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WHC - The Abusive Son
by Jennifer Allison

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Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 04/01/04
I liked this story because, at least in the case of Chris, the goal was reformation rather than just punishment.  I also liked the fact that Chris apparantly learned his lesson and became a good person and husband without the need of hypnosis to make him so, unlike Deanna in "Maggie Fights Back"

Comment by julie on 03/26/03
good story but very heavy to understand the pace was to fast

Comment by "Ruth" on 05/18/01
I too enjoy the hypnosis femdom ideas. However I prefer the pernament changes. A life lone rat should not be given only a temporary sentence.

Comment by Sissy Demi on 12/04/00
While I do not usually enjoy stories of transforming males into babies or little girls, I did find this story to be a pleasant read.

I had not read any of the WHC stories, and was happily surprised to see they seem to all involve hypnosis.  Hypnosis is one of my favorite themes for getting someone into feminine finery!  I think i'll have to take a look at the rest of the series.

Nice work, Jennifer!  :)

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