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My Mother, My Lover. Her Satin, My Sin
by Georgina

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Comment by see pron on 12/20/18
NnQE1c they will get advantage from it I am sure.

Comment by crorkz matz on 08/04/14
M6mnxU Thanks for the article post.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

Comment by dawn on 09/07/12
lovely very erotic well written story loved it

Comment by buy cheap oem software on 02/12/12
sNpAbb Thanks a lot! An extremely interesting comment!!...

Comment by Julie on 11/13/10
Georgina:  Great stories.  I just have one question.  When I go to "My Mother, My Lover. Her Satin, My Sin", there are six parts listed, but when I go to the end of part 6, it indicates that there is a part 7.  Where can I find part 7 and any additional existing parts of the story?

Thanks for the Great Work!

Comment by Greg on 06/26/10
I love your gentle sweet loving themes where the cross dresser is assisted in such a sweet loving way.

Comment by Sharon on 04/08/10
What a beautiful story every boy should make love to his mother.
My mother an i have been making love since i was 12 and we still
love being together.

Comment by Geri on 02/19/10
Wonderful, wonderful. I am soooo envious darling. why did you stop writing?

Comment by DonnaTVCS on 01/18/09
Everything you write is soooooo wonderful.  Your stories are my fantasies and your discriptive writing is like a dream.  I'd like to second everyone here and beg you to continue to write more.

Comment by Geena on 07/20/08
OMG!  I love this story!  Please add more!

Comment by MIke Goodrich on 03/16/07
Outstanding stories.   The Very BEST!!!   Please write more.

Comment by Bythe Spirit on 12/16/06
Are there any more instalments. Surely there must be. Pretty, Pretty Please

Comment by Joe Robertson on 03/16/06
You are the best writer.  Very exciting

Comment by TimTiffany on 10/20/05
You are without doubt in the very top ranks of those writing in this genre today.  I enjoy your work above all others'.  Please continue.

Comment by mike goodrich on 09/09/05
I really enjoy your stories.  Please continue to write.  You are the best!

Comment by chrissie on 06/13/05
I have just finished reading all your beautiful stories, everything in them are the objects of my desires from the satins and silks, french knickers, corsets and basques, indeed everything and everybody, i wish i was part of the fantasies in the stories, yes and even the incestuous sex. You have such a way with words and descriptions, yes abslutely incredible that everything you write about is everything i have dreamt and fantasised about,
   Please hurry and add more stories you are a fantastic writer and i can't wait for more        

Comment by anna-marie on 04/29/05
i have to say your stories are HOT!!....the descriptions of the gorgeous clothes worn leave me weak at the knees.i often imagine myself in your stories...getting done up in those elegant,classy gowns..mmmmmmm

Comment by Debbie on 02/11/05
Ive been a cd since 6 or 7 using mums and 2 sisters clothes till i left home and used other peoples.the most erotic thin g i ever did was dress in my mothers 50s style wedding dress and lingerie and pretend i was making love to her till i came in her dress.your story is so sensual and made me cum so many times in my underwear as i read it. thanks for your wonderful writings i cant wait for more of the story as the maid has her first sexual encounter with her daughter / son Antonia. please write some more . i luv you forever.
Luv and kisses from a very satisfied luvver of satin and silk.

Comment by stephanie on 11/07/04
As a long time crossdresser - I feel that compulsary crossdressing should be instigated for all

Comment by Donnie on 04/11/04
  This story is better than real sex, I'm certain of this if of nothing else.
Mummy darling, where are you?

Comment by Donna Dee on 04/11/04
Agonisingly erotic - the ultimate in sexual fantasy.  More please

Comment by rhondaa on 04/10/04
This the first I've read of your stories.  I love your descriptiveness, the delicacy and richness of your vocabulary fit the scenes so perfecty.  I hope to see more of your work in the future.

Comment by Pauline on 04/09/04
You had been away so long that I trembled with anticipation as i opened your new chapter.  It was wonderful, it was worth the wait...but this installment was not up to the level of pure sexual energy I hsve come to love and expect.  Perhaps you have been too long out of the cockpit.  I await your next flight.

Comment by Peter Dunphy on 04/30/03
more pictures of men wearing satin slips, panties and bras.
Also men wearing girdles and panties made of satin

Comment by Diana Day on 12/11/02
An absolutely wonderful story.  As I read, I continuously changed roles, from the sensual vixen Mother to the hot sweet boy child, and back again.  The illustrations are fabulous.  Give me more, more, please!


Comment by Geoff on 10/21/02

Hope you are recovered and will soon be able to enrich our lives with your fantastic writings. How wonderful it is to read such erotic fiction without crude and unecessary garbage. Keep it up, Georgina.

Comment by jackie on 10/03/01
Enjoyed the stories and await the next installment.


Comment by stevie on 09/06/01
Terrific story, subtle and with grace.  keep it up.

Comment by Scott on 09/03/01
Go on, don't stop now. I'm primed again!!

Comment by saffron on 08/19/01
chapter 5 please, please, please.

Comment by Diane Sutton on 04/11/01
The way the author has apparently referenced the magazines and other articles of the period of the story is a great joy to read. I appreciate the time and effort taken to use the period articles like magazines when a writer takes us the readers to a different time period.
Georgina, gives us a wonderful description of the clothes of the period and allows the reader to learn from her writtings the finer points of descritive writing.

Comment by Jo on 03/31/01
I would also like to see similar stories include boys or men forced to crossdress by women into 1950's style satin dresses, satin wedding gowns, 3-4" high heel pumps, full makeup, take female hormones, making love to several white and black men on satin sheets while cross dressed in nylon slips, and panties, etc., while the women watch and train him how to perform as a woman for men. They spank and whip him into submission.They camcord the entire events from their  early crossdressing stage onward. They may even pimp him out as a call girl escort in the women's homes with standing weekly appointments. The men could be the husbands, boyfriends,friends, or even strangers of these women. Do you like this scenario?  Thanks. Jo.

Comment by Jo on 03/31/01
I really liked this this 3 part story and it's plot, and the vintage 1950's lingerie photo's. The photos were an excellent addition to the story.  Is there any chance of expanding this story, or to do a similar story including vintage 1950's photos of women in  other lingerie, like full nylon slips, and 1/2 slips and bras, nylon full brief panties, garterbelts and dark colored silky sheer nylons in the story. I like the 1950's era vintage lingerie styles and similar stories involving mothers and/or one or more aunts involved in forced or manipulated feminizing a son and/or nephew.  Would you please advise me your response on my email.  Thank you. Jo.

Comment by Sharom Memmbers on 03/21/01
Now one of the best writers i have ever read take her beauitifull stories to my favorite fashion and femeninity age of history, the 50's, its just so wonderfull what does she make you feel...
i am just in love with her sensibility and her words that make me feel just how i like to feel... softy, beautifull, sensuous and femenine...
Thank you Georgina...

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