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The Scrapbook
by Amber Palmer

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Comment by suba me on 12/21/18
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Comment by suba lube on 08/12/18
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Comment by suba pron on 08/12/18
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Comment by happyboy on 09/08/14
Great story really enjoyable hope more chapters are written wish it could have happened to me

Comment by crorkz on 08/05/14
theyNH Awesome post.Really looking forward to read more.

Comment by crorkz on 08/04/14
1IbG3h Really enjoyed this post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

Comment by smashing top seo on 10/26/13
vKQZD5 Im grateful for the article post. Great.

Comment by julih on 01/08/13
its a great story very informative i look forwards to reading then next installment

Comment by oem software on 02/12/12
qY1HgH Thanks:) Cool topic, write more often! You manage with it perfctly:DD

Comment by Unknown on 07/28/10
I can summerize this story in two words; child abuse

Comment by Silvia. on 06/15/10
Cruelty and abuse creates a hate in a son against his mother and sister.
Very bad story.

Comment by caralouise on 04/16/10
Why haveyou abandoned this story at such a crtical point?

Pease, PLeASE, continue it. It is very beleivable,even though I think both mother and daughter have revenge in mind. How will you progress with Jennifer's Transformation? Will family love survive? Will Jenifer go all the way to SRS? How will she cope or adapt?

Best wishes


Comment by maybelle on 08/17/09
Fantasy is therapy, a way of staying sane. Try it, Girls, you won't believe until you do.

Comment by chloe june on 07/27/09
I agree with trying to understand and there is no love in this story mother can not belive she is right it's child his plite worsens and he can not cope any longer will he commit soicide?will his mother be touched or will she just return the stuff to the store and get her money back?then if he servies will there be an explosion some night they all die but no body knowes why...

Comment by Trying to Understand on 03/24/09
I realize invading ones privacy is a serious error in judgment for an adult.  However, as a 15 year old this could be just curriosity and some punishment could be justified since Jeff refused to admit his wrong doing.  However, I find it very difficult to find a loving mother, which appears to be what she was before discovering his misdeeds, going to such drastic measures.  Cruelty and abuse is no way to teach a child what is right and wrong.  I think more understanding and compassion would have gone a lot further with resolving his problem.  If after careful efforts had been made to get Jeff to stop, then counseling could have been necessary and come to a determination of what to do with professional advice.  This whole story seems to be one of "vengence" instead of "correction".  The world is in too much of turmoil as it is and it needs more understanding, love and compassion and less cruelty.  I would wonder, if this really happened to a child, what would it do to his love for his mother and sister.  Tragically, I feel it would destroy their relationship.  That being said, the writing ability did flow well with the only problem being that there were several instances where words were left out and I had to read some sentences twice to get the meaning.  You really have the ability to write, but I would like to see you write a more setimental story for the enjoyment of us readers and I am sure you can.  Please try to do so and I would be glad to read it.

Comment by Jane Bond on 10/11/08
Waiting for the axe to drop

Comment by Dianna on 03/27/08
I think that the abusive mother has badly hurt the trust her son once had fer her. Or is that 'daughter' now? Hun, you can't really expect someone to be abused and learn some lesson other than: "You hate me." That Mother has gone way too far. Personally, I'd like this new girl to be rescued from her evil mother and sister.

Comment by robbo on 03/05/08
good story but could do with a few more chapters

Comment by Amy Hood on 02/15/08
Great story, although I have a personal ? 4 Amber? Could you have been born in Feb 85 in Mobile Al? Please let me know.

Comment by ABBIE on 11/29/07
The dressing, ear rings,body wax, etc I can see as punishment. Implants and hormones seem like to much. As I recall, these don't change" back" just for a summer punishment. Even  a threat of "constrictive garments" would be too much. Well written story.

Comment by AnaLyn on 06/11/07
I enjoyed the story and hope to read more.

