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A Letter Home
by Ann O'Nonymous

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Comment by this is me on 07/27/12
I'll tell you what mother could be so sick practically every mother in these stories particularly the ones doing the forced fem or the covert fem. That is the reaction that anyone should expect from actions taken against someone's will. NO BODY likes to be forced.

Comment by Mariah on 08/08/11
 Well Ann I must admit that this as painful as it is has probably happened in real life. In my opinion (and hopes) a copy of the letter would have been sent to the police and hand delivered by the officers to that woman just as she finished her drink.  It would be fitting to have them drag her from the house in shackles never to see light ever again.  
 I hope you will continue this story and have that woman brought to the justice and shame she deserves.

Comment by Silvia. on 07/02/10
This thing made me sick.
What mother could be so sick to do this with a son?
I don't think that you, who wrote this, thinks this way.
Very bad and disgusting tale!

Comment by leelee on 02/24/09
Oh my mother dressed me and I loved it   she set me up to entertain a man and I was beside myself with erotic pleasure..she loved her little girl and I loved being her little girl.  In the end  she passed away as mothers do and I grew up and grew out of being a little girl  but the passion is there and was discovered by my wife years into our happy marriage...somethings end well some things end in love   I was lucky    your story made me cry!!!! for both of them.

Comment by Little Louie on 02/02/09
This story is very well written! I will admit I like to be pulled over a woman's lap for a sound spanking. The story is a bit harsh but it certainly made me think. Thank you very much for sharing it!! - Louie

Comment by Dianna on 03/25/08
I wish that the mother had a sad reaction, but sadly, it is accurate to a feminazi.
Thanks for writing this sugar.

Comment by jasmine on 04/24/04
I believe that if I had suffered the horror that this poor man sufferd and contracted aids, before i killed myself I would have went back and shot the mother or at least got some retribution like a lawsuit, with the pictures she circulated that should not have been hard. this is a haunting story but well writing

Comment by julie on 01/03/04
what can i say very heavy stuff i dread to think what he went through
yes a letter i would never ever want to write

Comment by Donna Dee on 12/05/03
 I read a story on these lines several years ago - but it wasn't sexy or tg or anything remotely objectionable, but I seem to recall the mother was a cow who had no regrets for her actions.
 This is well written and suspenseful (is that a word?)AND, IN SO FAR AS STORIES OF THIS TYPE CAN BE ENJOYABLE - IT WAS!
I am just starting on some (if not all) of your stories and may write again - but dont let that stop you!

Comment by julie on 09/19/03
very heavy letter full of outrageous remarks It would be intresting to know how it all started  

Comment by Barbara Lynn on 11/14/02
Anne dear, I cried when I read this story. It came back to haunt me, with only one exception. I didn't contract AIDS. My mother now gone from cancer, I sit and ponder if I would have had the nerve to write a letter like this.


Comment by Jezzi Belle Stewart on 05/09/01
I enjoyed it for its difference.  You do have your trips to the dark side don't you.

Comment by Rose2 on 03/04/01
I want to coment, I want to say something.  As hard as it is for me, it must have been a difficult story for you to write.

Comment by Terry on 02/25/01
I usually find it fairly easy to make a comment about a story I've read and liked.  However, for the first time I am speechless!

Comment by Vorf on 02/25/01
A very dark little bit.SAys things no happy TV fantasyist wants to hear. Well written

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