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This was inspired by a web site called Shirley Ann Somtimes. The original idea from Her somtimes or him as the case may be was "What a Man Knows"


What He May Know
by Michelle Moore


Burly or thin with thick hair or thin
these are the things you percieve him in
in your eye muscled or slight of frame
he is a man all the time all the same

Perhaps underlying this exterior view
is a person, a friend you never knew
It may well be,, but a shadow of truth
of him, that's been there since his youth

Laden or shourded in mist, much like women do
lay the foundation of things you never knew
Undiscovered, and reserved for but few
yet so inoccent and wonderful waiting for you

You may have seen signs in your past
of things you thougt, but you just laughed.
Not seeing a plea or a request that you accept,
allowing him to be the things he may like best

He may well be aware of how crinolin feels
or a rustle of chiffon on thighs as he kneels
It could be he knows of the nyloned heels
as pumps slip up over his toes as he stands and reels

Secluded and hidden for others to see
perhaps, there are chances for him to be
graceful, twirling, feeling unleashed
more like the beauty and not the beast

He may well be aware of how deep inside
a women sees herself and smiles with pride
as she looks in the mirror before she left
the sway in her hips as she takes step after step

What a soothing bubble bath does after a long hard day
The scent, the warmth, that seems to rinse it away
How different a towel feels on fresh shaven legs
lotion, then smooth, wanting nylons, his thighs beg

Silk panties creating electric, as their pulled into place
often brings a rush and a blush, of "you know" to his face
If men only knew or dreamed, of what was under here
what he may know, may sometimes not be far but very near!





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