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When Two Become Three
by Lidija Jay


Amidst fear and excitement, I entered the room
And turned on the lights to chase off the gloom
I shouldn't have been there but just couldn't go
I knew she'd be angry, but how would she know?

I'd have to be careful and cover my tracks
Should she ever suspect, I'd deny all the facts
Removing my clothing I thought I'd have hours
Assuaging my guilt, I'd buy her some flowers

Naked and trembling, I opened the drawers
And took what I needed with hardly a pause
Bra, panties and stockings, I'd worn them before
I slipped them on quickly but still needed more

Shaping my bust line, I added some scent
Such a feminine feel to my body they lent
I opened her wardrobe and gasped with delight
My most favourite dress, not too small nor too tight

I put it on slowly and savoured the thrill
Then warmed up quite quickly, I'd not noticed the chill
Now elegant court shoes, with heels that were high
They tightened my calves and looked good to my eye

I added some make-up, transforming my face
Brushed through my long hair, not a lock out of place
I painted my nails pink, for that nice female touch
Adding bracelets, pearl earrings and a slim golden watch

Then standing and posing and swishing my skirts
I could see why some nice girls, soon become flirts
From the door she was speaking, she at last caught my eye
I'd not heard her come home, now just wanted to die

Ashamed and embarrassed for I'd heard her too late
'You should tidy your stockings, your seams; they're not straight
Who's this? In my bedroom, from where did you come?
I can't find my husband, he's not home, where's he gone?'

I blushed and I stuttered, my eyes filled with tears
Now discovered, she'd hate me, the worst of my fears
She came and she hugged me and she held me so tight
And I told her my secrets as we talked through the night

She questioned, then listened, as I did my best
To explain all my feelings, getting all off my chest
Story ended, she watched me, holding hands all the while
Stroked my cheek with her fingers, gave a beautiful smile

'You look really quite lovely; oh, the fun I have missed'
So I promised, no more secrets, as we hugged and then kissed
'I don't mind, I still love you, I'm not leaving, you'll see
You can dress and I'll help you, for we two are now three!'


Lidija 99'



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