his theories. He did some psychological testing and found that around half the men would be convincing, happy women. Faced with a bad alternative, the townspeople, all born males, began to live as a community of both women and men."

"Wasn’t it difficult on the new women?"

"Things were rough at first. It took a couple of generations for the women to feel like women. And there was no sophisticated surgery or chemicals like we have today."

"How did they reproduce?"

"They started by adopting orphan boys from other towns. Later they used surrogates. Today they use gene-splicing techniques and paid surrogates, so my mom and dad are really my mom and dad. We’re the best in the world at male-to-female surgery and chemicals. As long as we’re going to be women, we want to be knock-outs."

"You knocked me out the day I met you. How did you ‘choose’ to be a girl?"

"No one picks their gender until their thirteenth birthday. Until then, we have a boy and a girl name and we decide each day whether we want to go to school as a girl or a boy."

"So when you said you grew up with two brothers and two sisters, how many people was that?"

"Two. One has passed her thirteenth birthday. Linda is a permanent girl. Jimmy/Angela is Tommy’s age and hasn’t chosen yet. It was a wonderful childhood, filled with the best of both genders."

"So why did you choose to be a girl?"

"I felt a much stronger tug from the girl side. It’s more difficult because of all the surgery and pharmaceuticals, but I love it."

"Are there more girls or boys in Woodville?"

"Sixty percent of the over-13 population is female. Being a boy is great too and there are always beautiful girls eager to fuck you there. But it’s just more fun to be a girl."

"Do you miss Woodville?"

"Very much. In fact, I want us to get engaged, move there this summer and get married at Christmas."

"Wow. A woman with an agenda. How can I resist?"

"You can’t. And you can’t resist this either." Mandy put her big brown nipples on his chest and stuck her delicious tongue down his throat. After ten delightful minutes of that, she rolled on her back, pulled up her knees and showed Peter her semi-open butthole with Peter’s cum still oozing out. "Anything look good to you, sailor?" she asked.

The captain steered for port two more times that night. Anchors aweigh!

Chapter Five -- Movin’ On Up

The next morning at breakfast, Peter and Mandy told the boys the wonderful news. They were beaming at the boys and each other. "I’ve asked Mandy to marry me, boys, and she’s accepted."

The boys hopped with joy and hugged and kissed them both.

Then they told them the rest of the news. "We’re moving to Woodville. They need another dentist and I’m going to work there. There are some things about Woodville that you need to know." And Peter and Mandy related the facts of Woodville."

"It will be great for you, Michael," Mandy said. "You’ll get your balls drained several times a day by some of the most beautiful girls on earth, if you don’t mind that they have prickies and pink balls filled with girlie goo. Are you OK with that?"

Michael thought this was the situation for which the phrase "no brainer" was devised. If the girls were half as beautiful as Mandy and half as eager as Mandy said, he would run to Woodville."

"It may be tougher for you, Tommy," Mandy said. "You’ll have almost 15 months where you’ll be a girl and a boy both. You’ll have to pick out a girl name and spend about half your time as a girl or people will talk. Are you OK with that?"

Tommy’s little heart fluttered with joy. He had often thought about what it would be like to wear pink panties and pretty dresses. And kiss boys. But no one was to know that yet, so he said only, "OK."

Mandy continued. "And you, Peter. People will be angry at me for bringing you back and then marrying you right away. With the severe man shortage in Woodville, we need more real men to love and meet our strong sexual urges. Even though we’re engaged, and by the way, we’re going ring shopping today, you’ll still need to service some other Woodville ladies two nights a week and one night a week when we’re married. It will be your civic duty!"

Peter was thinking, oh please don’t throw me in the briar patch. Then he said, "I can do that."

Mandy smiled and said, "That was just the right amount of reluctance. I can see that you’re a fine actor too. So, to Woodville?"

"TO WOODVILLE," the three Miller men shouted.

Chapter Six – Ring ceremony

Despite the dramatic, three-musketeers-like shout, there was a lot to do before everyone moved to the land of the world’s happiest men. Peter had to sell his practice and house. There was packing and moving to arrange.

But before they could even think of that, Mandy needed a ring. Peter wanted everyone he knew to know that he and Mandy were engaged. He wanted a symbol of his love for Mandy. And let’s face it; Mandy wanted a rock.

Mandy also wanted to show off her love for Peter and she knew just how to do that. The boys were packed off for school. Peter canceled his dental appointments for the day, making a lot of people very happy. And Mandy got dressed.

Wow, did she get dressed! Girlie artist Bill Ward would have been proud. Mandy wore an outfit that would arouse the deceased. She rolled old-fashioned, seamed (!), black stockings up each scrumptious leg. Her lacy waist-cincher/garter belt took her wasp-like figure down to 44-21-36. Her black SmoothPanties, a Woodville invention to conceal ladies’ stiffies, promised hidden delights. Her overworked bra held two soft love pillows with big, brown, wet nipples. Her black, shiny, fuck-me, stiletto pumps had only four-inch heels, in case she had to do some walking. Her dress was skin tight, except for the short skirts, which flounced femininely as she walked, offering drooling onlookers an unfulfilled promise of a view of her pantied bottom,

When she appeared before Peter, he wanted to fuck her right then, all day and forget the ring, the kids, the dental practice, eating, sleeping, and breathing.

But Mandy was more practical, "There will be plenty of time for that later, Sweetie," she said. "When we get home, I’m going to suck your cock until your balls feel like the Mojave Desert."

Then Mandy leaned over and whispered in Peter’s ear, "And I hope you’ll do the same for me."

Peter quivered with lust. Suck Mandy’s big cock? Why hadn’t he thought of that? It certainly would be a new experience. And a very sexy one. Ooooh.

Eager to get going, so that they could get home, the beautiful couple drove downtown to a jeweler who was Peter’s longtime patient and friend. Mandy clung to Peter and looked at him adoringly throughout the ring selection process. Occasionally they kissed. A small crowd of men had gathered outside the jeweler’s window to stare at Mandy. But she only had eyes for Peter.

The engaged couple purchased a two-carat stunner and had it mounted on a ring that Mandy wore home. She would look at the ring then Peter, alternatively, showing great love for both. She couldn’t wait to show Melanie, her mother.

When they got in the door at home. They attacked each other, removing clothes as they kissed and fondled. Somehow they got to Peter’s bedroom and Mandy asked the now-naked Peter to stand still.

Dressed only in her stockings, cincher and pumps, Mandy kissed her Peter, rubbing her beautiful titties against his hairy chest. Oooh, she loved that feeling.

Then she dropped to her knees and grabbed her stiff prize, Peter’s long, fat cock, with her right hand. She contemplated it lovingly. Stroking it and feeling every throbbing vein.

Peter was already on the brink, so he started thinking about his favorite baseball team and tried to remember their starting pitchers in 1981. Then Mandy licked Peter’s cockhead, using lots of saliva, love and technique.

Peter looked down at his lover. Her eyes were locked on his as she licked at his hard cock. He could see her beautiful face and, between her monster boobs, her hard prickie, sticking up firm and proud against her powdered tummy. She was incredible. Her tongue and mouth were incredible. His orgasm was incredible as he sprayed his first load of man juice onto her lovely, delicate features. Mandy gently squeezed his ball sack, kissed his cock tip and milked his cock as he came in five large gobs. "That’s my Petey," she said. "What a lot of goo you have, Petey. Yummy. It’s so tasty. Do you have more for me, Petey? Oooh. I see you do. Oooh. Another one. What a man you are, my big Petey!"

Big Petey had never been happier in his life.

Mandy licked her lips, enjoying the hot cum within range of her tongue. She asked Peter to lie on his back, while she cleaned her face and freshened her make-up.

Mandy was back in a flash, clean and ready. She reversed herself on his lying form, straddling his body as she locked her lips on his flaccid member. It leaped to life under her careful attentions. Then she stopped and looked over her shoulder at Peter and smiled. In a little-girl voice, she said, "Will you lick my pussy-hole, Sweetie?"

That sounded pretty good to Peter, so Mandy eased her buttcheeks over his face as she continued to suck his rampant pringle. Peter inhaled Mandy’s intimate fragrance deeply. What a gorgeous sight her ample ass was. He considered her pink rosebud, then abandoned caution and, without preamble, licked it hungrily. Mandy stirred and mumbled something with her mouth full or perhaps it was a moan. Peter dug his tongue in gently. Mandy abandoned his cock for a moment and yelled "Wow! Where did you learn that?"

"Beginner’s luck, Sweetie. Shall I stop?"

"Don’t you dare. Keep excavating and I’ll keep telling you how much I like it. I’m not going to suck you any more because I want this big hard thing in my soaked pooper in a couple of minutes. Ohhhhh that’s good. Oh! The best. Shazam, shazam, shazam!"

Peter did not turn into Captain Marvel at those words, but he was marvelous enough for Mandy. His first pooper-licking and he was already praiseworthy.

Reluctantly, Mandy asked him to stop, because she wanted something bigger in her special place. Peter asked her to lie on her left side. He eased behind her and glided his cock into her welcome center. She was on fire with lust, her cock standing fiercely against her pretty belly button. Peter kissed her neck and reached around to stroke her stiffie. She was mad with desire. She felt every square centimeter of his invading soldier and his skillful manipulation of her big, pink prickie. Who needs vitamins when you can do this several times a day?

Mandy squeaked out her love. "What a big strong man you are, Petey. I’m the luckiest woman in the world. Your big, hot cock feels so good in my tight little hole. I love you so much, you big stuuuuudddd. Oooohhh. That’s so …Uhhhhh." And Mandy blew a large load of girlie goo over Peter’s hand, her garter belt and her pink, downy tummy.

Her wiggling and expressions of love pushed Peter off Eros’s cliff. Stroke. Glob of hot cum into heaven’s gate. Stroke. Glob. Stroke. Glob. Stroke. Glob. Stroke. Glob. All the while, Mandy was squealing and whimpering with passion.

Peter’s senses exploded. His breathing rate doubled. He shook with excitement.

His cock softened and slipped out of its tight anal home, followed by a glob of his man juice.

The lovers fell on their backs and held each other, kissing passionately.

Ten minutes later, inspiration struck Peter. He had licked Mandy’s asshole. He could surely suck her big cockie. He wanted to do whatever it took to make Mandy happy and his forever and if a man won’t suck his wife’s cock, what good is he?

He got to his knees and considered Mandy. She had that just-fucked glow that makes women their most beautiful. Her huge titties were flopped straight down instead of to the side as in later life. Her long cocklet was limp and hanging to one side. It was oozing sweet girl juice. Her beautiful eyes looked at him adoringly.

Peter licked Mandy’s thighs above her stocking tops. She jumped a little. He moved off her and looked at her again. Her hands were in little sissy-fists up at her shoulders. Her legs were spread and her pink rosebud was oozing Peter’s manly seed. Her body language said, "Anything you want is yours." He wanted her cock.

Mandy’s tummy was covered with sweet girlie goo. Peter surprised her by leaning over and lapping it all up. There were a few cummy drops on his lips, so he kissed her mouth. She licked her own cum off her lips.

