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Crystal’s Party


In her place, two storys above ground;
We entered quietly, looked around.
We saw Crystal needed to leave in a hurry,
So around the bedroom, we did scurry.

Picking up this, picking up that,
Panties, bras, a big floppy hat.
Finding the fish, we gave it food,
Read some magazines, nothing lewd.

Cosmo, Good Housekeeping, Modern Bride, I think,
At about that time, we all started to drink.
She has a nice bar, so very divine,
Full of really old French wine.

After awhile, some boys came in,
Carrying vodka, beer and a little gin.
We all decided to have some fun,
So we made girls of every one.

We feminised the pizza boy,
Now he is Cathy_t_’s toy.
The guy next door, underpaid,
He is now Prue’s French Maid.

Paula put one in a girl’s body suit,
Everyone admits, he is really cute.
Heather tried some lipstick on one,
"He" and Julia left for some fun.

There was a streetwalker with a purse,
Ballerina, secretary, and a registered nurse.
Me, Annie O, I just followed their wishes,
And I was stuck with the dirty dishes!

                   by Ann O'Nonymous



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