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My Wedding Day
by Pink Mia

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Comment by Silvia. on 04/12/10

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 08/24/06
So how is this a punishment on anyone but Anne?

She has just found on her wedding day that, from her POV, her finance', the man she loves and who she thought loved her, is really a gay crossdresser who has decided to "cum out" on their wedding day by giving oral sex to another man (which she witnesses) while looking every inch a bride for HIM, thereby  jilting HER at the alter.  As far as we know, there was no spell put on Anne to make her happy about how things turned out.  She will probably need years in therapy to get over the Why?" of what happened, if she ever does.

On the other hand, Todd, who also doesn't deserve it, is changed but doesn't know it and is happy.  Allen, the one who is supposed to be being punished is now Amy who is happy whether she remembers being Allen or not.

Does a callous Brenda simply write off Anne and family as collateral damage.  Does a stupid Brenda not realize that by allowing Amy to be happy she has not really punished Allen? (Unless Allen is identity dead, and if she had just wanted to kill him. she could have had him hit by lightening or something.  Why go to all this trouble unless she wanted him to suffer intense humiliation for a long time?)

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