Mandy’s prickie was regaining life. Peter gently kissed the tiny lips of her pink peehole. He licked the head and shaft. He kissed her balls for a good five minutes, then gave them a saliva bath. Mandy was moaning with appreciation and anticipation. Peter went back to Mandy’s cockhead. He licked it lasciviously and kept eye contact throughout with Mandy. Mandy stirred visibly. She made little squeaky sounds and cooed sexily. Peter surprised her by gently slipping two fingers up her cum-lubed asshole. He moved them in rhythm with his licking. Mandy was only human. She screamed like a little girl on the swings and blew an industrial strength load of girlie juice into Peter’s handsome face.

Life was good.

Chapter Seven – Moving preparations

Miraculously, everything that the Millers needed to do before moving seemed to happen. A lot was done with the help of Mandy’s Woodville "mafia." She made calls. Things got done.

Mandy’s biggest project, however was to get Tommy ready for a life where he would get to be both a girl and a boy. She decided to use the transition time wisely.

Mandy measured Tommy, bought him a basic, age-appropriate pink dress and accessories and asked if he would like to get dressed and go shopping for more girlie things he would need in Woodville.

Tommy blushed and said shyly that he would. That was when Mandy knew with whom she was dealing. This was a lad with an urge to walk on the girl side.

She asked what his girl name would be and he said, rather too quickly, "Mary Ellen."

"Well then, Mary Ellen, then that’s who we will be today. Two girls out to damage a man’s credit rating."

At Mandy’s request, Mary Ellen stripped to a very nice buff. Mandy spoke to her softly and encouragingly. "You have a very nice body, Honey, and a very pretty face. The boys in Woodville will all want to kiss you."

Mary Ellen blushed all over. Her poor prickie got very stiff. Mandy noticed.

Mandy asked Mary Ellen to put on a pair of lovely pink stockings. The little cutie rolled them up each soft, nearly hairless leg softly and slowly. Her prickie was in distress.

"Mandy," the little princess said. "I know I’m not having a nightmare, but I need relief really bad."

"I know you do, Honey," Mandy said. "Let me help you. Now I’m going to show you a way to get better relief. I think you’ll like it and it’s something you need to know about."

Mandy wet the middle finger of her soft, left hand. She touched Mary Ellen’s anus ring with her lacquered nail. "This is a very private spot, Sweetie. Does me touching you there give you pleasure?"

Mary Ellen gasped and nodded.

Mandy entered the sphincter with the depth of her nail.

Mary Ellen sucked in her breath, then said. "That’s very nice, Mandy."

"I knew you would like it, Mary Ellen. Now I’m just going to stick it in to my second knuckle. Oh, you liked that too, didn’t you?"

Enthusiastic nod and soft panting.

"Now let me just tickle your foreskin like this and rub it up and down while I’m moving the finger up and down in your pooper. Oh, you like that don’t you, you good girl. It’s all right Honey. You can enjoy it. Sex is a gift from God. Oooh, you really liked that. I think your clenching on my finger means that something wonderful is happening. I’m right. That’s a good girl. That’s it. Let it all out. Oooh! Another one? Oooh? Again? You did need relief. What a good girl. I love my Mary Ellen. My good girl."

Mary Ellen was in rapture. She had never had anything enter her ass before. It was incredible! And Mandy still had her finger in there. Mary Ellen hoped Mandy would leave it there forever.

"Now, Mary Ellen," Mandy said, "You only have your pretty pink stockings on and we have to go out. I hope we can get you dressed now." Mandy’s finger was still in Mary Ellen’s secret place and it was wiggling more than ever. "You know that when you become a pretty girl in Woodville, all the boys will want to kiss you. But what you don’t know is that they’ll want to do what I’m doing now."

Boys do that when they’re kissing you? Mary Ellen thought. Ooooh.

"But they won’t always use their fingers, Mary Ellen. They’ll want to put their big, stiff cocks up there and move them back and forth until they squirt their juice into you. Oh, look. I think that excites you. Do you want to get dressed or do you want more relief first?"

"Relief, please," Mary Ellen grunted.

Mandy was stroking two fingers in and out as far as they would reach into Mary Ellen’s pretty pooper. She was also massaging her girlish prickie, which was showing all the signs of terrible excitement.

"You like that, Honey? Just pretend that it’s a boy’s thick cock. Can you think of one boy?"

Mary Ellen nodded. "Jack," she croaked.

"Jack’s big cock is in your little butt. He’s kissing your neck and pinching your nipples. He’s a good lover that Jack. Oh I think he’s too good. Oh. Nice one. Oh! Another. Mmmm. Does Jack feel good in there? Ohhhh! Lots of thick gobs of Jack’s sweet boy goo in your butt and three of yours in my hand. Do you see the power of imagination, Honey?"

"Yes oh, thank you, Mandy. That was unbelievable!" And a naked-except-for-pink-stockings Mary Ellen kissed Mandy on the lips. They hugged lovingly.

"Let’s get you dressed, Sweetie. I don’t think we’ll need SmoothPanties after that exercise.

Mary Ellen dressed without further need for relief, but there were some moments when it would have still been welcome. The panties Mandy selected for Mary Ellen were tiny, barely covering her privates. She was afraid that if she got a stiffie, her prickie head would peek out over the top.

Her first dress was a surprise to her too. Air circulated freely around her stockinged legs. The dress was so short that if she bent over the wrong way, the tops of her stockings would show. She felt exposed to the world and all those boys whom Mandy had warned her about. With their big cocks. Chasing her. Pulling down her sweet panties. This was a line of thought that would have led to the need for more relief, so Mary Ellen began to think of all the wonderful clothes she would buy instead.

Mandy was applying make-up that made Mary Ellen look like a little princess. Mary Ellen had to ask, "Why do you think the boys will, you know, want to put their thingees in me?"

"Because you’re cute and feminine. Boys like their girls to be femmy. Not many of them want a biker babe with tattoos and hiking boots. Look at you. If it weren’t for that saucy little cock of yours, you would always look like a pretty girl, even naked. But we’ll make you so femmy, the boys won’t care that you have a prickie. They’ll be cumming in their jockey shorts when they see you and jacking off in bed at night with your pretty face in their minds. They’ll be standing in line to suck your prickie."

Mary Ellen blushed. She had a picture in her mind of naked boys in a long line waiting to suck her cockie. The boy at the head of the line was her friend Jack. He was on his knees and sucking her lovingly. Her little prickie was being bad again and tenting up her pretty dress.

"Mandy?" The sweet, little angel said.

"Yes, Honey?"

"Could I see your big prickie? I mean, mine’s pretty small and I never saw a big one."

Mandy considered the question. Mary Ellen did show Mandy hers. It’s a classic case of fairness. "OK, Sweetie," she said.

Mandy pulled her lacy, satin panties all the way down to her ankles, then stepped out of them, one high-heeled foot at a time. She clacked over to Mary Ellen and lifted her own skirts high. What a sight Mandy’s big prickie was! The long foreskin covered all but a dime’s worth of surface near the shiny tip. A long blue vein ran along the pole. Her thick pubic hair was a forest of love.

"May I touch it, Mandy?"

"Sure, Honey. Enjoy yourself."

Mary Ellen’s sweet, pixie-like fingers touched Mandy’s prickhead softly. Mary Ellen dared to grab the shaft with her left hand and skin back the head with her right. Mandy shook a bit at that and smiled encouragingly. The prickie tip was red and shiny with a thick sticky fluid. Mary Ellen wanted to taste it, but was afraid. Instead, Mary Ellen began a rhythmic motion with the foreskin that put Mandy in an obvious state.

"That’s delightful, Honey. Keep doing that."

Mary Ellen did. She was very pleased that she could bring Mandy some of the pleasure Mandy had brought her. Mary Ellen moved in to inspect her work and a little spurt of early girlie goo caught her on the nose. She giggled and Mandy did too.

As Mandy began to make little grunts and moans, Mary Ellen kissed her on the mouth. Still wanking Mandy, Mary Ellen told her that she was glad Mandy would be her new Mommy. Then she kissed her again and told her she loved her. All that affection acted as a huge multiplier on the erotic excitement and Mandy felt the inevitable and irresistible surge of her most private juices. Mandy giggled with joy as the hot cum bathed her soft hand and wrist and Mandy’s pubic region. They kissed tenderly.

"I love you too, my sweet Tommy/Mary Ellen. Now let’s clean up and fix that make-up."

Finally, Mary Ellen saw herself in the mirror. She cried with joy and ruined her mascara.

When Mandy introduced Mary Ellen to her Daddy, Peter cried with joy. He had always wanted a little girl and he was happy to have one, even if it turned out to be just for a few months. En femme, Mary Ellen was the image of her departed mother.

But shopping took precedence over excessive sentimentality and the girls got in the car and drove over to the mall in the next town.

They did serious damage to Peter’s financial position by buying all the things a young girl needs in only one day. Mary Ellen tried on all sorts of frilly, femmy things and bought a rack full of high-heeled shoes. No pants. No pantyhose. No lumberjack shirts.

Coming out of the last store, laden with packages and giggling joyfully, Mandy and Mary Ellen turned a corner and bumped into Mary Ellen’s classmate, Jack. Jack, whose picture Mary Ellen had in her mind when she was receiving sweet anal relief that morning. Jack who was Tommy’s friend and Mary Ellen’s dreamboat.

Jack was very apologetic to the ladies. He helped them pick their packages up. Then he recognized Mandy and greeted her.

Then he recognized Tommy within Mary Ellen. He stared and stared. "Tommy, you’re so beautiful."

Mary Ellen was shaking with fear, but bravely said, "It’s Mary Ellen, Jack."

Mandy didn’t want to let the situation get out of hand, so she said, "All boys have a male and a female side, Jack. I talked Tommy into seeing what it would be like to be Mary Ellen. Please don’t make Tommy’s last weeks in Indiana difficult."

Jack was apologetic. "Oh, please no, Mandy and Mary Ellen. Don’t think I would ever do that. Tommy’s always been my friend and I’ll miss him very badly. But Mary Ellen, I think you’re fantastic. I wish I had time to get to know you too."

Mary Ellen blushed shyly.

Mandy said, "How did you get here, Jack?"

"My dad dropped me off. He’s picking me up in two hours."

"Use my cell," Mandy said. "Tell your dad that you ran into us and that we’ll be bringing you home." Jack’s father and he had been alone since Jack’s mother had run off with a pizza deliveryman two years earlier.

"Cool!" Jack called and it was all set. Jack carried the ladies’ packages as Mary Ellen described what they bought. Jack was getting very excited.

When the car was loaded, Mandy suggested that the kids sit in the back seat. Mary Ellen looked at Mandy when she said that. Mandy nodded to her.

