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Luck be a Lady II
by Cathy_t

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Comment by Roy on 05/16/20
Pretty good, a pity it,s not completed. Let me know if it ever is.😎

Comment by Reegan on 12/12/11
Woot, I will cetrainly put this to good use!

Comment by Anthony on 11/07/11
Most of your stuff, is a nice bit of harmless literary gold. but ,please finsh luck be a lady, you got me hooked.

Comment by Sayge on 07/06/10
Girl,  you are one heck of a writer.  The only problem with this one is that it is not finished.

It is not nice to keep us all hanging here waiting for you to give us more. So, that being said, "WHERE IS THE REST???????"

Comment by XYZ AB on 01/20/09
 Love the story ,brill so far,hope you will add more to it soon.

Comment by Paul on 08/06/08
Hi Cathy
what can i add thats not been said by other's...
please continue with the story, I loved it.
Thank you Cathy.

Comment by poppykin on 06/26/06
Great story-------- so far when is part 10 comming? cant wait!!!

Comment by Christy Lake on 02/18/05
I really like this story and am wanting to see how much is halucination and how much is main story line

You have a good talent and a nice flair for character presentation

Comment by Pammy D on 09/01/03
Cathy, this is my favorite story-line of all time!  I hope you plan to continue it into the double digit installments!

Pammy D

Comment by C-Monster on 07/16/03
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee am have a ball reading this series. I hope some day you will get fired up and write some more adventure storeis.

Comment by Rebecca Anne Stewart on 09/21/02
    Hello Cathy.   I finished reading "Luck be a Lady" part 8. in fact I reread the entire saga .  At the end of each and every episode you left me wanting for more, and I must add frustrated with anticipation of the next part.
    Prue turned me on to you, your writing that is..tee.hee.. and I must remember to thank her with another virtual cheesecake for doing that because, girl. you are without a doubt a very tallented story teller.
    I hope you can keep your focus and "torture" us with the next "cliff hanger" real soon.
    Thank you. from a now faithful follower.
                Sincerely:Rebecca Anne Stewart   (rast)

Comment by Prue on 09/14/01
Sorry, i've been bad (bends over cathys knee with skirt hiked up) i never got around to posting a comment on the latest of a series of great chapters. i know its not the same getting  comments on the chat about how good a story is. so i'm putting it down here so others can see that i DO like... scratch that .. love your stories and waiting for more from you is sweet torture i'm going  to make a comment on your others that i've been remiss on . huggles from your friend prue

Comment by Julia Manchester on 06/30/01
This story just keeps getting better and better!  Action, romance, humor, it has it ALL!  Great job Cathy!

Comment by Rose2 on 06/22/01
Cathy T,
       Well what can I say that Mr Man didn't?   Well that I love this story.  The growth of the Character of Bill/ie.  The sense of family that has grown around this group.  The never knowing what surprise you will throw at us next or if I completely miss read a clue you gave us.  Just one thing I HATE CLIFFHANGERS!!!  Other than that great story.

Comment by Mr Man on 06/22/01
To prove she is great,
Cathy posted part eight.
So set up the date,
Do not be late.

Oh forget the poetry, just read the story ok. It's an awesome piece of work by one of Storysite's most talented authors. Thanks for writing Cathy.

P.S. Another cliff hanger ending again????

"If I had known what the following day would bring, though, I would have never been able to close my eyes and would have been scared to death!"

Dang you Cathy T! Won't you ever set me free?!!!

Comment by Geoff on 05/31/01
Really glad you're back in the groove again, Cathy.  This is the best story you've done so far.  I've enjoyed your others,  but this is an order better in every respect - plot, writing, characterisation and imagination.  Looking forward to the next episode. Go girl!

with tongue in cheek

geoff1940_said_ that ;-)

Comment by Kelly Davidson on 05/22/01
Cathy, just got done reading part 7 -- Wow, what a story.  The interaction between Billie and Prue is so well detailed.  She gets mad and never wants to see him, then she is tickling and having fun with Billie.  And the plot, it has so many twist and turns I don't know which way is up anymore.  I have absolutily 'no' idea where this story is going, what's going to happen next, or how it's going to end.  It's like being on a rollarcoaster going down the main hill at 70mph in a dark tunnel and not knowing where the next curve is.  Give me a break and let me catch my breath -- then post part 8 so I can find out what happens next.  I'm hooked badly on this story -- have been ever since you posted part 1. Keep it coming.

Comment by Mr Man on 05/16/01
This was a long time coming, but I have to say it was worth the wait. I've been following this story for a long time and still don't know which way its gonna go. I look forward to the next chapter, but I must say that you are killing me with these cliffhanger endings. Keep up the good work and thanks for writing.

Comment by Prue on 05/15/01
Just finished chap.7 Cathy u dun good ever, another exciting episode. more cliff hangers that the grand canyon.  um can i take lessons from you.....please...? huggles from your F&F (friend&fan) prue

Comment by Rose2 on 05/14/01
   Well I am glad to see that Cathy is writing and doing a great job.  Not many think about the emotional strain of the characters they create.  Pease keep up the good work and welcome back.

Comment by Coyote M Bishop on 01/04/01
There's excitement, suspense, and humor in 'Luck be a Lady 2'.  What else can a reader ask for?

The story's second paragraph caught my attention and I continued to enjoy Cathy t's writing of Bill's (Billie's) and friends' fortunes and misfortunes throughout.  This tale is a winner!

Comment by Prue on 01/03/01
WOW!!!! ummm is there any way of saying it louder lol Cathy you continue to pull another surprise out of the bag. grrrr for leaving me hanging by my finger tips (just as well their long) hope i can hold on long enough for the next chapter. huggles and a kiss  from your avid fan prue

Comment by Pickles on 01/03/01

Comment by Mr Man on 01/03/01
Thanks for the latest addition to your sweeping saga of adventure and excitement. If anyone of you haven't read this story, what the heck are you waiting for. DO IT!!!

Comment by Reader on 01/03/01
Cathy what  can i say, but thank you. things are getting interesting as the story progresses, one wonders just where it will end. i hope not too soon. sorry i never commented before this, but frankly i'm a lazy sod. but stirred myself this time to thank you. ps i liked the earlier chapters too.

Comment by Heather St. Claire on 12/23/00
Cathy, I saved reading Part 5 as kind of a Christmas present to myself. Believe me, I was not disappointed! The switch that Billie has to undergo adds a whole new dimension to the story....I love the adventure of our three ladies on the run and eaglerly look forward to the next chapters.

Comment by Prue on 12/08/00
thanks cathy you did well AGAIN lol hope theres no stopping you now. will be waiting for the next twenty chapters  lolol huggles from P

Comment by Stephanie Renee on 12/07/00
Great story so far!  I check for the next installment every time I log on.

Great character development, lots plot twists, cliff hangers (end of part 5 is a great example), and lots of fun with toys from space, all wrapped up in the intrigue of running from some M.I.B. types (are they government?).

Chompin' at the bit for the next part!


Comment by Bob Oli on 12/07/00
Wow, this is probably one of the most impressive new stories I have come across in quite a while. Very well written. Great story line, with real people for characters. Can't wait for the next part....


Comment by Mr Man on 12/06/00
This is quite a little adventure you have got going here and you should be proud of it. It is a well written story with nicely developed characters. I look forward to more installments. Thanks for writing and keep up the good work.

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