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The Ultimate Change


I've done it now
No going back
I have to be this way
And this tight bra cuts no slack
My makeup is perfect
My lipstick is creamy
My male pattern baldness gone
And my long wavy hair is dreamy
I view my long hairless legs
And they come together easily
No bulges spoil the front
Except for two on my chest earily.
Electrolysis for years
Mean no more hairs on my chin
Wait a moment while I give
My new body a spin.
However some doubts exist in my mind
That I've been a big fool
My life has changed
But is it really that cool?
I've lost friends and family
Who turned their back on me
I can dress as I want now
But am I really free?
Surgical operations and real life changes
I gladly did them all
Changed me into a female woman
It's a pity I'm so tall.
From husband, father and brother
To disowned and all alone
I think it might be better
To have more than the phone.
So I look like a woman
But am I one?
Breasts and a vagina maybe
What I did can't be undone.
I put on my best party dress
And stare at the pills
I empty the bottle in my lap
And I'll soon cure my ills
Please forgive me as I write
My nails long and red
They always make me smile
Despite knowing I'll soon be dead.
I lie back on the bed and wait
My stocking legs together tight
As I lapse into peaceful slumber
There's no one to share my plight.

                            by Elaine



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