Mandy kept her eyes on the road during the ride home, but here’s what happened. Jack gushed over Mary Ellen’s beauty and nice clothes. Mary Ellen’s prickie was making a little tent in her dress. Mary Ellen hinted that if Jack tried to kiss her, she wouldn’t call 9-1-1. Jack kissed her on her lipsticked mouth. She purred and kissed him this time, touching his lips with her wet tongue. He entered her mouth with his tongue. She dueled with his tastebuds. They stole each other’s breath away. Mary Ellen’s cocklet was a big tent pole in her dress. He put his hand on her knee. She gently pulled it off. They kissed and hugged all the way to Jack’s home. They kissed goodbye.

Mary Ellen was in love for the first of many times in her life. Leaving Jack would end her life. Then Mandy said Jack was certainly special, but there were many boys in Woodville, all eager to fill her tight pooper with their big cocks.

"Can he come visit us in Woodville, Mandy?"

"Sure, Honey."

Mary Ellen decided to go on living.

Chapter Eight – Arrival

As the Millers and Mandy drove the more than 2000 miles to the isolated Woodville, Mary Ellen wondered if she should have given in to Jack’s gentle, but repeated requests to get "beyond first base." There were several times when she was ready to let him hit a grand slam, but she wanted to preserve her virtue a bit longer. She was far from sure if she wanted to take the plunge in 15 months and become a voluptuous Woodville she-male. But she had been living en femme on the trip because she knew she needed the practice in feminine skills if she were to live as a Woodville seventh grader.

And if Jack wanted more, he could come to Woodville and get it.

The Millers had left the interstate several hours ago. Mandy, who knew the way, was negotiating their minivan through the steep mountain passes. Once in, the Millers wondered if anyone was willing to make the effort to get out. Mandy assured them that Woodville people are very much part of the world. They travel. They attend colleges. And they do business. Woodville was home to a major software firm and a veterinary research facility (which has provided the cover for the feminizing surgery and chemical research done there).

Some residents even leave Woodville permanently. Like Mandy’s father, the shame of the family. He ran away from his family to marry an XX woman he met on business! Mandy’s poor aged (45) mother never recovered. Or did she?

As they drove into Woodville, three things amazed them.

1) All the women aged 13 and over, were the epitome of every guy’s lifelong fuck dream. Even the ones who may have been in their 60s. And they were all dressed better than most women dress on Saturday night. Stockings. Heels. Great asses. Big, delicious boobs. Gorgeous faces.

2) Most of the men were pretty average looking. Pretty schlumpy, actually, and they didn’t appear to be attentive to the women.

3) Like Cheers, everyone knew the Millers’ names and their basic histories. Apparently, Mandy’s journalism training had been put to use.

Their household goods had been sent on ahead. Volunteers had set it up in their new house. All they did was walk in and start living in a beautiful house with a mountain view and huge, richly appointed bathroom for every bedroom.

Everyone slept well that night.

Chapter Nine – First Day in Town

Sixteen-year-old Michael was up first. He liked to run, so he was in the habit of getting up at six and running three miles. Apparently, Mandy may have let that little fact slip to a friend of a friend. After his stretching he took off and was soon joined by a fellow runner, a girl Michael’s age who was sporting two huge, bouncing titties, but running effortlessly, step for step, with him.

"I’m Ashley," the lovely young woman said.

"I’m Michael."

"I know. Everyone in Woodville knows, but I got to you first. After we run, can I introduce you to Woodville properly?"

"Sure," Michael said warily.

The girl could run, but Michael’s fragile male ego was intact at the end.

Puffing a bit, Ashley said, "Now about that introduction. How about a shower? Your place or mine."

Wow! "Mine"

They went into Michael’s sleeping house to his room. They peeled off their sweaty clothes and faced each other naked. Ashley was the most beautiful, shapely girl Michael had ever seen. Even on TV or in a magazine. And she had a lovely, thick, mid-sized cock with full, pink balls.

They embraced and kissed. What a kisser she was! He kissed her titties. What titties they were! They staggered to the shower and turned it on. Ashley bent at the waist, grabbed Michael’s cock and aimed it at her rosy, prelubed bunghole. Michael got the idea and entered her smoothly. She gasped loudly and straightened up. Michael fucked her steadily. They were both in erotic paradise. Michael soaped Ashley’s titties and pinched her nipples gently. She cried out in pleasure. Michael soaped Ashley’s fat prickie and stroked it the way Michael liked his stroked. She squealed with joy, then spasmed and lost her girlie goo in four thick jets that hit the shower wall and drooled down. Michael pumped Ashley’s perfect ass until he could hold back no more. Then he let her have his thick, creamy load up her lower intestinal tract, perhaps all the way up to her tummy. My goodness, what a fuck! The best of his life and it was only the first day in town.

And apparently, Ashley wanted more. She kissed Michael hungrily, steering him out of the shower, still soaked, out of the bathroom and sitting him in a hard chair in his room. A sopping wet Ashley, fell to her pretty knees and took Michael’s big, flaccid cock in her mouth. Applying the cocksucking wisdom of the Woodville ages to Michael’s rammer, she raised the dead in a matter of minutes, awakening her own prickie in the process.

Ashley stood and turned her back to the sitting Michael, who used the opportunity to kiss Ashley’s world-class tushie. This was not her aim, however. Ashley sat on Michael’s stiff, hot cock and athletically lifted herself so that her feet were resting, one of each of Michael’s knees. Her legs were spread wide. Her large prickie was stiff against her belly. She turned her head to kiss Michael. The heat was on. Both felt the warning signs of furious orgasm. Both pressed on.

Meanwhile, in the next bedroom, Tommy was getting ready for his first "boy day" in three weeks. He had undressed to take his shower, but realized that Michael had his shampoo. So he wrapped a towel around his waist and entered Michael’s room to get his shampoo.

He would remember what he saw for the rest of his life. It was his future, but it was a murky picture. Would he be like Michael, whose strong legs were spread and whose cock was pounding goo up the poopchute of a beautiful girl, whose pretty feet were resting on his spread knees? Or would he be like Ashley, whose fantastic, ripe titties were bouncing like jelly as her ass was being deliciously rammed by a big, hot cock?

Tommy stopped cold and stared. His towel dropped from his body and he stood naked. Ashley threw her soaked head of hair back and screamed Michael’s name. Her pretty face was contorted in orgasmic ecstasy. Her stuffed butthole was leaking Michael’s goo. Her large prickie threw ropes of cum with every bounce on Michael’s hot cock.

Then the lovers noticed Tommy and locked puzzled eyes with him, because, untouched, Tommy’s cock was squirting gob after gob of his precious boy juice.

What a waker-upper!

Chapter Ten – Dinner with Mom

That night, the Millers dressed for dinner at Mandy’s mother’s home. Peter was apprehensive about meeting a woman who could drive a husband to leave a place like Woodville. He was also apprehensive about Mandy’s insistence that he entertain other Woodville ladies at least two nights each week during their engagement.

"I have my reputation to consider in this town," she told him.

At 6 p.m. Peter, Michael, Tommy and Mandy showed up at the lovely home where Mandy was raised. They were greeted by Mandy’s youngest brother/sister, 12-year-old Jimmy/Angela, who was having a girl day and wearing a pretty yellow dress with tan hose and yellow sandals with two-inch heels. She was a cutie and seemed very interested in Tommy.

Angela led them in, where they met 15-year-old Linda. Michael was smitten by his new step-aunt-to-be. Like every other girl in Woodville, she was heartbreakingly pretty and voluptuous. To add to the allure, she was sporting a major woodie as she eyed Michael and giggled girlishly at everything he said.

Then the lady of the house made her grand entrance. And grand it was.

Peter couldn’t believe his eyes. Forty-five-year-old Melanie Brown looked like the playmate of the decade. Not a previous decade. This one. She had a rich, mature beauty that, matched with her 46DD boobies, tight ass and long, black-stockinged legs. Peter had an embarrassing stiffie.

Mandy whispered to Peter, "Don’t be embarrassed. If you’re a male with a pulse, that’s what happens when you see my mother."

"Hello Peter," Melanie said. She hugged him, kissed his cheek and rubbed against his raging erection. "I’m so happy to meet you. Mandy loves you so and your boys. Michael." Hug. Kiss. Rub. "And Tommy/Mary Ellen." Hug. Kiss. Rub. "Come sit and tell us everything about yourselves. Dinner will be ready at 7:30."

Angela asked, "Can I show Tommy my room, Mother?"

"Yes, dear, but don’t stain your dress."

What did she mean by that?

Linda asked the same about Michael and got the same response.

Angela led Tommy upstairs to her room. She showed him her stuff, which was an odd mixture of boy’s and girl’s things. They chatted for a while about what it was like to grow up with girl days and boy days and got along well.

"We’ll be in the same class in school, Tommy. I’m glad you’re doing a boy day today. I like you a lot"

"I like you too, Angela. I’m glad we’ll be friends. I hope Jimmy and I can be friends and that you’ll like Mary Ellen."

"I’m sure Jimmy and I will, Tommy." Then Angela stood up and removed her pretty dress. She stood there in her training bra, white satin panties, garter belt, tan stockings and heels. Since she hadn’t chosen her gender yet, she still had a boy’s body. But she sure could convince you of her femininity.

"Mommy doesn’t want me to mess up my dress if we play, Tommy," The little cutie-pie said.

Tommy was a little uncomfortable. "Play what, Angela?"

"Boy and girl games. Do you like boy and girl games, Tommy?"

His discomfort was increased by tightness in his pants. "I don’t think I know those games, Angela."

"You look so hot in those pants and shirt, Tommy. The games are better when you take them off."

Tommy did so. His stiffie peeked out of the hole in his boxers. He blushed and moved to cover it up.

Angela stopped him by saying, "That’s all right, Tommy. You showed me yours, now I’ll show you mine." She then pulled her precious panties down to her thighs and displayed a lovely, proud, pink prickie with a cute, hairless ball sack, seemingly filled to bursting with her girlie goo. It was the prettiest sight Tommy had ever seen and he told Angela so.

Angela blushed. "Would you like to kiss me, Tommy?"

"That would be wonderful, Angela." And he moved forward to embrace and kiss her lovingly. She responded with ardor and rubbed her stiff prickie against his boyish cock.

They kissed passionately, sucking tongues, rubbing crotches and roaming each other’s bodies with their youthful hands. Then Angela started rubbing against Tommy’s package harder and faster. Both of their pre-cum juices were flowing freely. Angela grunted softly, squeaked, "Oh, Tommy!" and spunked Tommy’s stomach, prick and balls with her hot sissy juice. Angela moved her soft right hand to her crotch and bedewed it with her hot cummies. She then used that hand and the natural lubrication to wank Tommy to a stunning spend. He looked into her eyes when he came and she was smiling at Tommy like a little angel.

Then Angela said brightly, "Time for dinner, Tommy. Let’s clean up this big cummy mess and go eat."

Tommy couldn’t get over how sex was treated like a natural part of life in Woodville. In the rest of the world it was this big hoo-ha with millions of rules.

Meanwhile, Michael was getting a room tour from the lovely Linda. Michael didn’t get to see much of the room, because Linda removed her dress as she got in (Mommy’s orders were apparently followed). She then gave him the best blowjob delivered in the 21st Century, taking his hot load all over her gorgeous face.

