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A New Bunny
by Carolyn Collins

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Comment by Famouzs on 01/08/13
You must obtain a sales tax id if you plan on clielctong sales tax from the products you are selling.  All you have to do is file a few papers and you're in business.  But if you plan to purchase your products from a real wholesaler, make sure they ask you for your tax id otherwise they are NOT legitimate. they must know your number to find your business and for tax purposes.

Comment by Silvia on 06/22/11

Comment by Lark on 05/17/11
AFAICT you've coerved all the bases with this answer!

Comment by Tex on 08/18/09
good story - the next chapter will most interesting if, instead of the usual lies about what has happened, if she admits to Mother that she has the memories of the guy who vaporized, and no memories of herself. Mom can then teach her to be Bunny again. And, Mom can help her find out what really happened to her. Along the way she can decide that she really wants to stay being Bunny.

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