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A Night Out !


The breeze blows gently
Cool across my nylonned thighs
I step out of the door
Across the threshold of my house
For the very first time
Shaking as the realisation hits me
I can't be doing this
People like me, 'decent' people, middle-aged people, professional people,
Don't do this.

But I am doing it
I am determined
I have thought long and hard
Debated with myself
Considered the options
Keep it locked up inside of me?
For yet more years and years?
Or go for it, go for release, go for the thrill, the excitement, the danger?
Go for it.

Breathe in steadily
Let the night air into my lungs
See my 'breasts' swell
Feel my heart shiver
Feel my feet move forward,
Almost of their own volition
Out into the bright streetlight
Will anyone, neighbour, motorist, couple with a dog, the woman from no 47
See me?.

I see no-one there
I become more confident
Maybe foolishly so?
I'm past caring, I'm out
Walking down the path
Heels clicking on concrete
Reach out to open the gate
I turn and begin to walk up the street, past gates, cars, lighted windows
I'm out!.

Should I go straight back?
Give up while I'm winning?
Or dare I go further?
Most definitely further!
Not a chance to waste
A whole night at home on my own
A whole evening to dress on my own
She's away until Sunday evening, visiting sister, and brother-in-law, and
Miles away.

So I decided it had to be done
Hot bath and two shaves
Sweet perfume and talc
Black basque and panties
Strings pulled oh-so tight
Seeking the hourglass figure
Black seamed stockings (of course)
Foundation, blusher, mascara and eye-shadow, eyeliner and lipstick, red nail
Looking good.

Feeling good too
Bulging breastforms
Too-tight silky top
Far too short skirt
Black shiny ultra-high heels
Big dangling gold earrings
Thick glitzy gold choker
Long curly blonde wig, shoulder length, stroking my face, shining in the
Sex on legs.

The danger excites me
So thrilled as I walk
There's somebody coming!
Keep walking girl!
It's too late to back out
I have to keep going
Hold my handbag tight
Smile sweetly at the woman and her son, he's staring, she's frowning,
'She's a tart!'.

Just keep on walking
Don't look back at all
Reach the end of 'my' street
Go round the corner
Slightly safer now
I don't come this way
Not very often
Swing my hips, my purse, my earrings, bounce my tits, gorgeous sensations,
I'm a woman!.

Now I feel good
Really good
Walking and humming
Singing a song
Quietly to myself
Lennon and McCartney
They got it right - "She's a woman who understands, she's a woman who..."
Loves herself.

Someone else coming!
More confident now
Start shaking again though
A young boy
Walking his dog
Strolling towards him
He's looking at me!
What does he see - tits, legs, hair, shoes, the whole kit and caboodle
They say 'woman'.

He smiles as we meet
Dog sniffs my ankles, lucky dog!
Smile again at the boy
"Hi there"
I spoke to someone
He speaks back, trembling
"Hello there"
I want to stop to say more, heck he's only about 14 but he's male, I spoke
to a guy!
And I'm horny.

Walk right past him
Feels his eyes in my back
Eyeing me up, admiring
Swagger by arse a little
Strolling along further
Can't walk any faster
These heels are too high
And this skirt is so short and so shiny and so tight it's nearly indecent
And I love it!.

Round along the curve of the street
To the other end of my street
Turn to head home
But surely not yet?
I'm having so much fun
Chances are so few
And so far between
I just have to go further, do more, what else is there for me tonight?
I need more.

Turn left, not right
Into stranger territory
Don't know this road well
Keep on walking
A car passes me
Slows and stops
A young man in there
Winds down his window, looks out, 'Can I give you a lift, darling?"

I want to
To go with him
To try my luck
To tease him a little
See what he is made of
To experience new feelings
To show him just how well I can be the woman of his deepest desires
HIS woman.

BUT - common sense
This is too dangerous
I smile sweetly
Say ' No thanks, lover'
Turn and walk away
He doesn't follow
Drives past me
I am saddened, this was a chance, would it be my only chance - ever?
But I'm relieved.