Looking at him through a mask of cum, Linda said, "You are so hot, Michael. You outside men are so much better than the locals. They’re so complacent with us girls because they’re such a minority. I got to fuck Robbie Riley once and it was great. But I know you’ll be better."

"Who’s Robbie Riley?"

"He and his father and grandfather moved here a year ago from New Jersey. His dad’s a psychologist who met Dr. Debbie Curtis, our local psychologist at some shrink thing or something and they fell in love and moved here. Robbie’s in your class, I think. He is a king stud. He gets more ass than a toilet seat. You will too, you big studmuffin. I don’t think we have time for round two. Let me clean up."

"Let me kiss you first and thank you for that great BJ." And Michael kissed Linda, his new step-aunt, through a thick film of his own cum.

"This boy is going places in Woodville," Linda thought.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Mandy, Peter and Melanie were chatting amiably. It was clear that Melanie approved of Peter as her son-in-law-to-be. It was also clear that she wanted the nasty friction of Peter’s hot cock up her pooper as soon as possible. Possible is the word for Woodville, because all things are such in that fine town.

Mandy was delighted that her mother was impressed by her two-carat engagement ring. She was also proud that her mother was lusting after her fiancé. Rivalry between women even extends to Woodville. Mandy would ask Peter later if he wouldn’t mind servicing the poor old lady once a week or so. Since Daddy shamed the family, poor mother’s sex life had been limited to a few nights a week with the truckers who brave the elements and distance to supply Woodville and a few of her friend’s husbands. If she’s fucked ten times a week, she’s lucky, Mandy thought.

When they gathered for dinner, Peter noticed the flushes on his boys’ faces, but he thought it was probably Woodville’s altitude.


Chapter Eleven – Filling Cavities

The next day, with an enormous amount of preparatory help from some of Mandy’s Woodville friends, Peter managed to get his dental practice going. His first patient was Melanie, his mother-in-law to be.

Peter hadn’t hired an assistant yet, so he was scurrying a bit when Melanie showed up, on time, at 10 a.m. He had no more appointments scheduled that day, but the book would be filling up each day.

Melanie took her seat in the chair, chatting amiably. She was wearing a blue, summer, ribbed top that barely contained her enormous jugs. Her nipples were erect and showed clearly, despite a heroic effort by her bra. Her navy skirt was riding up to her black stocking tops as she sat and her very high heels made her toes point provocatively. Peter could see the outline of her garter hooks through her skirt.

He couldn’t help himself. Melanie’s appearance was visibly arousing him. It was unprofessional, but inevitable. Melanie noticed. Peter saw the evidence of Melanie’s arousal forming in her crotch.

Melanie kept talking as he prepared to examine her teeth. Then she said, "Did Mandy tell you about the Woodville practice of giving relief to anxious patients, Peter?"

Peter knew that in Woodville, dentists, analysts, doctors and tax accountants were expected to masturbate their anxiety-ridden patients on request. It would take some getting used to, but he was willing to try it. He answered Melanie affirmatively.

"I’m very anxious, Peter," she said. She hiked her skirt up to her waist and pulled her black satin panties down to her thighs. What a delicious package she had! A long, red prickie that was very stiff and hot. Darling little, cum-filled balls. Creamy white thighs above her black stocking tops. And a 1,000-watt smile of anticipation on her heart-breakingly beautiful face.

Mandy had warned Peter of this possibility and told him to go with the flow. Mandy didn’t seem the least put out by Peter having wild sex with her mother. Instead, she was portraying it as a noble act.

Well, Peter certainly wanted to be noble. Locking eyes with Melanie, he began a hands-on examination of her cock. It throbbed and jumped a bit when he touched it. Having no cream or lubricant handy, he spit on his fingers and lathered the saliva on her foreskin. "That’s nice," she mumbled.

"You have a lovely cock, Mrs. Brown."

"Wait till you see my ass. And call me Mom. Ooooh. Where did you learn that? Aaaah. What a good son in law you’ll be." Melanie pouted her full, red lips for a kiss. Peter hungrily complied.

Peter decided he didn’t want to wait much longer to see "Mom’s" ass. He stopped wanking her and helped her get up from the dentist’s chair. He led her to the reception area, took a seat on a straight chair, dropped his pants and beckoned her to him. He turned her around. She raised her skirts. He was eye-level with the finest ass ever made. It was a bit fleshier than Mandy’s and had just a tiny hint of sag. But those were assets. Melanie stood in her high-heeled fuck-me pumps and bent slightly at the waist, leaning on a chair in front of her. This pushed her ass squarely into Peter’s delighted face. Peter parted the soft pillows and considered his prize. The tightest, sweetest, reddest rosebud he had ever seen. How could Mr. Brown have ever given this up?

Peter licked all around Melanie’s hole, then squarely into it with his hot tongue. Melanie squealed sharply, then purred with lust. Peter reached around and resumed the gentle frigging of Melanie’s long, brown foreskin. Melanie moaned appreciatively. "You’re very good," she grunted out.

"You’re incredible," Peter replied, then resumed his insistent tonguing. Melanie groaned and squealed, then asked Peter to stop for a moment. She removed her dress so it wouldn’t be ruined with cum stains.

Apparently she was worried about stains on her bra, because she removed that as well. Out popped the most beautiful set of floppers Peter had ever seen. The Brown women must improve with age. If that’s possible. Melanie’s large, brown, erect nipples looked like little penises.

Peter was still sitting. Melanie eased her pleasure pit onto his fiery cock. She draped her legs over his legs and sat sideways on his lap. They kissed. He stroked her foreskin with increasing friction and speed. He nuzzled her titties, then sucked each nipple lasciviously.

Melanie liked her new son-in-law-to-be a lot. His stiff poker was clipping her sensitive prostate with every bounce she made on it. His fingers on her prickie were very talented and she was going to lose her goo really soon if he didn’t stop that. Oh, well, she thought. There’s more goo where that came from. And she let it fly. Hot cum everywhere. She screamed girlishly and kissed Peter harder. "Oh, you wonderful, dear boy," she groaned.

Peter went back to sucking Melanie’s luscious titties. He rolled his tongue around each erect nipple. He almost expected them to spurt milk. He took some of Melanie’s hot girlie juice and spread it on her nipples, then gently licked it off. Melanie got rock hard again, surprising even herself.

Peter felt the big one coming. It was a force 9 on the Miller scale and it slammed into him hard. He quivered with ecstasy. Melanie helped him along with her talented ass muscles, milking every drop of his thick, hot cum.

Peter stroked Melanie’s rejuvenated cocklet. Then he asked her to stand, facing him. She complied and he took her into his mouth. He held his head steady, while she fucked his mouth with a slow, long rhythm. He reached around and entered her glorious ass with three fingers of his right hand. Melanie whimpered with lust and picked up the pace of her face-fucking. Peter’s fingers moved back and forth. Melanie’s cock moved back and forth. Melanie made little sissy fists and held them up by her shoulders. She almost lost her balance in her very high heels. She groaned. She wiggled her ass. She came in buckets, sploogeeing poor Peter’s face, neck and chest with mother-in-law juice.

Melanie fell to her knees and took Peter’s flaccid member in her hot mouth. She loved the delicious taste of her own poopie on his big cock. Peter looked down at the incredible woman nursing on his thick penis. Melanie stripped back Peter’s foreskin and licked at the swollen cockhead. She gripped his legs and rubbed a titty against each one. She worshiped his cock.

Peter’s knees began to quake. He felt the lava stirring in his balls. Melanie pressed on with her moist adoration. He warned her. She grunted something unintelligible and kept sucking. Her eyes opened wide and locked with his. He moaned loudly. His stomach gurgled and he let the first dose of spunk erupt. Melanie made a noise that may have been "Yum."

The second hot spurt hit Melanie’s palate. She cooed with delight, then withdrew her mouth and milked Peter in wet squeezes onto her classically beautiful features. After the seventh glob, Melanie’s face was a mask of hot cum. She giggled and said, "Where’s a camera when you need one?"

Melanie planted a soft kiss on his balls, then stood up. They kissed wetly and cummily. Peter was in heaven. He anticipated no mother-in-law problems in this marriage.

Chapter Twelve – Mary Ellen Goes to a Birthday Party

The next day, the postman delivered a birthday party invitation addressed to Mary Ellen Miller. It was to be a boy-girl party celebrating the twelfth birthday of Tommy/Mary Ellen’s future classmate, Mark/Jennifer Burke. Since it was Mark/Jennifer’s birthday, by Woodville custom, he/she got to invite friends by gender. So Tommy was not invited; Mary Ellen was. The birthday child would be Jennifer, not Mark.

There was an apology enclosed for the late invitation, the party being the next day, but the Millers had just arrived in town. Mary Ellen was excited about going but she didn’t have a party dress. Mandy wanted Mary Ellen to go, of course, so when Daddy got home that night, Mary Ellen and Mandy asked him for the money for the dress and present. Daddy could deny his girls nothing. They both kissed Daddy.

Mary Ellen thought Daddy looked awfully tired. He never looked that tired after work in Indiana. Mandy had already gotten the details from her mother and she was pleased that Melanie and Peter were compatible.

After some quick shopping the next morning, Mary Ellen dressed for the 2 p.m. party. She was an angel in her cute pink dress with white stockings and little, two-inch girlie heels. Daddy took pictures. Mandy drove her to the party.

Jennifer greeted Mary Ellen at the door and kissed her on the cheek. Jennifer was a little doll, with her blond hair rolled into sausage curls and pretty, angelic face

She introduced Mary Ellen to the ten boys and other eight girls and the boys ogled the pretty little new girl appreciatively.

There were games and cake and opening of the presents. Mary Ellen was embarrassed when she dropped her purse and bent at the waist to get it. The boys who saw her panties laughed, but Jennifer stepped in and told them to stop. She said that Mary Ellen was still learning about being a girl, so stop teasing her. They did and also apologized to her.

Mary Ellen liked playing spin-the-bottle best. The bottle was pointing at her a lot, so she got to kiss most of the boys right on the mouth. Some of the boys were real octopi, with hands all over her. But Mary Ellen learned to defend herself when she and Jack would neck. That fresh Gary Schmidt even tied to reach under her pink panties, but she gave him a good push.

The party ended at five and everyone seemed to be waiting for something. Jennifer said, "Goodbye everyone. Thank you all so much. Mary Ellen, could you stay for a little bit?"

Mary Ellen was surprised. Everyone else looked a little disappointed. When they left, Jennifer said, "My Mommy is calling Mandy to ask if you can stay tonight for a sleepover with me. Is that OK with you."

Mary Ellen was flattered. All those kids and Jennifer picked her. "Sure," she said. "That would be great. Is Mandy bringing my stuff?"

"I have some things I can lend you, Mary Ellen, if that’s all right."

It was and they settled down to a couple of hours of girl talk. They had dinner with Jennifer’s family. Mary Ellen liked Jennifer’s mom and dad. It was so nice to have a girlfriend already.

After dinner, Jennifer’s mom said, "We can’t make the birthday girl do dishes. Will you help me, Mary Ellen?"

