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Round Trip
by Hebe Dotson

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Comment by Erika on 06/26/12
I really enjoyed this story. It's such a rare pleasure to read a well thought out tale. It never gets dull. There's a lovely family relationship threading through it and Bobbi grows more sympathetic as he becomes more confident. For those of us who don't have the physique to pass it's nice to read a story about a boy who just needs a little nudge to get him on his way. We can always dream. Love Xxx.

Comment by Maryland on 05/18/11
I thank you hmbuly for sharing your wisdom JJWY

Comment by Molly on 05/26/08
As Nora Adrienne points out, the premise that forms the basis of this story is false -- they had only to call the airline, and obtain a replacement ticket. It's the *ride* that the airfare pays for, not a pretty little piece of paper. Of course, it is always possible that this family is too foolish, too st00pid to think of making inquiries, and that possibility is born out by the reaction of the main character's aunt and cousin. Having been raised by hyper-critical, perfectionistic parents myself, the abuse he takes from them hit a nerve. It makes me want to say to them, "OH, I wish I could be perfect like you. It must be wonderful, never to have ever made a mistake in your lives."

Others have written that there is love in this story, and some surprises toward the end. Perhaps I will stay with it. The beginning, though, is fairly discouraging, and doesn't show much in the way of love at all.

Comment by Eric on 02/08/05
A nice story with an unexpected ending.  (Actually, a lot of the last section was surprising; I can't remember the last t-girl in one of these stories who looked in the mirror upon returning and actually looked like the boy he'd started out as.)

I'm not trying to be critical of some of the other comments here, but I can't help thinking that many of their suggestions would move this tale back along a comfortable and conventional pathway that the story seems to be attempting, at least at the end, to break away from.  If that's the reason you never followed it up with a sequel, I respect that very much.

Comment by Barbara Lynn Terry on 03/17/03
Yes, I agree with the others...this story is sweet, romantic, dramatic, and filled with adventure...I also agree that there HAS TO BE a sequel...But this next time around maybe Bobbi wants to stay Bobbi? I am a post-op TS, and my inclinations are toward Bobbi becoming a female through tranistion...many CD persons want Bobbi to remain a crossdresser...ewwww...I'm not putting down CDs, but to my way of thinking...and this is only MY opinion...being a crossdresser is like living a time you're dressed as a girl...and the other time, you're dressed as a man...and that is all it is to me...just dressing the part...however, a TS who is confident in herself can a very nice life as a female without having to be an exotic dancer, or a call girl or heaven forbid, something worse...Anyway I have gotten off of the track here...I agree that there should be a sequel and it should revolve around Bobbi becoming female without her secret being the others would hint...I think the next summer of work at the Gorges Inn makes Bobbi make up her mind as to what she wants to be...and that is female.

Comment by ANOTHER BRIAN on 03/15/03

Comment by Jezzi Belle Stewart on 11/15/02
I really, really enjoyed this story!  It was refreshing that he didn't end up gay or a transexual, but I certainly hope Bobbi enjoyed herself enough to make Bob a confirmed crossdresser - the best of both worlds!  The only things I thought could have made it better would be detailed salon scenes - the initial one reluctant, the later one(s)with her a happy participant - and one of the girls, probably Lisa, discovering Bobbi's secret and becoming his friend as well as hers - but maybe that could come in the sequel, hint hint!

Comment by Diane Sutton on 02/25/02
What a wonderful and delightful story. I love these kinds of tales. The loss of a ticket which brings about the ingenuity of planning for the return home by using his sisters ticket.

The return home and the realization that this young boy must now make up for the problems he caused by taking over for his sister at her place of work. The final strands of his male life giving into the female persona that is now her's.

I may just read it again in the future as it was a pleasure to read.


Comment by TinaTVuk on 02/07/02

Nice to be able to add you to my list of favourite authors; this was a wonderful story with a nice mix of pragmatism and fantasy.  I will look forward to more in this vein.

Have fun


Comment by Cissy Gaye on 02/05/02
This was a wonderful story with a novel premise, plausible events and splendid characters.  I do hope we'll get a sequel about what happens the next summer.

Comment by Ann Newton on 08/01/01
Wonderful. Simply wonderful.
A true delight. I usually don't go for the serials, but this one was nearly perfect. Thanks

Comment by "Princess Pervette" on 07/29/01
Very nice story.  Credible situation nicely handled.  Don't
want to spoil the ending for people, so I'll just say that I
appreciated your avoidance of the obvious.


Comment by Joanna on 07/29/01
I liked this tale a lot, very nearly on par with Emmie Dee's,,,, Samantha Michelle,,,, sweet, real, loving, when you have time,,,, MORE... please.

Comment by Alyssa Davis on 07/28/01
Excellent story, well written, and clever plot.  And you left room for a sequel!  The next summer....maybe Bobbi has second thoughts of becoming a girl.  Maybe she dates a girl, or a boy.  So many directions to go.
Very easy to read.  Well done!

Comment by Nellie D on 07/28/01
At first I thouhgt trere were enough comments but now that the story is finished I feel I should add my thoughts. It is a nice story, well written and with an ending that doesn't usually happen in this type of fiction. It made me happy that he did return to being himself and had learned from the experience.

I am curious what turn his life might take, especially with a girlfriend but I won't harass the author to write a sequel.

Comment by ldyndskies on 07/28/01
 A very nice story, reminds me of Emmie Dee's "Blue Nails" where the protagonist dresses because he has to but doesn't feel he has to  explore his "womanly" feelings beyond simple companionship. Nor does he experience some slow but certain conversion of feeling that he needs to be a woman simply because he puts a dress on.
 Yes Virginia, there are boys who like to stay boys! (Even if they've explored the other side of the fence)

Comment by Jennifer on 07/27/01
The story is well written, with some good boy dating twists through part 2.  But I really would like to see you work in a little girl dating.  With all those girls around Bobbi it is likely that at least one leans bi.  And also Bobbi will have a hard time not slipping up in the boarding house.

I like TV/girl relationships much more than TV/boy.  Also they are so forced with the TV suddenly finding it is nice to kiss a boy or go further when they thought they were only interested in girls.


Comment by Marina Twelve on 07/27/01
A simple, clever and original idea to force a "change".  It appears to be a fun and well written read.----One problem though :-) I think you cheated us on the first "transformation scene"---There wasnt any.

 We didnt get to see our protagonists resistance and reaction to having to put on a dress and have lipstick applied for the first time.  The "Initial transformation" has the potential for the MOST humour and angst in this genre, and you just glossed over it.  Too bad--The rest is SO well written, that I know that you could have done a wonderful job of it. :-)

  Perhaps in the "revision" you can remedy this one flaw?
  (Hey, Im guilty of "glossing over" scenes too---but not the most importaint ones thatset the tone of the story.)  No hard feelings. Beleive me! the REST of the story is great and is WELL written.


Comment by Nora Adrienne on 07/26/01
I loved the idea of the story and would love to see how you continue it.. of course we both know that if Bobby's aunt had called the airline she could have easily arranged for a replacement ticket and the whole story would have ended right there,,, LOL

Comment by emmie dee on 07/26/01
A sweet, enjoyable story, with well-portrayed family and physical background that gives it a realistic feel. The reason given for Bob/Bobbi's changeover, to use his sister's airline ticket after losing his own, is novel but realistic. I look forward to the continuation of Bobbi's adventures.

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