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Sandra’s Poem


Sandra here’s a poem for you
A poem for one whose heart is true
A friend of mine I’m glad to say
You make me happy in every way
I work the day and watch the time
I cannot wait to get online
And wait to see that happy sign
That my friend is here online
And when I look and see you there
It makes me happy and without a care
I see you and you see me
We start to chat and feel so free
Your heart is big and full of love
Sometimes I think you’re from above
Because you are so full of love
I’ve never had a friend like you
Some one to listen and just be true
I’m glad I have a friend like you
A sister with a soul so true
A girlfriends love is good to have
But a sister’s love is best I’m glad
And now you know just how I feel
I’m glad this is the real deal
And now I’m glad in every
My soul sister is here to stay

                            Sara UK



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