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Kevin and Molly Ride Again
by Gingerfred Man

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Comment by Adele on 09/19/11
This could not possibly have been more helpufl!

Comment by Annie on 07/29/07
Well since we know Molly's mom is a sissy for life and his dad is an ex-camper who was quite the horny slut (remember the video Molly saw in pt 1) I'd love to see this story revived as everyone in the family spends summer expressing their "girl" and getting lots of male attention!  Pleeeeeease GFMan bring Molly &a co. back!!!!!

Comment by Michelle ET Chamberlain on 12/30/02
Please, Please give us further sequals to your lovely story, can't wait to read it so exciting!! and as the same as Alana!!



Comment by Alana1960 on 09/15/02
Please give us a Part 3 where Kevin/Molly and His "Mother" have a nice long chat.

One more chapter for this one G!


Comment by Alana1960 on 09/15/02
Please give us a Part 3 where Kevin/Molly have a nice long chat.

One more time for this one G!


Comment by Broni Marsh on 08/26/02
Hey G, I love the camp. This is a great followon. I loved the device of using the tapes and the current campers together. I would love to hear more of Molly even if it's not in the camp.

Comment by MAYPOP on 03/10/02
I love your PRETEEN stories about HAIR & ?.

Comment by billiesue on 11/13/01
continue on more about moiiy

Comment by "Princess Pervette" on 07/20/01
I'm enjoying the story.  Just one specific comment: "Hanging
Chad": ROFL!!


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