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MOM! I Can't Help Myself
by Jennifer Allison

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Comment by Pushi on 07/31/14
When u going †to complete the story

Comment by Salina on 07/09/12
Ashley - You blew me away again! Pictures are beautiful and I can't wait to shcaowse your work to our friends in the love story book!  Now the fun part, trying to pick one image to get as a canvas!!

Comment by Patrice on 04/18/12
I am so happy for Vanessa and the other girls. †Vanessa was so lucky that her sister, Jennifer, caught her wearing her bra and panties. †Jennifer was such a good big sister to be so willing to help Vanessa become "the girl she was meant to be.". I am so happy for Vanessa and her girlfriends. †I can't wait to find out about the prom. †Her dress, and fancy lingerie, sounds so exciting. †Please continue story. †Thank you.

Comment by Tomi on 01/15/10
Can't wait to hear about Vanessa going to the prom , first date, first bikini and the rest of the high school life.

Comment by David on 09/02/08
Any sign of Part 7 yet, Jennifer?

Comment by Jade on 08/29/06
I love this story I understand that your busy or had other things to do let alone it takes forever now to get things posted. †Still I hope to read the other parts to this soon even if you have to direct us to another site to finish it. †Once again thanks for doing this †hope to read more soon!

Comment by Kristi Fitzpatrick on 11/20/03

  Very cute story. I like it, and I would encourage you to go inside Vanessa's head more and let us know what is going on but of course that is up to you. Quick moving, direct and to the point. Some outings with Mom and sis would be very welcome and very fun. Keep up the good work.



Comment by Night Wolf on 10/30/03
I am surprised that I would be the first to post to part six!  I want to thank you for letting me proof read for you. I was able to get through and actually understand the story better due to the job you let me do on this part of your story. I'm still working on the last two you sent me and I'm almost ready to send you them and would like to ask you a favor on the name thing that you asked me about! Keep up the good work!

Comment by Night Wolf on 10/18/03
I know very few have posted a comment but I want more!  This is a very good story and it has been over two years senseyou last posted a part to this story. I beg you like a little girl wanting a dolly for Christmas Please Please Please finish this story!  OR at least add the next part I really want to read it!

Comment by shy surfer on 10/03/03
Well, I just finished reading part 5 and I really enjoyed all of your story so far. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

Comment by silk on 01/10/02
cant wate untill part 6 pleas finish and or add it soon i cant wate

Comment by jill koch on 09/25/01
are you go put up part 5 of the story

Comment by LINDA  L. HENDERSON on 11/30/00
I really enjoyed your story and I wish it was my story. Keep up the good work.

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