This has been so good
I don't want it to end
But not go TOO far
Better think about home
Look ahead along the road
Shortest route is ahead
Then right again
A shorter walk BUT past an arcade of shops, I remember the area now
Very well lit.

Dare I do it?
Of course I dare
Stroll confidently onwards
My heels are killing me!
I need to sit down
The shops are all shut
Except a launderette, warm, lit up, inviting, empty, a haven for a girl like
A girl alone.

So I walk confidently in
There's nobody about at all
I dare to sit down
And cross my legs
Show them to no-one but me
My black nylon stockings
Sheer and straight-seamed
I look in the mirror, long, smooth legs, black 6" heeled stilettos
I'm horny again.

Pick up my purse
Take out my cigarettes
Very long very thin
Looks good in my fingers
Long scarlet nails
Someone comes in!
A man, young, tall, well-built
Sits down opposite me, gives me the once-over, reaches over with his lighter
I lean over.

I light up
Smile a 'thank you'
Who is he seeing?
Or rather what?
A tarted up trannie
Or a tart?
He looks straight at me
"Hi there. I know it's a corny pick-up line but - do you come here often?"
Corny  I love it!.

I inhale, not too deeply
I have to reply
"No, I'm new round here"
I say no more
He looks at me again
He really is staring at me
He actually blushes a little
"I thought so. I'd have remembered someone you if I had seen you around"
Too right!

He asks why I am there?
Am I a customer?
I answer, in truth,
No, just came in for a while
Out of the cold night
Just to rest for a while
I had better go home
"It's not safe, a girl like you, walking alone, at night, there might be
You never know".

He's picking me up!
He's going to offer
I can tell, I've been there
Done that, got the T-shirt.
But surely he knows
I begin to shake a little
Like any trannie I like to think I look sexy, convincing, look good, but...
I'm not THAT good.

He does, he asks me
Should he walk me home?
It would be safer
If I don't mind his asking
Hopes he's not too forward
But an attractive girl like me
Shouldn't be alone in the night
Attractive girl? Have I fooled him? What does he think of me?
I don't care!.

Thank you, I mutter,
That's very kind
I cross the floor
To put out my cigarette
Turn back and walk towards him
See my reflection in the window
Gasp at the sight
Legs, tits, hair, heels, flashing jewellery, long nails and red lips
I feel gorgeous.

We walk out side-by-side
I turn and head for home
He is walking and chatting
Does he know? Does he?
My between-my-legs secret
I don't care
The best accessory for a trannie
Not a handbag, scarf, necklace, wig, make-up, tight skirt, tight basque -
No, a man!.

We walk steadily along
Come to the end of my road
Far too soon
He's been chatting me up
Telling me about his job
The macho things he likes to do
Football, rugby, dancing too
Surely he can't really - I must look a sight to him, albeit a sexy one -
Fancy me?

We turn into my road
I see trouble ahead
Late night revellers
Boys, maybe four of them
Walking towards us
I move closer to him
He reaches towards me, holds my hand, squeezes it gently, reassuringly,
He takes 'possession'.

We approach the revellers
Laughing and shouting
He puts an arm round me
I feel him caress my arse
I am overwhelmed with emotions
We pass the drunken louts
They call out after us
'Go for it, man, give her a good seeing to, screw her to death'
If only!.

We get to my house!
I daren't go inside now
He mustn't know where I live
I walk on with him, past my door,
Still holding hands, firmly now
But only forty yards
He turns towards a house
"Er - would you like to come in for a while maybe, for a drink or
Would I?.

But dare I?
Now I know who he is
The new couple at no 36
Moved in about three weeks ago
She's an attractive redhead
He works in the city,
Drives an up-market BMW
I've not met him - her husband - yet, not 'in real life, she's called
He's Jonathan.

I try to stay calm
Keep my voice gentle
Hoping to keep the 'femme' lilt
SURELY he must know
Yet maybe I AM that good
But he's a near-neighbour
We're bound to meet socially
My one chance to make it with a man, to BE myself, to BE a woman
Surely I dare not.

But who am I kidding?
Not me, that's for sure
I have to do it
To smile at him sweetly
To say 'Yes, thank you'
To walk up to his front door
Still holding hands
We stand together while he unlocks the door, and moves to one side
To let me in.

