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Forgive Me Brother for I Have Sinned

by FyrWench


Forgive me brother for I have sinned. I cheated with another brother. You wouldn't listen when I begged you to hear me. I turned to another.

He said he cared, He said he loved me. (Classic male response!) He said he didn't like the way you treated me. He lied. He only cared for his own needs and wants.

My first call, An accident on a lonely winding road. One I'll never forget, so they tell me. You never forget your first big call. Why did it have to be that one?

Two boys died that night. You had to stay with the trucks, I was in the shits. I was warned that there would be death that night.

I went in knowing that. Babies were hurt. Thinking only of my own baby that night. I saw a girl pulled from the overturned car, her face all but gone, and saw only my baby, my child in there!

It could have been her, but it wasn't, thank God! But, it was still some one else's child in that twisted wreckage that had to be saved that night!

It wasn't I that pulled her out. I t was someone else. The last one out was a boy.

He looked as though he was sleeping in the overturned car.

"Does he have a pulse?" I was asked. "No he doesn't", I said.

He looked like he was sleeping, I said to myself. Just taking a nap.

I helped to pull him out of the car, and place him next to the other
that was "sleeping" too.

The talk is that three lives have changed.

Do they ever realize that there were more lives changed that night?

I needed you that night, my first call. You slept after it was done. I couldn't
sleep, You said it was a part of the job, You didn't warn me that nightmares would be involved!

I begged you and pleaded with you, I need you! Talk to me! Listen to me! Tell me the nightmares go away! You told me that it's all a part of the job. I turned to another to scream and cry
for the babies that died that night.

I took the blame totally for my sins for that night.

But now, growing older and wiser, I know now, you should have listened to me, when I cried out for help. I still feel like I am paying for that one indiscretion.

Not only from you, but, from the others as well. I have to earn the trust again, I know. But when it comes right down to it,you all never trusted me at all! Especially when it was one of your own, that lied and said he cared for me, and he is least trustworthy of all!!!

So now I ask, I plead with you, I beg you, forgive me brothers, I have sinned.

God has forgiven me. Will You?



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