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WHC - The Sleazy Lawyer and His Deadbeat Client
by Jennifer Allison

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Comment by Buy oem Software on 02/11/12
ialoWX Yeah, it is clear now !... From the very beginning I did not understand where was the connection with the title !!....

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 04/01/04
Thelma got the worst of it.  Whether physically as a baby or adult female, RW was dead; neither the baby nor the adult female had any knowledge of him.  Thelma had to live through four years of hell with memories, vague tho they may have been, that she was really a young, beautiful woman.  Thelma deserved it.  If she, herself, had taken advantage of WHC's services, she had to have been a victim of abuse herself; She KNEW what other women like her were going through, and by not paying, she was refusing to help them.

Comment by terri on 04/25/02
Just a suggestion about what might have been an even better punishment for Thelma: make her look 80 on the outside, but with her still a young woman inside. That way, she could look forward to 40 or 50 years of looking that way, until her body caught up with her appearance in age. Maybe a skintight "very special" permanent body suit, and a regular treatment of drugs that meke her feel old and feeble.

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