Mary Ellen was happy to help. Jennifer disappeared.

Half an hour later, when the dishes were done, Jennifer was still missing. Mary Ellen asked Mrs. Burke where she was.

"Oh, Jennifer’s not here, Honey. You’ll be sleeping over with Mark tonight. On a Woodville child’s 12th birthday, they get to sleep with any child who attends the party. Here’s Mark now."

"Hi, Mary Ellen," Mark said. He was a mega-cute 12-year-old with short, dark hair (Jennifer had a wig) and a nice, slim body. His smile was dazzling.

Mary Ellen was weak at the knees. Well, if she was going to find out about sex as a girl, Mark surely was cute and nice. On an impulse, Mary Ellen kissed Mark on the lips. That was the spirit! Mark kissed her back. It was delightful. She felt warm inside.

"Oh, that’s nice children. Now take it upstairs and try not to yell too loud as you’re cumming. Good night."

Mark kissed his mom good night and said good night to his dad. Then the happy couple walked upstairs hand in hand. They entered Mark’s room and closed the door. They kissed again, this time with lots of tongue. Yum!

"You’d better get that pretty dress off, Mary Ellen before we get cum stains on it." He helped her remove it.

Mary Ellen stood there in her training bra, pink panties, white stockings, garter belt and heels. She trembled a little.

"Don’t worry, Honey," Mark said as he was removing his clothes. "I’ll be gentle and loving."

Mary Ellen was sure of that.

Mark stood before her naked. He was a beautiful sight to the young princess. He moved to her, kissed her again and removed her bra. He kissed her puffy right nipple. Ooooh. Then her left one. Ooooh. Ooooh. Then he licked and sucked them alternatively. Mary Ellen liked that a lot. Her stiffie could break rocks. Its fiery little head was peeking above her panties. Mark noticed and leaned down and gave it a lick. Then a suck. Mary Ellen’s face was in flames and her prickie was leaking early girlie goo.

Mark escorted her to the bed. He asked her to get on her flat tummy. She did. He peeled her panties down, kissed her pretty tushie all over, then gave a long, slow lick throughout her asscrack.

Holy cow!

He asked her to lie on her back. Then he kissed her downy pubic hair and licked all the way up to her belly button. He moved up to kiss her lips, then grabbed her prickie and began to expertly manipulate the foreskin. Kissing and stroking, he brought Mary Ellen to a fever pitch. Then he changed his approach. He continued to kiss her, but reached under her crotch and inserted a wet finger in her tight anus.

Mary Ellen was in paradise. With the delicious kissing, this was better than Mandy’s relief. Mark moved his head to her crotch and for the first time, she felt a warm, wet mouth on her prickie. She closed her stockinged thighs on his ears and moaned. The overloaded child could take no more. She tightened her ass muscles on Mark’s finger, screamed, "Ohhhhh, Mark" and dumped out the liquid from her balls in a series of spasmic jets. A warmth of love and sensation covered her. Mark was a fantastic lover. Now she wanted to satisfy him.

But the birthday boy was still controlling the agenda. Placing two fluffy pillows under Mary Ellen’s hips, Mark looked at her and smiled. She was adorable, he thought. Her shiny, red, pricklet head was dripping thick liquid. She smiled bravely, knowing that a large foreign object was about to enter her most private place. She wanted that object in there very badly.

So did Mark, but there was work to be done. He gently placed Mary Ellen’s pretty, stockinged legs over his shoulders, then dove his face below her pink package and his tongue into her secret place.

Mary Ellen jumped from the new sensation. It was heavenly! She pushed her tushie at his tongue for more hot, wet love. He licked her with great affection and skill. She whimpered and drooled two soft globs of intimate fluid from her soft prickie. That surprised them both.

Licking his new classmate’s intimate chamber had Mark very aroused too. When Mary Ellen was as wet as she could be, Mark placed his stiff prick at the entrance to paradise and entered with trumpets blaring. She was being fucked on her back like an XX girl. She felt stuffed with love. The cum she had just made trickled down her tummy and onto her pubic hairs. Mark’s eyes rolled. He pressed his wet mouth on her soft, trembling lips and told her how beautiful and sexy she was. Mary Ellen loved being loved as a girl, by a skilled, attentive lover.

The friction in her asshole was exquisite. She may be sore tomorrow, but tonight she wanted it all. His cock was clipping her prostate with every thrust. Mark held her prickie head between his thumb and two fingers and tugged it gently, making the foreskin slide wetly. He stroked her extremely sensitive balls. Her erection mysteriously returned.

Mark’s soft grunts warned her that he was about to give her a natural, hot enema. He made a cute little grimace and filled her with his sexy fluids. Once. Twice. Five times. She screamed with joy and gave up her goo for the third time, soaking her tummy and garter belt again.

"Happy birthday, Mark," she moaned.

Chapter Thirteen – Mark and Mary Ellen – Tommy and Jennifer

The next morning, Mark awoke in the best possible way. Sweet Mary Ellen was sucking on his cock for the first time. He had fucked her three times last night, but she seemed reluctant to take his poopie-stained cockie in her little mouth.

But Mary Ellen had been dreaming of doing so all night, so when she awoke, she made her dream come true.

Mark was lying on his back, snoring softly. Mary Ellen was perpendicular to him on the bed, on her knees. She was wearing a pink, borrowed, shortie nightie that had ridden up to her waist from all the furious fucking of the night before. Her midsection and butt were crusted with dried cum. She felt and looked marvelous.

Despite all the hard work of the previous evening, dripping moisture hung from the head of Mark’s beautiful tosser.

She kissed the sleeping Mark’s long poker, then licked all the poopie and dried sploogie she could from it, polishing the knob with her tongue.

Mark groaned and awoke. Mary Ellen was licking with a steady rhythm. Her sweet tushie was in the air and wiggling as she worked. She locked eyes with Mark and smiled at him. Then she got back to her moist task. It was so yummy!

Mark loved the wet suction on his party pole. Mary Ellen’s little wet noises and sloppy pubic kisses were making his cheeks very hot. Then he felt his balls stir. Mary Ellen felt it too, because she had them in her girlish fingers. She picked up the pace. Mark smiled at her, grimaced slightly and arched his back as his balls emptied into Mary Ellen’s angelic mouth.

The volume of liquid was too much for the little cutie-pie and some spilled from her mouth to her cheeks. She tasted cum for the first time. Not bad. A little salty, but loaded with protein. And look how happy the donor always is.

Mark’s cum was hot and plentiful. It drooled off her face and onto her pretty neck. It was like taking a hot cum bath.

Mary Ellen moved up to Mark’s head and kissed him through the goo. The boy was in love. The girl was in love. But they were only 12 and 11, so the book was still wide open.

When they finished kissing and cuddling, they agreed to meet for another sleepover that night at the Millers’. This time as Tommy and Jennifer.

Tommy had a lot to learn, but Jennifer would teach him.

Mary Ellen went home that morning with a sore ass, but a happy heart. Mandy wanted to hear all the details and promised not to tell Daddy, who was still sleeping after Mandy’s careful attentions of the previous evening.

"You’re a real Woodville girl, now, Honey," Mandy said. Then she scooted Mary Ellen off to get herself cleaned up and into Tommy mode for the day ahead.

Since Mary Ellen had had such a rough night, Mandy suggested Tommy take a nice nap that afternoon so he would have plenty of energy for Jennifer that night.

Jennifer showed up at six and kissed Tommy on the cheek, since it was the first time they had met. Jennifer was wearing her blond sausage curls, with a powder blue dress, tan stockings and black, three-inch-high sandals. With the heels, she was much taller than Tommy, but everyone is the same size in the sack.

They had a nice family dinner, but Jennifer was paying a little too much attention to Dad and Michael for Tommy’s liking. When they were doing dishes, Mandy reminded him that all Woodville girls are flirts. It’s a survival mechanism.

After dinner, the young couple cuddled and watched TV a bit. At first, they did a little light kissing. Then it became a lot of heavy kissing. Jennifer had a big tent in her pretty dress. Tommy wanted to take it down a few pegs. So he suggested that they say goodnight. Jennifer agreed and the kids went into Tommy’s room.

They kissed sweetly. "You’re a good kisser, Tommy," the little doll said.

"Thanks, Jennifer. So are you. Would you like to take your dress off so it doesn’t get messed up?"

"Yes. Thank you. I’ll just change in your bathroom. Will you be naked when I come back?"

"You can bet the ranch on it."

Jennifer kissed him sweetly, then scooted into the bathroom with her bag. Tommy undressed eagerly. It felt different being the naked one. Last night, Mary Ellen got to wear the girlie stuff and get fucked up the ass. Tonight Tommy would see the other side.

Fifteen long minutes later, Jennifer emerged. What a doll she was! She had on a lovely, white, knee-length, nylon nightgown, high-heeled mule slippers with a little white puff on each, and white, thigh-high stockings. Her curly blond hair framed a lovely face with only a little blusher, lipstick and eye shadow. Every man’s nasty, little, illegal dream.

Tommy was in love again. Jennifer shyly asked, "Would you like to make love to me now, Tommy?"

As an answer, Tommy picked her up and carried her to his bed. He laid her down and lay beside her. Her body was soft and warm. He fondled her limp prickie through the silky folds of her nightie. The little jewel grew in his hand.

Tommy gently exposed her right nipple and began to worship it with his tongue. Jennifer arched her back slightly. He kept doing it and continued to massage her prickie with the nylon nightie. He kissed her lips, then exposed and adored her left nipple.

"Oh, Tommy. That’s so nice," Jennifer said. "Do it some more." He did. Her nipples were apparently very sensitive and having them sucked was exquisite torture. Jennifer also discovered that night that she had a nylon fetish on her prickie, because the combination of actions soon produced a big cummy mess in her pretty nightgown. Jennifer squealed with release and looked at Tommy with adoration. "Wow!"

Tommy was pleased that he was able to bring Jennifer such pleasure the first time he had ever made love as a boy. He wanted to keep doing things she liked. So he peeled up her soaked nightie and licked all the cum from her pretty little cock. Jennifer liked that too. Tommy liked a girl who was easy to please. He had heard that XX girls weren’t that easy to make happy. He was right.

Jennifer twisted a bit as his tongue explored her privates. Then Tommy asked her to roll on her tummy. She did. Tommy massaged Jennifer’s back with his strong hands, then kissed her neck and shoulders. He peeled up her nightie in the back, exposing her delicious ass. Using his thumbs, he pulled her sweet cheeks apart and saw her rosebud for the first time. It was spectacular. He kissed it softly. Then he touched it with the tip of his tongue. Jennifer jumped. Then he licked her hole with his whole tongue. Jennifer purred. He did it again. She moaned. He dug in with his whole tongue. She squeaked and wiggled her ass back for more. He gave her lots more.

After a bit, Jennifer turned her head and said, "Please fuck me now, Sweetie."