He walks past me as he enters
Invites me into the lounge
Asks me to sit down
I sit on the leather sofa
Cross my legs
My skirt rides up
I tug the hem down desperately
To hide my embarrassment - and my stocking tops, does he think me a tart?
He is smiling at my attempt.

Offers me a drink
I ask for a vodka and tonic
He brings it, with his scotch
Sits on the sofa beside me
I am STILL not sure...
In fact I know damn well
I shouldn't be here
Not provocatively dressed like this, acting this way, very nearly flirting
With a man

I finish my drink quickly,
He gets me another
Sits down closer to me
I'm breathing heavily now
He leans over to me
Kisses my neck!
Puts his hand on my thigh!
"I have to say it, I don't even know your name, you look sensational"

Do I blush at this?
I don't know, my make-up is quite thick
Not too much I hope
"I'm Bethany" I say
Realising he might spot a lie
My skirt moves up
He stares at my legs,
"Hi Bethany, and I'm Jonathan, you really do have the most gorgeous figure"
Help again!

I am taken aback
I wanted some fun tonight
To flaunt myself
To walk in the dark
To act and feel female
To enjoy the bouncing boobs
The flashing heels as I strutted
Maybe at most to arouse a man who briefly glimpsed me or walked past me
But not this.

I turn to look in his eyes
I see THAT look in them
I go out of control
I move my lips towards his
We kiss, tenderly
Then we kiss harder
Then even harder
He pushes me down, he is on top of me, he is groping me, passionately
And I'm groping too.

This can NOT be happening
I'm aroused as we kiss
My hands caress his back
As his hand cups my 'breast'
The other slides up my thigh
I moan gently
Whisper as we part lips briefly
"oh Jonathan, oh my darling, that is good, that is SO good, yes, YES!!"
Yes please!

This isn't really happening!
Yes it most definitely is
My mouth opens wide
My tongue explores his
His begins to tease mine
My hand slides inside his shirt
I stroke, caress, grip hard
Feeling his firm smooth warm back, his muscular body, losing my control
I AM lust!

We roll and writhe together
My legs astride, I grip his body
He fondles my smooth legs
I continue my passionate exploration
Run my fingers through his hair
Scrape my red nails down his back
Hear him panting as we part
I feel the growing bulge between his legs, large, firm, straight, proud
I want it.

I've gone too far already
But I can't stop myself
I'm overcome with passion
On emotional overload
I slide my hand down
Find his zipper
I don't ask,
I slide it down and reach in, grasp it, smooth, hot, sweaty, throbbing,
His cock!

I never dreamed of this
(Actually I did, often)
But this is the real thing
He slides his pants off
To give me access
I look down, open-mouthed
Then use my open mouth
I lean right over him and envelop his bulging, shiny, purple cock-head
With my red lips

His hand grips my arse
Sliding and grasping my panties
Then sliding downwards
Towards imminent danger
I want to go on and on
But I am suddenly worried
About his reaction if...
I stand up, shakily, the drink and the lustful emotion having their effects
Smile coquettishly

"I'll be back soon darling"
I walk into the kitchen
Pick up the bottle there
Pour another drink
"You are a real slut, you know that"
He is still VERY erect
I stare at his aroused manhood
He knows I'm teasing him, that I am at the stage where I can't resist him
Whatever that means.

I half-finish my vodka
Move over to him again
Bend over and kiss him hard
Then again
Sliding my red lips down his cock
I go into attack mode
Working it hard with my lips
Teasing it with my tongue, feeling it swell, tasting pre-cum as it oozes
Into my mouth.

I feel it hit my throat
Revel in the sensation
That gorgeous hot cock
Erupts into action
Violent powerful action
Cum spurts over my tongue
Juicy liquid in my mouth
Pressure forcing it down my throat, I feel its heat, its stickiness
Jonathan's climax.

