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by Gingerfred Man

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Comment by leelee on 09/29/08
I love this poker game    I once used poker as a screen to go to a cd  party and thought then it was a great idea  I loved it all   and it was nicely told  too   Thank you

Comment by Rachel on 09/14/04
I've read 4 of your stories now, thank you, I've not cum so much, excellent xxx

Comment by Hosieryboy on 07/23/03
Loved your story and only wish I could find a group like that with a passion for stockings, garterbelt and heels to enjoy with....thanks for the rush...

Comment by Alana1960 on 09/14/02
I only recented started posting reviews. I should have done it from the start  but one feels too busy or too shy or whatever.

Authors NEED feedback. Well, here are better late than never comments.
This was my first Gingerfredman Story. It's still one of my Top Five GFredMan Faves. [LoveLife is a raving fave too!]

I understand the "we're not gay cause we're girls" bit. It's a mindset. As a CD myself I don't date men but I get a lot of guy who message me on Yahoo asking for dates cause they like the pics of me as a girl (my profile says "I don't date men".
Now the men asking me out claim to be married and not gay. They just love T-Girls. Odd? Yes. But that's the way it is. A previous reviewer explained it just right.  

POKER is a good story. It's just long enough. All the characters work for me. I come back to read this one again and again.


Comment by Broni on 09/07/02
Gosh G,
This is a fabulous story. I think it's my favorite so far. Ed/Amy is such a wonderfully developed character. The sex descriptions are out of this world! And everyone is of legal age!

Comment by Tandra Lin on 08/23/02

I love the stories, but some people don't get it I guess.

A TG going with a man is not the typical gay by a long shot,
a real gay guy wouldn't think of having relations with a TG,
I know from a liftime of experience of being a Tg who has
had affairs with men.

Men who desire TG's are NOT GAY, they see the TG as
a woman, different, but still a woman.

Renfrew who wrote that he didn't like "This gay crap" is
intitled to his or her opinion, but in my opinion, the
Gingerfred stories are NOT gay stories.

Gingerfred is right on target when he or she refers to
the relationships in his stories as heterosexual or
straight as some would say.

Regardless of the subject's physical body, it is the
mental perspective of the person that determines if
the relationship is either straight or gay.

If a TG believes herself to be a woman and her male partner
believes the same, then it is a heterosexual relationship,
not a gay one.

Anyway, I love the stories, especially the ones
with TG's who enjoy having relationships with men,
call it gay if you like but to me it's not.

Not that there is anything wrong with being gay, but
in this case it's not.

Tandra Lin

Comment by Toni on 10/01/01
what a great story gingerfred man, nice details, very hot, well well thought out and executed. Am thinking about starting a poker night myself now.


Comment by "Princess Pervette" on 09/30/01
It's's well known that gay CDs are in the minority.
A Kinsey Institute study found that the percentage of gays among
CDs was the same (within measurement eerror) as in the general
population...which means (if you know probability theory) that the
two behaviors are independent.  BUT...there is a disproportionately
large amount of gay carryings-on in CD fiction.  I've written a
good deal of it myself.  Why??  Probably because a sex scene if an
easy culmination to a story & because it's kinkier (to some people)
if the feminized male is possessed by another male.  Strange but
true.  And Gingerfred, you've written the scenes in this tour de
force with your usual skill & imagination.  I haven't finished the
story yet, but as far as I've gone, I've liked it.


Comment by Renfrew on 09/29/01
Sorry, this gay crap leaves me cold.

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