Comment by LINDA on 04/12/07

Comment by juliej on 03/18/07
this story is brilliant i have read all five parts &even though he has been caught he seems to be accepting this part of the tranformation its a wicked way to do it but a leeson has to be learnt the hard way brilliant story please continue with a description of the type of pantieshe has to wear are the they very girly with flowers &pretty lace how about dresses &nighties etc this is turrning out to be brilliant well done more please also i would like to read about his sister blaming him for something and his punishment gets extended perfect revenge by a sister there is so much that can be done with this story well done so far

Comment by Jill Micayla on 06/10/06
This is a nice story and really needs to be completed.  I would love to see the remaining chapters regarding Jennifers new life. Please come back and finish this. It would be greatly appreciated.
Jill Micayla

Comment by Easy on 01/13/06
Twas a great story. One that I really got into. Finished those parts, now we await more parts! :D

Comment by Appreciated the beauty on 03/21/05
It is magnificient story. I really enjoy reading it, and want to send my gratitude to autor.
P.S. Sorry thet story didn't continie...

Comment by melissa on 01/01/05
I have read your story and thought it was a fantastic story and I'm really looking forward to the rest of it when it comes out

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 12/26/04
OK, it's been yet another year.  Everytime I read this I get angrier.  The story is OK up to part 5; there is discipline but also love.  Then mom turns into a TOTAL BITCH; any pretense that she actually loves her child is stripped away when she asks him to lie to the doctor and then threatens him with what amounts to torture if he doesn't.   I wish he had told the doctor everything and she had turned mom in as an abuser.

Comment by julie on 01/29/04
part 5 was very interesting it sees thathis mother has long term plans for him and not just the summer what a way to go good story well written

Comment by shy surfer on 10/05/03
OK, everybody's waiting. Do you need some help finishing your stories? Please say something, we love your story.

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 10/02/03
I just reread this after a year and a half, and I stick by my original comments as to how I'd like to see the story continue.  In that light, I have to say I really, really did not like the last paragraph of part 5.  By admiting he's a wimp, the whole rest of the story sort of becomes predictable and the road most traveled in TG fiction.

As to mom:  The petticoat punishment is OK, but when mom goes to hormones and surgery, and especially when she MAKES her son lie (How does THAT build good character???) she really steps over the line into child abuse.  Doesn't mom realize that she's risking alienating her child forever by going that far?  I think the case he presented, that he'd gone along with everything up to that point and was willing to spend the summer as a girl was a good and reasonable one - and at that point, there is still love in the relationship.  To me, asking him to lie with treats of humiliation, etc. if he doesn't  turns what mom and Allison are doing from a rehabilitation scenario into a revenge/domination one and I see any love between mother and son dying.   I would have liked to have seen  him say at the lunch table what he did and then add, "I won't lie; do your worst!" OR, I would have liked to have had him decide to trust the doc and tell her the whole story, including the corset/etc. threats.

Comment by Darleene T. on 08/27/03
Please finish it Amber. It is the best at the site.

Comment by julie on 03/12/03
such a great story I can imagine the feelings going through jeffs head I just know how it feels when i got caught by my wife the only thing with my situation was that I did not have the chance to explain I had a bad few days but only have the fantasy when i can go up to town  and act it out from there. I will be looking foreward to part six when it is written I now it is only a story but well done excellent

Comment by Barbara Lynn on 11/14/02
This story is simply fascinating. I just can't wait for Part 6.


Comment by Marina12 on 08/22/02
WHen is part SIX comming?  It promises to be the best part.   So far I have really enjoyed the story.  Well done!  But Please finish it!


Comment by Amberfan on 03/19/02
Great story!!! Jeff's mom is oh so devious!

Comment by Jim on 03/06/02
You have a great story going here!
When will the next episode be avaiable?

Comment by mikie on 02/28/02
You have a fantastic story going.  Jeff hardly knows what will happen next, and you make it believeable that he cannot resist.  The one line I enjoy the most is Allison's insistance he develops a bust.  And,I can hardly wait to find jeff in that corset.

Comment by Diane Sutton on 02/27/02
Such a nice story I'm glad to have taken my time and savored it with all my feelings fully engaged.

I'd love to read the next part when it comes out. I think that it will continue to intrigue me as the first parts have done.


Comment by Lord_Sykos on 02/25/02
Wow, I am just completely impressed with this story. I don't know where to begin. At any rate, I will just say that I look forward to your coming additions and thank you for posting such a great little Tale.