This is it, Tommy thought. The final frontier. He brought his rammer to the door and slowly pushed it in. Jennifer felt only pleasure as he entered her most intimate spot. He moved to and for. Her ass made liquid noises. Her mouth made grunts and moans of enjoyment. Tommy loved everything about the experience. He loved the feel of the warm, wet tissue surrounding his cock. But it wasn’t just the physical feelings. The emotion and romance were every bit as intense.

Tommy’s cock jumped and he gasped. He emptied the liquid contents of his balls in Jennifer’s delightful ass. Jennifer felt the hot goo and that engendered her ecstatic eruption as well. He pumped until he was limp, kissed Jennifer’s mouth, and slid out of her on a wave of expelled boy goo.

Tommy enjoyed being the boy as well as he did the girl. Decision time was going to be really difficult.


Chapter Fourteen – Two Weeks Later -- Michael’s New Friends

Michael liked his new friends, Ashley and Linda, a lot.

Ashley was definitely the athletic type, but, like that popular blond tennis player, she cleaned up awfully well.

Mandy’s sister Linda was a bit girlier. It’s understandable why with Melanie and Mandy for competition in the family. She was very eager to please Michael.

Michael’s dad, Peter, had already adopted a Woodville attitude about sex. It was this force of nature in Woodville. Why should he fight it? Michael and Tommy were permitted to have overnight dates any time they wanted.

For the first couple of weeks, Michael alternated nights with his girlfriends, an arrangement that all three found most satisfactory. Then the girls offered him something a bit different. Three in a bed!

Michael had been resting up for the experience. He hadn’t had sex in almost 18 hours. So he knew he would be in top form when the girls arrived at 6 p.m.

They all had dinner with the family. Mandy smiled as she saw what Michael had planned for the evening. Peter pitied and admired him simultaneously. Tommy only had eyes for Jennifer who would be spending this, the last night before school started, with her Tommy.

It was an early night for the Miller men. Tommy and Jennifer couldn’t keep their hands off each other and went to bed at 7:30. The triumvirate of Michael, Ashley and Linda followed them closely. The old folks, Peter and Mandy waited until 8 p.m. to start their fuck session.

Mandy had been putting a lot of effort into sex with her fiancé, now that he was fucking her mother twice a week. She was going to drain his balls so that he didn’t have much left for dear old mom. It wasn’t jealousy. Just healthy competition.

When Peter emerged from the bathroom that night, Mandy was on her back on the bed. Her long, black, seamed, shiny stockings with reinforced heel and toe ended in shiny, black, fuck-me pumps with six-inch heels and pointed toes. A lacy, black, cincher/garter belt with six straps held up her stockings. The nipples of her enormous titties stood erect and proud. Her uncut prickie was skinned, hot and ready. A sticky drop dribbled out of the hole in the tip. She was showing a nuclear-powered smile as she softly stroked her pubic hair and snapped her garter belt in lewd invitation.

Peter asked himself, "Who is this Melanie person again?"

Meanwhile, the three musketeers were naked and ready. The girls were dressed only in their stockings and garter belts. Michael was on his back on the bed. Ashley was sucking his cock as Linda kissed him. Oooh. When he was hot and hard, the girls stopped. Linda got on her tummy, raised her ass and told Michael that she was lubed and ready. Michael felt bad about excluding Ashley, but the girls had apparently worked this all out. Michael got on his knees behind her at the end of the bed and slipped his cock into Linda’s beautiful ass. He began to gently pound it with his love pole.

Then he felt the strangest sensation. Ashley was behind him kissing his ass as he fucked Linda. That was nice. He looked around and smiled at Ashley, who smiled back, then grabbed him by the hips and stuck her tongue in his pooper. Whooooaaaa! That was different. And fantastic. He loved the wet attention to his sphincter, which he felt loosening a bit. He enjoyed the sensations as he continued his delicious, steady fuck of Linda. Then the rules changed. Ashley’s prickie was at the gate of Michael’s secret place. She would never force herself in, but asked sweetly, "May I, Michael?"

Michael wanted a look at the other side of the hill as much as any man, so he agreed. Ashley eased her big prickie into his hot, wet hole. He felt stuffed. The sensation of fucking while being fucked was indescribably fantastic. The three fell into an erotic frenzy of motion. The warm, wet rhythm drove the trio to new erotic lands. As the grand crisis approached, the sounds of love increased. When it seized them, they were hit by the same tidal wave, went under, then came up again.

Michael adored getting his furrow plowed. That complicated things a bit, didn’t it?

Chapter Fifteen – Back to School

School was a feast for the senses. As a senior at Woodville High, Michael was surrounded by hot, beautiful, randy girls aged 14 to 18. And they were all looking at him as something new and different.

The only other different kid in school was Robbie Riley, whose family had moved to Woodville a year ago. His junior year had been a parade of T and A. He had sucked the T and fucked the A to his heart’s content. But he had no real male friends.

As the only boys who had never been girls, Robbie and Michael were kindred spirits. As the only boys without a Woodville boy’s, "I deserve your ass" attitude toward girls, they were extraordinarily popular. It was natural that they would become friends, so they did.

Robbie introduced Michael to his three girlfriends, the stunning Heather, the magnificent Holly and the wondrous Kelly. Michael introduced Robbie to Ashley and Linda, but it turned out that Robbie was already intimately acquainted with them both.

The seven formed a close bond of friendship that continued throughout the year.

Tommy/Mary Ellen’s school was a bit confusing. There were 40 kids in the seventh grade, but since each kid had boy and girl days in apparently random sequence there were 78 names to learn and 78 personalities to get used to.

He already knew Mark/Jennifer Burke, of course, and Jimmy/Angela Brown, Mandy’s sister. He wanted to know the other 37 kids and do some catching up to kids who had been with each other their whole lives.

Since he had skipped second grade, Tommy/Mary Ellen was also the youngest kid in the seventh grade. He was still eleven. Everyone else was twelve. That meant he would have the longest time to make his gender decision at his 13th birthday, but he had had the shortest time to prepare for it.

To sort things out, Mandy and Dad had signed Michael and Tommy up for counseling with the town’s two excellent psychologists. Michael would be seeing Dr. Debbie Curtis and her fiancé and newcomer to Woodville, Dr. Will Riley.

Chapter Sixteen – Mary Ellen’s Therapy

Mary Ellen liked Dr. Will Riley. She had been coming to him three times a week during the six weeks that school had been back and she was beginning to get a clearer picture of herself. All she did really was lie on a couch and tell Dr. Riley about her life. But he was really sympathetic and asked all kinds of good questions like, "And then what happened?" and, "How did that make you feel?" and her personal favorite, "Um hmm?"

Today she was telling him about stuff that had happened at school that had her thinking about her gender.

"I was Mary Ellen that day, Doctor Riley, and I had to go tinkle." Giggle. "So I went to the girls’ room and I heard all this grunting and moaning coming from one of the stalls. So I went over to see if everyone was OK. I looked in and there were two of my classmates, Muffy and Buffy. Well, Muffy was sitting on the toilet seat and Buffy was standing facing her. Buffy’s panties were down on her ankles and Muffy was sucking her pretty pink prickie and milking her balls. Buffy really liked it, Dr. Riley. She got one of those scrunchy faces, you know, like when you’re ready to poop a big one or your titties are being sucked really nicely?

"Well, anyway, I was amazed because I didn’t know that girls did that sort of thing with each other. I knew that boys didn’t, at least in Woodville. But I never thought that girls would enjoy that stuff with each other. And they were enjoying it all right. Dr. Riley, before I finish the story, can I have some relief?"

"Of course, Mary Ellen," Will said. "Just pull your skirt up and I’ll.."

"Not that kind, Dr. Riley. I need better relief. Here. Let me show you."

The little cherub stood up, unhooked her wraparound skirt, and removed it. She stepped out of her slip and shimmied her panties down to her ankles, then stepped out with each high-heeled foot.

Then she sat on Will’s lap. A rush of déjà vu and an anticipation of being on "America’s Most Wanted" swept over him.

"Relief is better this way, Dr. Riley. Oh. That’s good. Stroke my foreskin just like that. You’re wonderful. Anyway, Buffy let a big load of girlie juice go right down Muffy’s throat and they both seemed so happy. Then they noticed me. They weren’t shy or anything, they just said hi and asked if I wanted to play. I’m not shy anymore either. I went over and asked Muffy to stand up and pull her panties down. She did and I sucked her off. She liked it a lot and so did I. She jiggled her body and shifted back and forth on each high heel and came a bucket in about three minutes with a big girlie squeal. I feel one of those sneaking up on me, Dr. Rileyyyyyyyyyy. Oh. Oh. Aaaaaah. That’s terrific. You’re the best psychologist in the whole world."

This is going in the professional journals, Will thought. Under a deep alias.

"So ever since then, Buffy and Muffy and I have been pals. One night I had them over for a sleepover. We all got into our shortie nighties and got on our backs on my bed. You could see our pretty goodie packages. Muffy was in the middle, so she grabbed my pink bits with her right hand and Buffy’s with her left. She held on to us as we moved in to kiss her. Could you do what you were doing before, Dr. Riley, except, could you stick a finger or two in my you-know-where? Oh, yes. Thank you very much. So we were these three cutie pies with baby-doll nighties kissing and fondling each other in a big pile. I felt all kinds of things that night, Dr. Riley. Especially fingers where you have yours right now. But the nicest was when Buffy sucked my cockie as Muffy plowed my love tunnel with her prickie. It was especially nice to feel my silk nightie against theirs as we made love. What a night that was. Oh. Oh. What a wonderful middle finger you have, Dr. Riley. You know just where to Aaaaah." Pant. Grunt. Gasp.

"Thank you again, Dr. Riley. So you see my problem. Do you think I’m a lesbian?"

"Do you think you’re a lesbian?"

"No. I think I just like sex. A lot. Do you like sex, Dr. Riley? With pretty little girls?"

"I see our time’s up. Thank you, Mary Ellen. I’ll see you on Thursday."

"Thank you, Dr. Riley. For everything."

Chapter Seventeen – Michael’s Therapy

Dr. Debbie Curtis was an outstanding psychologist and an exceptionally beautiful woman. She was also getting married in two months to Dr. Will Riley, Woodville’s other psychologist and was going to be Robbie Riley’s stepmother. Like every other woman in Woodville, she had large hooters a nice willie and tight, pink ball bag between her creamy thighs.

Twice each week, she had been counseling her stepson’s best friend, Michael Miller, in an attempt to help him to adjust to Woodville life.

Michael’s only difficulty at the sessions was keeping his eyes off Dr. Curtis’ long, black-stockinged legs, large, perfect, hooters and the rest of her delicious, almost 40 year-old body. He embarrassed himself with a large Woodrow one time, but Dr. Curtis was too much of a lady to notice.

"It’s good to see you again, Dr. Curtis. I really enjoy these sessions.’

"I do too, Michael. What’s on your mind today?"

"I’m having these strange feelings, Dr. Curtis

"What kinds of feelings."

"Like I missed something, you know?"

"What did you miss?"

"Well, every other guy in school was able to be a girl early in their lives. When they were eleven and twelve, they even got laid as girls. Pardon my language. Robbie and I, we’re different."

