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by Gingerfred Man

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Comment by Nevaeh on 09/19/11
No qusetoin this is the place to get this info, thanks y'all.

Comment by julie larue on 02/04/04
as usual you wrote an exciting tale of love/lust and sissy boys really enjoying their dressing, and i loved the description of them acting like it was againsy their will.  i agree with the other comments that your stories get even better as you write although they are first rate without being later stories.  this one was a four cummer (teehee).  i also agree with gaye that i may be punished like this, i love wearing pretty dresses and sexy lingerie.  i've read a big portion of your stories and will read all of them eventually.


julie larue

Comment by Broni on 08/31/02
G, this is a wonderfully written story. I loved the strong descriptive power of your prose. Denise is a lovely character. The prom episode was well described and the contrast between that episode and the one with Tim showed Denise's true feminine character. Your stories just seem to get better and better.
Hugs, Broni

Comment by Mardee Louise Prynne on 05/12/02
A superbly crafted tale. The rich descriptions of the details of dressing, of the items worn, and of the accompanying sensations and emotions are woderfully erotic.  Worth reading and rereading, it is an ever new and refreshing tale.
Thank you ever so much.

Comment by Diane Sutton on 12/01/01
Wow, I sure did enjoy this well crafted story. One for the record books this is. The skill of this writer will continue to get me to come back for more reading of these wonderful stories. Tripple x maybe however, it extremely well done.

Comment by Sissy Priscilla Valentine on 09/08/01
Awesome story, big Daddy!

Thanks for the preview you emailed me....I just want everyone to know that here is a Daddy who understands and appreciates a little girl's dreams, just read all his little girl stories...they made ME wet! ;-)

If I may quote from him what will go down as one of the greatest quotes of our time from his next story: "...reality, a place one should visit only when absolutely necessary!"  <<giggle!>>


Sissy Prissy

Comment by Cissy Gaye on 09/05/01
Ohmigod! This was incredible.

Please, may I be punished like this?  Pretty please?

Talk about hot!  This is a four hankie tale (for wiping up after yourself!) and it's so sweet and smart, too.  The girlish insights, the strain of acting unhappy about being a girl when they're both anything but, the wonderful scenes of discovery as they bashfully then vigorously investigate one another's transformed selves, the different men and the ways they please or displease our heroines - all extra special touches that elevate this story above others of its kind.  An intensely erotic and very satisfying tale from an author whose work continues to delight me!

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