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Eat, Drink and be Mary


Late at night the candle flickers
and I sit in my frilly knickers
combing out my golden tresses
surrounded by my favourite dresses
Smoothing on my cream foundation
with tingles of anticipation

Oh, How wonderful it is to wear
silk stockings and a brassiere
elastic and lace holds my perfect C cup,
while I sit and apply my Avon makeup.
I look in the mirror - and can honestly state,
My completion is flawless - just right for my date

But now the problem! What’s just right?
Which outfit should I wear tonight?
I know - I’ll wear the black pleat skirt
and match it with an embroidered shirt.
Perhaps the one with little rosebuds
fastened at the back with pearl studs

That would be nice, but in that blouse
I’m hardly vampish - more a mouse.
It hardly is the height of fashion
designed more for warmth than passion
Sweet enough, but hardly glamourous
Unsuitable for an evening amourous

So maybe something rather kinky
Like the Thai sarong - that’s very slinky
But no! my hair is blonde tonight
the oriental look just wouldn’t be right
Beside it’s far too tight, and shows
the bulges in my underclothes

The black cocktail dress is a better bet
But perhaps it’s just… too decolette?
I love the cut, it’s so appealing
but perhaps it’s really too revealing
Nice girls don’t show all their tits
only the swell on the upper bits.

If I’m going to be a pretty girlie
I’ll choose something soft and swirly.
The evening gown with the little bow
gives me that most delightful glow
It shapes my bodice and my waist
and is in the most perfect taste.

Such thrill to feel the soft caress
of that smooth and silky dress
the swirl of silk which almost floats
on layers of lacy petticoats
Imagine just how good that feels
with silk stockings and five inch heels.

I always get those little thrills
from the ruffles of my petti frills
As they brush against my silken thighs
I have to heave sweet little sighs
That’s a special feeling that I treasure
one that gives me untold pleasure

What have I forgotten - or overlooked?
the wine’s on ice - the meal’s near cooked
The CD’s playing - soft and gentle
my favourite love-songs sentimental
and the house is pretty, nice and tidy
Why, I worked on it all day on Friday

Just time to add the final touch
a dash of lipstick ‘sur ma bouche’
The mirror shows my true reflection
and I look just sweet perfection
And then the time’s exactly right,
the bell rings for my perfect night

Passions I thought well hidden
Draw me - I go where I am bidden
But… It’s not a lover that I crave
The bell was from my microwave
That device is a real winner
Chef-de-cuisine of my TV dinner.

                             by Andrea



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