"Is different bad?"

"I don’t know. I mean, we have all the girls we can handle. Nobody in this world has more fantastic sex than Robbie and I do. And I’m grateful.. really I am. But still, I think something’s missing."


"I think my girl side is reaching out to me?"

"In what way?"

"Well, when I was having unbelievable sex with Robbie’s girlfriend Kelly the other day – it’s OK with him, we talked about it. Anyway, I was having sex with this perfect feminine creature with awesome face, boobs, ass and prickie, I’m pounding my cock up her perfect ass and she’s moaning and really enjoying it. I mean, I am too, but…Dr. Curtis, could I get some relief?"

"Certainly, Michael. Take your pants off and I’ll scoot closer to the couch. That’s a good boy. I think your cock grew since our last session, Michael. What a fine young man you are."

"That feels good. Thank you, Dr. Curtis. Oh. Very nice. Well I… You are so beautiful. Could I just have one kiss while you’re doing that? Mmmmm. Thank you. Well, there I had Kelly under me, we’re both having the best possible time on earth and all I could think of was, how would it feel to be Kelly. Am I crazy, Dr. Curtis? Before you answer, could I have another kiss? Oh, that did it. Here it comes. Oh my. You are unbelievable Doctor… Uh. Oh."

Debbie felt the volcano of goo surge through Michael’s handsome young rammer. It shot up onto his flat stomach and drizzled down to his pubic region. Anticipating his next request, Debbie smeared the cum on his cock and balls and began another round of relief.

"That is so excellent. Thank you. So am I?"

"Are you crazy? Maybe. But not because you want to see what life is like as a girl. All men feel that. Most suppress it. That’s harder to do in Woodville."

"There’s more Dr. Curtis and I’ll really need relief for this one. My girl side has a name. It’s Cheryl. And there’s more still. Cheryl has feelings for your stepson, Robbie."

Debbie almost stopped the relief session for that news, but she pressed on. "He’s your best friend."

"He’s my best friend, but Cheryl wants his cock up her ass. Pardon the language, please."

"So you dream of your pooper filled with Robbie’s hot, throbbing cock. Pumping in and out?" Rub. Rub. "Scraping your prostate?" Stroke. Stroke. "Making you squeal like a little girl and come like Christmas, then filling your ass with his hot, manly seed?" Rub. Stroke.

"Oooohhh. Dr. Curtis. Ohhhhhhhh. When you put it that …………Aaaah." And he let a bigger load go than the first copious emission.

"I believe we’ve made real progress here today, Michael. We’ve defined your fantasy. Now the question is whether you want to live it. Why don’t you come by the house tonight for a sleepover with Robbie and you can talk about it. Bring a nightie and some lipstick, just in case you agree on living it out."

Michael lay there in a pool of cum, but his cock was rising again at the thought of being anally drilled by his best friend.

Only in Woodville!

Chapter Eighteen – The Other Side of the Fence

Debbie agreed to set things up for a sleepover at the Riley’s that night for Michael Miller. Michael’s cock could cut glass all day, thinking of his best friend fucking his X-persona.

When he arrived at 7 p.m., he was surprised to see Holly, the 15-year-old mega-babe who was one of Robbie’s regular girlfriends. He was initially terribly disappointed, until he realized that Holly was there for a different reason entirely.

Holly greeted Michael, then went back to sit on the lap of Robbie’s grandfather, 62-year-old Joseph Riley. Michael liked Joseph a lot and knew he was quite the cocksman around town with the older ladies. What he didn’t know was that Joseph had enchanted Holly one night last winter and that she made a point of staying with him one night each week.

Holly was giggling and grinding her perfect ass into Joseph’s crotch. She was wearing no bra and was unbuttoning her blouse when her right big, warm puppy with a wet nose fell out into Joseph’s delighted face. He gave it a good long suck. Holly cooed and giggled. They stood up and ran upstairs, laughing all the way.

Why can’t other places be like Woodville?

Robbie entered the room. He greeted Michael shyly. Michael could see that Robbie was sporting a major stiffie in his khakis. He must really want Cheryl too, Michael thought.

Then Debbie appeared. "Good evening, Michael" the prefect "11" said. "Are you ready to see Cheryl in the flesh?"

Michael gulped. "Yes, please, Dr. Curtis."

"And what about you, Robbie. Do you want to meet Cheryl?"

"I guess so."

"That bulge in your trousers tells me that you’re a bit more eager than you sound. Now run along and do some homework or something, Robbie. We have to bring out Cheryl."

Debbie and Michael went to Will Riley’s bedroom. He was spending the evening with two 20-something darlings called Patty and Katie, who would kill him or cure him before the night was out. So they had privacy.

Debbie asked Michael to strip while she ran a hot bath for him. He washed up and patted dry. When he stepped out, Debbie admired his form. "You’re a fine-looking boy, Michael. Now let’s make you a fine-looking girl."

Debbie shaved Cheryl’s face, legs and armpits. Then she shaved the dark hairs on her derriere. Debbie surprised Cheryl by asking her to spread her asscheeks and bend over. When she did so, Debbie shaved the hairs on the inside of her asscheeks. Cheryl was completely smooth back there for the first time in years.

It felt wonderful.

Under Debbie’s careful attentions, Cheryl had grown a major stiffie. Debbie noticed, but plunged forward.

"Roll these white stockings on please, Cheryl. Doesn’t that feel good? Maybe we should wait a second until you calm down before you hook up your garter belt. We don’t want your girlie juice all over before your lover even sees you."

My lover, Cheryl thought. And got more aroused.

Debbie began to hook Cheryl’s garter belt. "Now you certainly wouldn’t normally wear all these things to bed. We’re trying to create an effect here. I can see it’s affecting you. Let’s make it work on that young man’s big, hard cock."

That talk and the feeling of the girlie lingerie were assaulting poor Cheryl’s senses. Debbie took pity and offered her some relief. Cheryl eagerly accepted.

Debbie entered Cheryl with two lubricated fingers. She ran them up and down Cheryl’s pooper and said, "Wait until your man sees you. He’ll want to fuck you on your back, I’ll bet. That’s the position where you’re the most helpless and you have to give in to all his nasty little appetites."

On my back. Helpless. Fucked. Oooohh!

"He’ll probably ask you to suck his big cock too. If you ask him, maybe he’ll let you swallow his big load of jizz."

Sucking. Swallow. Aaaahh!

"Then he’ll probably ...Oh my. You do have powerful fantasies, don’t you? I didn’t even touch your prickie and look what you did to poor Dr. Riley’s bathroom floor. You did it again. What a randy little girl you are."

Cheryl was in another world. All she had done so far was imagine what it would be like having sex as a girl and she was consumed with lust.

"Are you through?" Debbie asked. "All right. I can see where your fantasies lie. Now let’s do the finishing touches and have you go live them."

Debbie made Cheryl’s face up beautifully. She had very pretty features and with a long, brunette wig, looked very edible. Debbie slipped a knee-length nightie with spaghetti straps onto Cheryl and Debbie wanted to fuck her herself.

Debbie kissed Cheryl. "You look delicious, Sweetie. Now go have fun."

Cheryl trembled with fear as she entered the hall. She tottered in her high-heeled slippers. She could hear laughing and squealing coming from Joseph’s room. She was glad someone was having a good time.

It wasn’t too late. Cheryl could back out now. But the rub of nylon and the taste of lipstick had her hooked. She wanted to see what was out there.

She knocked softly on Robbie’s door. He opened it immediately. Robbie stared. His mouth fell open and so did his robe. He kissed Cheryl deeply, tonguing her tonsils and stroking her ass cheeks.

Robbie took complete command. He kissed Cheryl over to the bed and laid her on her back. He sat next to her and told her how beautiful she was. Cheryl felt a little shiver inside.

Robbie surprised her by covering her with his naked body and kissing her mouth hungrily. He rubbed his torso all over hers, feeling the nylon against his hot chest. Robbie peeled the front of Cheryl’s nightgown and adored her titties with his wet mouth. Cheryl purred in appreciation.

Robbie stayed on top of her. It was as if he didn’t want her to run away, Cheryl thought. Or perhaps he wanted to, gasp, dominate her!

Cheryl wrapped her stockinged legs around Robbie’s body. She scratched her nails down his back. After a bit, Robbie placed two pillows under Cheryl’s ass and moved his head to her pubic region. Robbie ignored Cheryl’s prickie. He lifted her balls with his nose and dug his tongue in her pooper.

Yeow! He was digging like a miner and it felt incredible! He was eating her out just as he would an XX woman. It was an unbelievable thrill for Cheryl.

Cheryl squirmed a lot under the anal assault. It was very intense and well, dirty. She liked dirty a lot.

Her prickie attained its maximum capacity. Then Robbie’s next asslick sent her over the top. It was a good thing that her pretty nightie was up around her chest, because it would have been a cum casualty. She sploogeed hard.

She looked at Robbie. He seemed very proud of himself. Just like a man. Without even licking or wiping her cum up, he mounted her. Like she was his property or something. Like he could just stick his prick in her whenever he wanted. It was just what she wanted to happen.

Robbie covered Cheryl with his body. He kissed her passionately. She kissed him with even greater passion. He put her stockinged ankles on his shoulders. He entered her, slowly but steadily.

Ohhhhhhh, that was good. As he drew his saber in and out of its tight sheath, Cheryl heard panting and soft whimpering. Then she realized it was herself.

He had her pinned with his big, hairy body. She was just this powerless little girl being fucked by this dominating man with a huge cock. Cheryl wanted it to go on forever.

She couldn’t breathe. Then she could. She heard him say something about how beautiful she was. Her cock was a limp sausage, flopping against her tummy with each of Robbie’s manly strokes. Her foreskin was so long that it covered her entire cockhead, forming a coating over the glans and ending in a nipple-like tip. The shock of the invasion by the large cock kept her soft. So why was she getting that feeling? Why was it moving from her balls to her stomach to her legs to her toes? Still soft, she came harder than she had ever come in her life. She shot hot girlie goo all over her pretty nightie and even up to her cute face. She screamed with erotic release.

Robbie looked proud of himself again, but he was also in a cold sweat. He was single-digit strokes away from nirvana himself and his face told a tale of erotic intensity. His balls pulled up. He groaned out, "I love you, Cheryl." Cheryl touched his shaft, feeling the intimate juice gush through it and into her sore ass. Robbie pumped until his balls were dry and his cock soft as jello. Cheryl’s ass involuntarily squeezed out her pleasure giver. Robbie lowered himself on top of Cheryl again and kissed her tenderly.

"That was the best ever, Cheryl."

"It’s because we’re friends as well as lovers, maybe. But I agree. It was super. What do we do about it?"

"Good question. I have two immediate plans. One is to wait until my next boner, which shouldn’t be a long wait, and then apply the pork to your sweet ass as many times as I can get it up."

"Goodie! What’s the second thing?"

"Tomorrow night, introduce Michael to Emily, the X-side that I’ve been suppressing since I got here."

Emily? Oooo!

