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Running Away
by Briar


My ship cuts its course through the green, heaving waves
Back home to my wombland, to my hide, to my caves.

Fleeing Fair Maiden, Fortune and Fate,
With my heart in my boots and my mind without hate
But numbed by the pain, the despair and the shame,
I weep at the bow in the wind and the rain.

In my home I am safer, here no one can see
How I dress like a young girl though I'm now sixty-three.

So I hide in my hoosie and savour my sorrow,
Practice my make-up, remember the horror,
I saw on Her face when she caught me in Dress,
Her total rejection, Her obvious distress,
Till I no longer can bear it and have to go out,
But first making sure that there's no one about.

Then I wander through bogland and over the heather,
Clamber down dunes and get lost in the weather,
Paddle through breakers and shout at the sea
Till in loud, stony voices it shouts back at me.

Now I'm cold and I'm wet, I appreciate
My insignificance to this Time and this State.

A kind of warm peace creeps up nylon-clad thighs
As I sink in the shingle and breathe my goodbyes.

My mind disconnects and I drift into light
As my discarded shell falls into the night.

Free like a bird I can soar in the sky,
I can swim to the stars to discover the Why ?



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