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by Gingerfred Man

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Comment by Sweet Sissy Stevie on 12/01/13
Lovely story. I like the idea of a school for sissy boys, perhaps some of the rules could be:

1. All boys must be fully made-up at all times, including false eye-lashes (at least 1 inch long), heavily glossed lips and eye shadow. Any sissyboy found with spoilt make-up will be punished and made-up by the school nanny. All boys must be perfectly smooth with absolutely no hair allowed anywhere below the eyebrows (which should be severely plucked). Boys must be heavily perfumed at all times (no cheap scents permitted)

2. The school uniform must be worn at all times. All items must be predominantly baby pink in colour and the only acceptable materials are satin, shiny latex or leather. Boys may wear skirts or shorts but in all cases the lace trims on their knickers must be clearly visible.

3. If a boy (or his mummy) chooses a skirt it must be very short and there must be at least 3 frilly petticoats under the skirt which must flare out at an angle of at least 60 degrees.

4. If a boy chooses shorts they must be very tight fitting and only fastened at the back leaving the front smooth.

5. All boys must wear stockings (tights are not permitted) and these must be seamed. Seams must be absolutely straight and any boy found with crooked seams will be punished.

6. Boys must be tightly corseted at all times with no gap between the edges of the rear of the corset. Corsets must be of a very severe variety with rear lacing. Loose fitting items of underwear are not allowed. Corsets muat have at least 6 suspenders (though more are allowed) Whatever style of dress is chosen stocking tops (which should be heavily laced) and suspenders must be clearly visible. There must always be a visible gap between stocking tops and the lace trimming on the knickers. It is assumed that all boys will undergo waist reduction during their time at school with an eventual aim of a waist measurement no more than 20 inches by the time they leave.

7. Peenies must be tightly enclosed by a gaff between the legs and any boy exhibiting any type of erection will be punished. It is ,however, recognised that sissy boys have particular needs and up to 3 "milkings" per day will be allowed, to be administered by a "milk nanny".

8. Boys may wear shoes or boots of any style with the following provisos:

Heels must be of the stiletto variety and at least 5 inches (higher than this, especially for boys of 14 or over is strongly recommended and by the age of 17 boys should be in ballet heels of at least 8 inches for most of their time at school.

The colour must be baby pink.

Boots with zips are not permitted. If boots are worn they must be lace-up (preferably at the rear).

Shoes and boots may have other embellishments, e.g. bows, diamond studs, ribbons

Boots may be of any height but if they are "thigh" boots which may cover the stocking tops special permission following inspection would be required.

9. Gloves must be worn at all times. Short gloves will be permitted if a long sleeve blouse or dress is worn but, in this event, lace cuffs must almost cover the hands. If a short sleeve blouse or dress is worn the gloves must be long enough so that no bare arm is visible. If a blouse or dress reveals the shoulders (this is permissible) then gloves must be shoulder length with a lace trim at the top. Gloves must be made of satin, shiny latex or glace leather.

10. In addition to their corset a boy's underwear must consist of knickers and brassiere (which may be padded if appropriate). All underwear must be lavishly trimmed with expensive lace (which may be white or some appropriate colour).

11. Boys must wear jewellery at all times. Ears must be pierced (at least 2 piercings in each ear). However, no fake jewellery will be permitted with diamonds being the favoured gem (fake jewellery would not be in keeping with the ethos of the School).

12 All items of clothing must be fastened at the rear. It is recognised that all of our boys will be dressed by their mummy or auntie or possibly by a maid and that  boy would not be capable of dressing or undressing himself.

13. It is absolutely forbidden for any boy to touch his peenie. If a boy wishes to be excused he must be accompanied to the toilet by a nanny who will take down his knickers, release his peenie and he will urinate WHILE SEATED ON THE BOWL (STANDING STRICTLY FORBIDDEN). When finished, the nanny will dry his peenie and wipe his groin and upper thighs with a perfumed cloth and then talc the area before replacing his knickers and adjusting his dress or shorts.  

14. The dress code will be strictly enforced with frequent inspections including removal of outer garments to inspect underwear, and removal of underwear to check on smoothness of skin. In all cases of clothing removal nannies will be in attendance to dress the boys. the school usually finds that boys generally welcome these inspections since it is well known that sissies love to show off their latest clothes and that they are very competitive over things such as heel height and tight lacing.

Comment by Valjean on 09/19/11
I feel staifseid after reading that one.

Comment by Alana1960 on 09/14/02
One of my ALL-Time FAVORITE STORIES from My Fave TG author.

This should be required reading for all fans of T-Girl Fiction.

My fave part is when our hero(ine) steals his sisters boyfriend---with MOM's approval!!!! His sister is so nasty in her flannel shirts.

Plus. I think this was the first use of the Gingerfredman Test. Another classic moment.

One that gets read again and again.
Thanks GMan for a good story.

Comment by Broni on 09/02/02
Hey G, I loved the story and the narrator's interludes. You obviously have read your readers. The sissy test was wonderful. You are imaginative. Hugs, Broni

Comment by Rachel Anne on 09/11/01
    What a great story!  Loved the character. Cute!  Maybe a little too much sex and not enough on sissification, but nonetheless, very entertaining.  Can't wait for your next story.

Comment by Cissy Gaye on 09/10/01
Another triumphant tale from one of my favorite authors.  This time told from the perspective of the transformee, we follow the indoctrination and subsequent training of a sissygirl as she flowers.

Lots of very hot sex, oodles of delicious feminine touches, wonderful insights to the lifestyle and emotional upheaval of the protagonist, a little tiny taste of humiliation (more for the sake of revealing vulnerability) and zesty good humor throughout. This is a long story, but it is well worth the investment of time.


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