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Summer Rain
by Carolyn Collins

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Comment by chocopie on 10/26/19
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Comment by suba suba on 12/20/18
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Comment by crorkz on 08/03/14
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Comment by smashing top seo on 10/23/13
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Comment by Un on 12/04/12
H i love is stoy I have a feeling u repeat some part of story bird pill

Comment by Silvia. on 06/24/11
Hi Carolyn!
I'm sorry about my first comment, I was wrong.
You wrote a very good story.
Please, forgive me.

Comment by Silvia on 06/22/11

Comment by Charlee on 05/19/11
Now I feel stupid. That's cealerd it up for me

Comment by enigmas on 03/11/06
this is one of the best stories ive read in this site. it honestly was is a great story. i have just a bit of constuructive criticism, because not much is nessisary on this superb story.
1.) the story was a little one sided. i no from personal expirence that its easier to write from the perspective that intrests you most, but its still good to widen your veiws.
2.) repeating yourself. u did an exelent job on not repeating pharses (ex. she was hot, so she took off her shirt because she was hot) but u DID repeat adjectives that were used in a perivious sentence, sometimes the sentence directally before it!
3.) loose ends and abrupt endings. in this story, the loose ends were limeted to only two worth mentioning. 1, jimmy's little brother, and 2, the girl's parent's situation. it seems that the fact that susie was consived on their prom night was a little too consise, but didnt affect the readability of the story as a whole in the slightest. finally, i thought the ending was a little abrupt. maybe you could have jumped forward to when they finally get the orb to work again, that exciting moment where they can finally become eachother again. and on that happy note, let the story fade off...

and with that, i will take my leave. i truly enjoied the story, and will look for your future works with intrest.
absolutly superb story!

Comment by SJS on 04/07/04
Very good story, enjoyed it completely; thank you for the opportunity to wile away the time.

Comment by The Cookie Monster on 02/11/03
I like a good story line with a scence of aventure where you get a chanch to look at the world from a different point of view. As thay say in the old west "were off to see the elephant.

Remember the chanch to put one's thoughs on paper is a gife.

Comment by Monica Meaux on 01/31/01
oh my god!! i really liked this story, the best of it's kind i've read in a long time, keep up the good work, it actually made me cry and smile =)

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