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This Poem was written for a lost of a Scouting Buddy Of mine and Many From Troop and Pack of 669! He will be missed by all who knew him! Please pass this on to all that knew him and all that came to care about him!


To An Old Friend Of Mine
by Rena Reiko Asagiri


To an old Friend of Mine,
I only knew you for a short bit,
And though you hung around others,
You were always a Leader!

To an old Friend of Mine!
If anyone ever had a problem,
You were there to solve it.

To an old Friend of Mine
We may have lost contact with each other,
But we had a few things in common!
For one our Eagle Rank,
And for another we ended up at the same place for basic training!

Now that Im at a loss of words,
All I can say is this!

To An Old Friend Of Mine!!!
You will be missed By all those Youd,
Touched and I for one Salute You!!!

My Buddy My Pal My Leader,
And Most of all As My Friend!




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