I swallow it down neat
Feel it sinking down my throat
My lover is moaning now
Expressing his feelings
I slide my lips off from him
Looking up as I tease
Every little drop
Of sticky, milky love-juice from his now-subsiding member tastes so good.
I sit up and stare

He is smiling, happy
I have satisfied him
Satisfied a man, my man
Pleasured him
In a way I had only imagined
"I need another drink"
He goes into the kitchen
Returns, naked from the waist down, his muscular body wet with sweat
And erect again!

I take my drink from him
Sit on the arm of the sofa
Tantalise him with a leg show.
My top is undone
My 'tits' are showing
My skirt is round my waist,
Panties revealed, a slut
But one who has at last satisfied a long-standing ambition of 'hers'
A happy slut.

"Cheers, here's to us"
We both drink our fill
I am still puzzled
I look into his eyes
He is looking at my legs again
At my bulging breasts
At my deep red nails
At my short skirt, high heels, my whole appearance, wanton, promiscuous
He knows!

I can see in his eyes now
And I know he knows
And he knows I know....
He stands and moves towards me
Kisses me ever-so-gently
On my bare shoulder
Then says what I didn't expect
"Bethany, don't worry, that's the most fun I've had with a trannie - ever"
Don't worry!

I am worry personified!
Never been more worried
In my entire life!
I am the embodiment of 'worry'
With very good reason
I've just sucked a cock
He's telling me not to worry!
I'm standing, staring, wondering what to do, whet he will do with me -
Or to me - next

But suddenly
I know I need not worry
He's coming towards me
Reaching his arms out
I'm kissing him again
Very tenderly this time
Very lovingly
My lips playing gently with his, our bodies intertwining as we grope
Each other affectionately

The things take a turn
For the better I think
He's becoming more forceful
I feel his strength as he holds me
Feel his ardour as he caresses me
Feel his cock begin to swell again
Feel his desire as he moans softly to me
"Bethany, I needed you then, I need you now, and I know you want me......
To make love to you"

He lays me down on the floor
Lies down beside me
Begins to unfasten my blouse
Slides a hand over my 'breast'
The other pulls my short skirt
Teases my panties
To one side, I shiver
As he moves on top of me, his cock now proudly erect again, hunting
For access to me

I breathe in sharply
In anticipation
I feel him easing into position
I open my legs wider
Pull my nylon-clad legs
Up higher to position my bum
So he can press his cock
Close up against my arse crack, straining slightly as he begins
To enter me.

I am in turmoil
Earlier thoughts come to mind
The feelings of the breeze
Against my thighs
Heels clicking on stone
How did that lead to this?
I remember my earlier thoughts
'People like me, 'decent' people, middle-aged people, professional people,
Don't do this.'

Forget all that
I'm here, I'm now
I'm ready to be a woman
I feel his erection
The cock-head pressing
Into my exposed arse
Just a little pain
Quite some discomfort until suddenly, smoothly, ecstatically, excitingly
It slides in!

I reach up to kiss him
To offer my thanks
For making me a woman
Not realising then
The sheer delight
The wondrous feelings
The satisfaction
The erotic, ecstatic, fulfilling, literally filling, feelings
Of his ejaculation.

But now he is sliding
Smoothly, ever faster
Into and out of me
I'm panting and groaning
Wanting it to go on
Yet realising the climax
Is going to be
Extraterrestrial, of cosmic significance to the whole of my being,
Out of this world.

As his ardour grows
His muscles thrust
I'm still kissing
Every bit of his body
His erect stiff cock
Now smoothly lubricated
Reaches the limit of its travels
And he climaxes, his juices again pulsing, this time all the way
Deep inside of me

It goes on and on
His organ sliding back and forth
Smoothly, with feeling
With passion, with lust maybe
Certainly with enjoyment
I look up at his face
Definitely enjoyment
On both our parts, me being shagged, Jonathan doing the shagging,
Screwing me.

It cant go on much longer
Seconds head towards minutes
He's still pumping away
Shooting his love juices
It has to stop
I really don't want it to
But we know it has to
He groans, moans, cries out with delight, stiffly arches his gorgeous body
And collapses onto me

We both lie there still
Wondering at the enormity
Of what we have just done
Wondering what it means
What it will mean
To each of us
To our spouses
Thinking of the heights of our passions in the middle of the sexual act
Of the joy.

