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Maggie Fights Back
by Jennifer Allison

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Comment by The Reviewer on 05/15/14
So Deanna didn't even feel the slightest bit sorry for her dad? I mean it's a pretty terrible fate to just have your life in a programmed loop of earning money then wasting it.

Comment by CoachLara on 07/11/12
Christine Miranda: De kjf8pte jeg for to e5r siden. 400 kr. Kupp! :)Kaisa: c5 :) Takk. Har egentlig ikke vokst se5 fort synes jeg.. hehe. Ne5 er det jo ett e5r siden jeg klitpe bort det lange he5ret mitt. Etter det har jeg bare stusset det en gang :))

Comment by CL on 11/07/09
I love your stories. are you going to make any more?

Comment by Priscilla Ann on 03/11/08
All I can say is WOW! Too bad Juanita and Maria didn't keep some memory of why they were who they were. But a truely vicious revenge tale nonetheless.

Comment by Jezzi  Stewart on 04/01/04
<<  I hate what you turned me into.  >>
I can understand this.  Essentially John and Dean turned her into what they were, abusers, and worse, a murderer, although what she did to John and his girlfriend was justifiable homicide.  Actually, she was merciful, as letting them remember everything but having no control as Juanita and Maria lived their preprogramed lives would be a true hell.  I imagine maggie's life will not be easy as she was basically a nice person and will have to live with what she has done.  With Deanna, as she enjoys all the good times with her loving and accepting "I like being a girl" daughter, she will know that it is, as she admits, all artificial, the results of the hypnotics, that Dean is being forced to like being a girl.  She did what she had to do, but I expect a lot of pschological problems for Maggie in the future.

Comment by julie on 09/20/03
a very interesting story heavy i liked the part about the memories untill the words were said ref the whore house i feelit would have been better to have her husband as her slave in bondage but a good overall story

Comment by Zedd on 02/20/01
I liked this story. I don't read a lot of stories, because there are only a certain number of things that interest me, but I liked this one.

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