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by Gingerfred Man

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Comment by Redial on 10/20/13
Wonderful prescient story! Happening somewhat sooner than you predicted.

Comment by Broni on 08/31/02
G, I love the way you weave in themes and characters from other stories. This is a wonderful story. Let's hope it comes true someday.
Hugs, Broni

Comment by Diane Sutton on 01/27/02
A fine example of the talents of a wonderful story teller. It's not quite the same fair as the other stories that this authors has done before or since however, this is a story of a boy turned into a girl where the main theme seems to be the way the story unfolds by using a media type person asking about the life and times of a lovely girl who happens to change the perception of people with respect to the transgendered.

I enjoyed reading it and think that "Ginger" (who I will call the author) has an abundance of skills that she has just started to realize. Her writing ability is wonderful and I hope "SHE" continues to grace these pages with her works or beautiful tales.

The event takes place starting out when not too many people have compassion for Transsexuals (just like it is today) and brings us to the future when almost everyone finds they have more than enough room to accept the differences between all of the deverse groups of individuals on this planet.

Like most of the stories that are on this site it's a fantascy but, who knows maybe someday it could happen. I look forward to it if it does.


Comment by neena on 01/12/02
you know, some tg stories are sweet, some are moving, some are funny, some are sexy, & some even have important things to say, but i dont think ive ever read any one story that had quite so much of all of these characteristics put together! maybe im just particularly emotional today, but this one quite literally put tears in my eyes even as it had me scrumptiously hot...& that is certainly some trick!! this story is really a total body/mind/spirit experience & i truly wish every tg person would read it at least once.    

Comment by Sissy Priscilla Valentine on 08/14/01
ooooo that was encouraging...your understanding of our needs is overwhelming Mr G man, write me some more, PLEASE!


Sissy Prissy

Comment by RJMcD on 08/10/01

----- Very smoothly done and easy to read. It flows well (I have a problem with the under 18 sex and admit to sliding forward at a couple points). The format, which I thought would be difficult to read, was handled with such skill that it was a big plus. Great control of dialogue and each speaker presented a personality without the need for narrative descriptions. The ending was kick-ass! Great job and fun, too.


Comment by Cissy Gaye on 08/10/01

You are too much.  That was great!  I enjoyed the unique format, the humor, the sex, the deeper message, one of the funniest lines I've read in a TG tale and, most of all, the best ending I've encountered in ages.



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