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Halloween Party
by Carolyn Collins

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Comment by Emmi on 09/05/22
Why didn't I grow up around Patricia and Hazel?  I'll have to admit that I am uncomfortable with male-male sex for myself but the sisters next door are my favourite feature of this story.

Comment by Famouzs on 01/08/13
thanks for the inspiration.. my 4-year old son who has high-functioning austim will be transitioning from sped class to playgroup class next week. that is a big deal for me and my husband. and yes, the rest of our families too.. wish us luck. ;-)

Comment by SassySueTV on 03/08/12
Since there are no new stories being posted I thought I would re-read one of the classics.  I found this to be very hot and highly erotic.  Although I'm not a fan of boy on (femme)boy sex, and the lead characters were young teenagers (certainly too young to be having so much sex with numerous partners including strangers), I nevertheless couldn't help but be turned on and cum when the hero(ine) did.  

I loved the detailed description of the undergarments and costumes and the feelings overwhelming Carol and breaking down his/her resistance.  Of course, if this was real life, the mother should be locked up for her part in his forced transformation.  But since this is fantasy, we can just enjoy the ride and not worry about the consequences.

Thanks to Carol for writing and posting this great story!


Comment by Silvia on 06/22/11

Comment by Diane Sutton on 12/04/01
A beautiful story with just enough very well scripted plot lines. I liked the way the main character was made to dress as a girl and her just rewards which followed. From the biginning to the end the story was fluid and joy to read.

Comment by Sissy Priscilla Valentin on 08/19/01
If I were our Heroine I'd wish everyday were Halloween!  


Sissy Prissy

Comment by charlotte on 12/05/00
Just finished reading Halloween Party. Excellent, Excellent. One of the best I have yet read. This is the first of your stories I have read and will certainly read the others hoping they are all as good. Charlotte

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