Comment by Amberfan on 02/25/02
What a playful and sinister femdom story! Looking forward to the changes! (:

Comment by Donny on 02/24/02
I think the story is great and I'm looking forward to reading more about how the summer goes.  I think his confusion about what to do is believable as is his giving in to his mother reluctantly.  It may be a stretch that at 15 he would be allowed to accept any irreversible steps, but I still like it.  I'm looking forward to his continued humiliations by his mother and sister as the summer continues.

Comment by Jezzi Belle Stewart on 02/24/02
I am enjoying this story, but am really having trouble suspending disbelief enough given how easily Jeff's accepting "her" situation, particularly surgical procedures.  In Part 5, I'd have him break and run and Mom and Ali have to hunt him up and drug him (They are prepared, having expected something like this.)  She wakes with "C" cups (OK, "B" would work).  I'd have him smarter, too.  Maybe he finds loopholes in Mom's rules.  Mom says get a femme job.  "She" picks becoming  a shampoo girl in a salon that sponsors a girl's softball team (Mom doesn't realize this to begin with so allows it.)  Seeing "her" skill, the owner begs mom to let her play.  Mom gets what she wants, maybe he has to do ultra femme things on the evenings there's no practice or game, and he gets something that makes the feminization tolerable.

Comment by dave g on 11/04/01
Excellant story so far and appears to be just getting into the good stuff. Keep up the good work!!!! When do we get to see more??? Soon hopefully

Comment by Anthia on 09/06/01
The storey gets better as it progresses. When are we going to see Part 5?

Comment by Dawnie on 07/20/01
I am a little jealous, your story reminds me of my own ventures into sneaking into Mother's and sister's room. Even though I wasn't as careful as your character, I was never caught, although secretly I believe I wanted to, and be forced to wear feminine clothes in public.

You are an excellant story teller, and I'm looking forward to the future episodes of Jeff! Bring on #5>>>>>>>

Comment by SassySue on 07/15/01
I really liked this story a lot, although I personally prefer those with at least a little sexual activity as part of the story.
This serial is well written and pays good attention to the details of Jeffy's forced transformation.  As a minor quibble I would have liked to read more about his feelings when trying on his Mother's and sisters things.  

Nevertheless, I look forward to reading further installments where Jeffy learns to deal with his new clothing, body transformations and status as a teenage girl.  Keep uo the good work.

Comment by Donny on 07/12/01
I loved the story.  It seemed like forever waiting for the latest part  but it was worth it.  I think he has just about the right mix of curiosity and discomfort and I just know his summer will be fun to read about.  Thanks for a great story

Comment by Linda Travis on 05/04/01
You said part for would be in a week it is now a year later. where is it? I would love to read the next part.

Comment by Donna on 04/21/01
I've just read your story (up to part 3) and enjoyed it very much.  It is verry stimlating and exciting; however, it stopped at the most exciting spot.  When are you going to complete this story.  I cannot wait to see what happens, especially when Jeffrey's sister gets him to take Birth Control Pills.
Please finish it soon.

Comment by Nikki on 03/01/01
I love the way the story has unfolded and  I'm sure that the rest will be just as good.

Comment by Donny on 02/27/01
Great addition.  All his plans of playing baseball and a part time job down the drain as he now has to pretend to be a teenage girl for the summer.  I know his sister will try to push his punishment too far but that should make the story so much better.  

Comment by Donny on 02/03/01
I think it is a great story. I'm looking forward to what his mother and sister are going to do.

Comment by Donny on 02/03/01
I think it is a great story. I'm looking forward to what his mother and sister are going to do.

Comment by Paula Jutras on 02/03/01
Interesting tale with good descriptions. Hope to enjoy other stories of yours as much.

Comment by Sissy Demi on 12/27/00
Very interesting beginning! Good descriptions, as pointed out by Nellie.  That is something that many stories lack.  I look forward to more of this tale!  :)

Comment by Nellie D on 12/26/00
The story starts a little different than most but isn't too bad. Writing moderate to good with good descriptions.

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