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Bad Boys

by Ann O’Nonymous


Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do
Whatcha gonna do when they put a petti on you!
Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do
When you get lace panties too!

Running around, trying to score
Holding up a mom-and-pop store.
Running from cops; got away you think
They give you the slip, only its rose pink!

Bad boys etc., etc.

Slapped your wife, told her you’re the boss
Now you’re stuck on a St. Andrews cross
You gave your wife a lot of crap
She stuck your prick in a rat trap.

Bad boys etc., etc.

In big business you were a wheel
All you did was screw others and steal,
Wife found out, made a deal,
Now your stuck wearing a six-inch heel.

She cooked your food; it tasted nice
Told you it had a new kinda spice.
She used it often – that was great,
Until those DD’s started to lactate!

New Chorus:
Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do
When she says she’ll marry you!
You know you’re screwed when,
in the end;
you get it from her new boyfriend.

Avoid the ladies at the Chalet:
They’ll color your hair; perm it today.
All your protests will be in vain,
You know its the work of proper Aunt Jane.
Next a modeling session in Betty’s store,
Frilly panties and slips with lace galore.
Jane’s watching you model, so don’t be a jerk,
In front of her, customers, and, of course, Betty’s clerk.

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do
When they sic Aunt Jane on you.
She’ll put you in panties and a micro skirt,
With other bad boys, you’ll have to flirt!

Good boys, nice boys,
I have one thing to say --
When you see any girl
Stay far, far away!!

Annie O


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