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She Silently Screamed
by Travesty Underscore


There... in the darkness...
a flash of light, brilliantly blinding
roseate, crimson, silver, white! !!! !
Like a thousand stars, a million moons, a hundred suns
impossibly Bright. 

the Celestial Host cries out in Wonder and Dismay
for surely...
surely her Brilliance doth outshine even Them...
her Purity,
perhaps even rivals the Divine - does rival! - 

--- a myriad of voices, tongues, languages
rise up in Adoration, a
song of Reverence, praising the Brilliance...
praising the Light...
praising the Purity...
(a melody of Hope and Love and Honour)
(a harmony of Envy - and darker undertones -) 

a single note...
deep - sonorous - commanding
"Be born. Be." 

Reality coalesces around her...
A torrential downpour, a melancholic cascade of Flesh and Blood and Bone...
Purity captured and confined

the song fades. 

now a hundred voices, now a score....
now a dozen... one.
no one. Silence. 

giving life, she has become creation herself.
the chains of Flesh and
manacles of Bone
have bound her
imprisoned, a soul within, a body without. blood.... draughts of Earthly poison coursing through Her.
...jailorandcaptiveboth, ...wardenwardandinquisitor. 

She cries out "I was pure. I was whole. I was free.
why... *doubt - questioning*
why... *fear - hate - pain*
WHY.... *heartrending anguish - to shake the stars from the firmament*
Why have you bound me? *blackness - despair* 

"As the pot must be fired and
the blade must be tempered,
so too must you be
tested, tried, tortured... 

Before you are of any use." 

saw Herself. 

a boy.
a man.

She silently screamed.
And he...?
He ... 

... lived.




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