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by Gingerfred Man

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Comment by top seo guys on 10/25/13
oPJMag Looking forward to reading more. Great article. Will read on...

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Comment by Polly on 09/19/11
This atircle went ahead and made my day.

Comment by georgia on 12/18/08
what a trip!!!

Comment by Broni Marsh on 08/25/02
G, I loved this one. Can you give me the directions to Woodville? The sex scenes are so good with all the variations of partners and acts.

Comment by neena on 01/10/02
i think i said *wow* about 87 times while reading this story. there was just one incredibly hot scene after another, each one hotter than the one before it! the premise is so richly imagined & peopled with such sexy believeable characters that there are times when it seems totally possible that a place like *woodville* can exist. the only bad thing about the story is that, when youre finished, you may come to realize that the author has created a place so wonderfully in tune with your fantasies that you really wish you could live there! thats downright cruel!  :)

Comment by Vicki Joanne on 10/31/01

I stumbled upon this story through a websearch, and once I was reading it I simply couldn't stop!

I find it sad that so much T* fiction is without joy - I was delighted to find a story which let's people be happy, have fun, and be unrepentantly raunchy.

I hope to see more in this style

Comment by Rob on 09/02/01
Makes me wish my last name was Riley.

Comment by Cayli on 07/14/01
My loard,  I chuckled and laugh some more.  I found this story to be sex-filled, cum-filled, preversion-filled, and laughter-filled.
I can see at least 3 other stories from this one, 2 more to detail other families that come to Woodieville and the last one to tell us the tale of Woodieville, itself.
You even were able to include viagra into the story,  I like this story.
Thanks for doing an excellent job.

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