Chapter Nineteen – Second Opinion

Dr. Peter Miller, DDS, found the perfect way to jumpstart a dental practice. He hired his mother-in-law-to-be, Melanie Brown, to be his assistant.

Melanie kept his appointments, schlepped things he needed to fix people’s teeth and, most importantly, gave patients, both male and female, who requested it, manual, and sometimes oral, relief during the stress of dentistry.

Peter’s appointment book was bulging. He was a good dentist, but Melanie’s presence set a historical precedent. It was the first time people had ever looked forward to a dentist’s appointment.

Mandy was delighted with the financial security this was bringing the soon-to-be-married couple. She didn’t even mind when Peter admitted that he had been closing the office for lunch every day and fucking his glorious assistant royally. Mandy and her mother had some sort of unique understanding.

During Peter’s and Melanie’s pillow talk, Peter revealed to her the situation with Michael exploring his X-side through Cheryl.

She decided to offer Michael Dr. Melanie’s second opinion about all that.

That Saturday, in response to Melanie’s request that Michael help his step grandmother move some furniture, Michael rang Melanie’s doorbell. He heard Melanie yell from upstairs, "Come on up, Michael. The stuff you have to move is up here."

Remembering the staircase scene from "Psycho," Michael moved up the stairs cautiously. When he reached the top, Melanie said from her bedroom, "In here, Michael."

Warily, Michael opened the door. On the bed, wearing black-thigh-high stockings and six-inch-heeled pumps with pointed toes, Melanie was on her back. Her eyes were glazed, she was breathing heavily and with her left hand, she was ramming a huge dildo in and out of her perfect asshole. With her right hand, she was stroking her big, hot, gorgeous cock. Its fiery head was sticky with her pre-goo. Her titties were flopping prettily. She beckoned to Michael. "See what a poor old lady is reduced to, Michael? Can you help you poor old Grandma out here?"

Melanie’s masturbation would have made the best porno movie scene of the century. Michael was incredibly aroused. His cheeks were en fuego. He dropped his pants, ripped off his shirt and joined Melanie in her lusty quest. Michael removed the dildo and replaced it with three fingers of his right hand. He kissed Melanie for the first time. It was intoxicating!

"Oh, you good boy," she said between kisses. "That’s so nice. What a manly boy you are. Would you like to put something bigger than your fingers there? I wish you would. Oh, yes. That’s it. So hot and hard. Will you pinch my nipples? Mmmmmmm. Let me just rub them against your manly chest."

Michael was enjoying the person who had to be the best piece of ass in the free world. Everything about her pleased him and made him want to please her. She was on her back and moaning softly. Then she began to say something like, "Aaaah-uuuh" several times in sequence. Loudly. Michael took that as a sign that she was enjoying herself. He certainly was. Every stroke in her pleasure pit was a visit to Valhalla.

He told Melanie how beautiful she was and her smile would have ended California’s energy woes. Then she gritted her teeth a tiny bit, scrunched her beautiful face, squealed and came all over her flat, downy tummy. Melanie clearly enjoyed the experience. Michael enjoyed seeing her enjoy it and kept pumping her butthole. Melanie closed her eyes and made little noises of pleasure. Then, without warning, her eyes opened, she groaned loudly, and, through a soft prickie, poured four sticky gobs of her inner essence.

"What a man, you are, my Michael," she rasped out. "Now I want your seed in me. Make me yours, my big, powerful man. Give me your hot cum from your big rammer in my tiny little pooper."

There aren’t many men who can resist such an invitation. Michael felt powerful and manly indeed as he released his hot cargo into Melanie’s love tunnel. Melanie jumped and writhed as if it were her first fuck. Michael was enchanted by the entire experience.

When he went temporarily limp, he rolled off Melanie and began to cuddle and kiss her tenderly. She acted as if Michael were her lifelong dream stud. To Melanie’s credit, she was not exaggerating. She had enjoyed that fuck very much. Now it was time to make her case.

"Michael, honey?"

"Yes, Grandma?"

"Did you enjoy that?"

"It was fantastic. Thank you so much."

"I loved it too. You’re a real man."

"I don’t now about that, Grandma. I like being a girl too."

"All men get those feelings, Michael. It’s perfectly normal. It’s what you do about it that matters."

"You’re right. And I don’t know what to do about it. I love being the man and I love being the girl."

"You’re incredibly good as a man, Michael. And Woodville needs men. But you have to be happy."

"Thanks, Grandma. I think I would be happy either way. But is it too late for me to get the surgery and chemicals to become a girl?"

"You’re seventeen. It would have been easier four years ago. But it can be done. You probably would be prettier than some, less than others. My vote is that you stay a man and that you visit your poor old grandma whenever you have the chance."

"I think that chance to visit just became available right now. Is that OK with you?"

"Definitely. I believe you know where this thing goes?"


Chapter Twenty – Birthday Girl

Thanksgiving was to be a big week for the Millers. The entire week was a school holiday in Woodville, so that families would have the time they needed to travel.

Tommy/Mary Ellen was looking forward to his/her twelfth birthday on Monday of that week. The bad news was that his/her best friend and frequent sex partner, Mark/Jennifer was going to Disneyland with his/her family and would miss the birthday party. The good news was that Tommy’s best friend from Indiana, Jack, and Jack’s dad, Bob, were coming to stay for a week and would be arriving just about at party time. Mary Ellen remembered what a good kisser Jack was and she wanted to see what else he could do.

Bob and Peter had been boyhood friends as well and Woodville seemed like a good place to spend Thanksgiving, Bob thought. Peter was enthusiastic about the visit and even fixed Bob up for a date with Melanie the night of his arrival. Peter knew Bob would never be the same after that experience.

Mary Ellen decided that she would be the hostess of the party, not Tommy, so she and Mandy decided who would be attending as a boy and who as a girl. Just for fun, she invited Muffy and Jerry, Buffy’s Y-side, because she had never seen them together.

On the big day, Mary Ellen was quivering with anticipation. She loved being the hostess for all her friends and she was eager to see Jack. She wore a cute blue party dress with a very short skirt that displayed her developing legs very nicely. She wore big-girl spiked heels and perfect make-up that included her first successful attempt at eyeshadow. Mary Ellen looked like ten to twenty in maximum security and she loved it.

Mary Ellen greeted her friends warmly, kissing them all and thanking them as she received their presents. Everyone was having a wonderful time, but where was Jack? He arrived an hour late, full of apologies. When he saw Mary Ellen his heart leaped. He looked as if he wanted to take her in the corner and fuck her right then. Mary Ellen liked seeing that look.

When the party was over, she asked Jack to stay. This was no surprise to her guests, who had seen the way he kissed her during spin-the-bottle and had noticed them making goo-goo eyes at each other all afternoon.

Mandy volunteered to clean up and suggested that Mary Ellen show Jack her room. Good woman, that Mandy.

Mary Ellen drew Jack into the room and closed the door. He kissed her deeply and fondled her soft ass. She let him.

Growing bolder, Jack told her that he loved her and missed her so much. Mary Ellen agreed and asked Jack to unzip her dress. Jack trembled as he did so. It was his maiden voyage.

Mary Ellen stood before Jack in her pretty lingerie. She smiled sweetly and asked Jack to remove his pants and underpants. He eagerly complied.

Mary Ellen stepped forward and kissed him, fondling his cock as she dueled with his tongue. It was the first time someone had touched him there.

Jack hugged Mary Ellen and reached down the back of her silky panties to stroke her ass cheeks. Mary Ellen surprised him by purring softly. Then she surprised Jack by slipping to her knees and taking Jack’s nicely proportioned cock into her hot, wet, experienced mouth.

Jack was thrilled! It was all new and extraordinarily wonderful for him. The licking of his sensitive cockhead had poor Jack in a state and, much more quickly than he wanted to, he filled Mary Ellen’s pretty mouth with his love potion.

Mary Ellen was not discouraged. She looked at him lovingly as she sucked him to a second, more permanent erection. Then she got on the bed on all fours, looked back at Jack and said, "Will you fuck me now, Sweetie?"

In answer, Jack removed his shirt, then peeled Mary Ellen’s panties to her thighs. "I’m all lubed back there, Jack. Just put it in slowly and fuck me like you mean it."

What an offer! Jack pointed his nice red stiffie at Mary Ellen’s little starfish. Was it winking at him? He put it at the entrance and pushed. Mary Ellen pushed back to get it all and moaned appreciatively.

Jack was a natural. He fucked Mary Ellen lovingly and reached around her hips to stroke her prickie. Jack knew what strokes made him happy, so he applied those to Mary Ellen’s stiffie.

Soon enough, they each felt the inevitable. They were both making sweet moans and grunts of love. Jack formed a little pussy with his hand and Mary Ellen fucked it rapidly. Mary Ellen came under Jack’s loving fondles and fell forward on the bed, his prick still lodged in her and picking up speed. When he blew a thrilling stream into her poopie pit, she screamed again and made another big cummy mess in the sheets.

Jack rolled Mary Ellen over and kissed her puffy nipples for a glorious half hour. Then they were both hard again, so they moved into a delicious sixty-nine. Jack sucked his first prickie and did it well, despite the dried goo from her first two cums. Mary Ellen tasted her poopie on Jack’s cock and sighed with pleasure. They came in each other’s mouths at the same time and drank it down with gusto.

It’s better when you’re already friends.

Chapter Twenty-One – Two Weddings and a Decision

After a love-filled week with Jack, Mary Ellen was delighted to hear that Bob had decided to move to Woodville after Christmas.

Instead of Uncle Sam, Melanie should be on the recruiting posters.

The Riley-Curtis wedding was scheduled for December 11 and the Miller-Brown wedding was to be December 18.

Will and Debbie had a lovely winter day for their nuptials. Debbie’s gown was divine and she glowed with happiness. It was catching. As the newlyweds flew off that night for two weeks in the Bahamas, every one of the 200 guests was involved in some sort of coitus.

Michael was depositing his third load in Emily’s pretty butthole when he decided to tell her about his decision. "What is it Sweetie?" the sometime Robbie asked.

Michael kissed her innocent lips. "I’m going to stay a boy. Dr. Curtis helped me see that the only thing I really liked about being a girl is the sex. Life is a more than that. Not much more. But more. And my grandma convinced me that I’m very manly. I want to keep shtupping her until she’s 70 or so. Couldn’t do that as a girl. Plus, I like sex with you Emily."

I’m happy with that decision, but Robbie will probably be sad. Can Robbie and Cheryl still play dress-up now and then?"

"That sounds like a good plan, Honey. Look at all that juice running out of your cute butt. I’d better put something in there to stop it."

"I know just the thing," Emily said.

The following week, Mandy and Peter sealed their love at Our Lady of Perpetual Guilt church.

Mary Ellen cried with joy. Mandy looked so beautiful in that gown, she thought. I wonder how I would look in one some day?

And Tommy and Mary Ellen continued their journey to a decision.




A special thanks to my e-friends Cayli, whose idea it was to continue this series and whose ideas helped form the plot, and Jennifer Allison, for all the great plot ideas along the way.




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