Jon rolls off me
Lies beside me, panting
I'm breathing heavily
Still enraptured
I have to decide
I raise up on one elbow
Reach out towards him
And tenderly, gently, affectionately, with a deep satisfaction, caress
His lips with mine.

He responds - eagerly, it seemed
But I have to move
I stand and turn
Walk out of the room
Head up the stairs
To the bathroom
Do what I needed in there
Then look at my face, earrings askew, lipstick smudged, a sigh!
I repair myself.

He is waiting for me
In the kitchen
Hot coffee ready
I smile at him
Kiss him of the cheek
Take my coffee eagerly
Sip it, I need it
"Number 30, now I recognise you, the guy at number 30"
Shit - he knows me!

He doesn't smile, grin, smirk
Just tells me he knew
I was on my own at home
Until after the weekend
"So we could do it again - tomorrow"
Now he smiles, grins, smirks
And he knows I won't say no
The chance has come once, out of the blue, could I refuse it again?
Like hell I could!

My turn to smile
We could make a night of it
Really go for it next time
As if we haven't already
I look into his eyes
"Shall I come round earlier then?"
Say about nine o'clock
"What did you have in mind?" I ask, smiling, teasing, trying to look coy!
As if I didn't know

"Really Bethany - if I can call you that"
Oh yes please, do
"If you come round, well
We could go out for a drive
Down to the woods
At the end of the lane
Show off your figure
To anyone there who wants to watch, tease any men there, make them want to
Cum in their pants."

"You could come back here and...
Stay the night if you can
Be my tarty wife
Tease me as much as you like
All night long
Go at it like a bitch on heat
All night and all day if you can
If, that is your 'cunt' can take continuous thrusting cock for hours on end
MY thrusting cock"
I'm getting all hot now
Hot and bothered
At the mere thought of it
Of being 'fully female' again
Yet another evening of it
Or a whole night indeed
Yesterday it was all a fantasy
Something I hoped and dreamed about and just KNEW would never happen
And it has!

I know I have to say yes
To submit myself to this man again
But I want it to be
On my very definite terms
OK I say, if you will allow me
To get myself tarted up
To the hilt, to be
A total slut for you, to flaunt absolutely every aspect of my femininity
Just for you

He looks at me
Quizzically, wondering
Exactly what I mean
As I stand in front of him
In high heels
Make-up rather overdone
Holes in my stockings
Tight top, tight skirt, how could I possibly be more of a slut
Than I am now?

But I can, oh yes I can
I am thinking
Of my 71/2" black spiked stiletto heels
Ever so shiny with tiny gold buckles,
Of my sheer seamed black real silk stockings,
Of my tight red PVC miniskirt
So short it's obscene,
Of my white and silver-speckled top, cut so low over the bust to show off
My 46DD breastforms

I am thinking of scarlet -
My silk plunge bra,
So smooth and uplifting
So clinging to show off
My abundant boobs.
Of my thick gold choker
With its scarlet gem
Matching my heavy pendant earrings which flash so in the light, and the two
Similar gold rings.

I am still thinking ahead
To my longer, blonde wig
Could I look as good in that?
I think I maybe could
Specially with my longest
Vermilion 2" fingernails
(must do my toenails too)
My long black false eyelashes, thickened with a jet black mascara
And coal-black eye-pencil.

I'm getting excited already
This has got to stop
Maybe it will
After tomorrow night
But, right now it has to stop
Until then, that is
I have to break away
But I do indulge myself, one last slow, steamy, tender and lingering
Very affectionate kiss

I prise myself away
Pick up my handbag from the floor
Look round for anything else
No, got everything, I'm ready, nearly
In the hall, just about to go
I slide off my skirt
I slip off my top
Basque and panties, black stockings and suspenders and high-heeled shoes
One last danger

I step out into the night
Walk along, in my underwear,
The fifty yards to my door
Past the streetlight
But don't stop this time
Let myself in
Pause in the kitchen
Pour myself a beer in a tall glass, sit, pose on a high stool and sip it
Very happy, very fucked.

The end... of a gorgeous evening...!


by Bethany Jacques.

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