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My Wonderful Ones
by Ann O'Nonymous

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Comment by Bee on 08/14/23
Nice story

Comment by suba analuba on 08/12/18
22TXNh So pleased to possess located this post.. My browsing efforts seem total.. thanks. Liking the article.. appreciate it Respect the entry you furnished..

Comment by high quality backlinks on 07/18/14
QRcScp Im obliged for the post.Thanks Again. Will read on...

Comment by Silvia. on 11/22/10
I hate slavery!
Bad story!

Comment by leelee on 03/02/09
having breasts  taking hormones  producing  milk and being loved by women   wow now that is a wonderful fantasy   wish it was real wish it was me   thanks

Comment by juliej on 03/25/07
this story is sweet no violence or other hassle an intersting read well done

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 09/15/05
I would guess that the universe of this story is not our real one, but a universe in which slavery is legal and accepted. Sandra seems totally secure in her power position and seems to take it for granded, thus giving her the necessary confidence in her position to be able to afford to be nice.  I don't think that would be possible if she were in our world engaging in an illegal practice.
My question would be why did she immediately trust him?  were there hidden safety mechanisms if he had turned out bitter and rebellious?  i wonder what would happen if Sandra fell on hard times financially?  In the pre-war US of our reality, many masters who were nice to their slaves while times were good ended up selling them when money became scarce and their cushy lifestyle was threatned.  She seems nice but still views the three as slaves (Susan is never given any say in what will happen to her.)

Comment by julie on 01/03/04
a little more explanation and a longer story please other wise good and interesting

Comment by julie on 01/03/04
a very interesting story with a good begining and ending write some more to this please

Comment by shy surfer on 09/19/03
Very nice story, it will give me sweet dreams tonight. Thanks

Comment by Seth Riley on 09/17/01
Very nice story!! Well written. It's cool to see a 'male' be treated with love by his owners. Too much fiction out there is filled with cruel women----sometimes the cruelty is so unbeleivable, it's funny.

Keep writing.....!

Comment by psylent1 on 02/20/01
Oh, very cute!! A backwards bondage story.

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