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Dungeons Are Always Dark!
by Ann O'Nonymous

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Comment by Silvia. on 11/22/10
Hi Ann!
Mitch or Michelle is a strong and inteligent girl, and can cope with Janice and her goons. Good story. †

Comment by DEE on 09/18/07

Comment by juliej on 03/25/07
this is a short story but missing out on the explanations of how things happened &why it was interesting but ovall could nnot make head or hail of it

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 03/08/07
I just re-read this story, and I stand by my earlier comment. †I do have an additional comment:

<< †Since I like female clothes, that must mean Iím a female, and so, I must like boys! ... †I realize that I feared being what I really was. A Homosexual!" †>>

If "she" believes she is really female and really likes boys, then she is a transexual and would actually be heterosexual.

Comment by Josephine Pettinger on 12/30/06
I liked the story.It read's like the way most of us wish we could react with the courage of the mind.If I could I'd run from myself like sociaty dictates.But in the end I must face my true fear's,myself.I'm really inspired by the last parragraph at the end.If I may I'd like to use it.Put it out into public's view so when they think of me as Josie they'll know that life's not so much fun for me either.

Comment by julie j on 03/02/05
its a short story of intrest i liked the last bit more than the rest the way it was laid out very good to short i would have liked to know how this all started out

Comment by Vivien on 12/27/04
Very short and to the point the story is! The main thing that caught my attention was the last paragragh!  I'll bet that there was a reason for that too and it is a good reason so I find no fault in this story at all.  Sometimes the best stories are the ones that make a person think about themselves and where they stand in life! If a few hundred thousand read that story and actually THINK then maybe we'll find a lot more acceptance in this world!  I think that that would be very nice!  So, I say it's a good story and worth keeping on storysite!


Comment by julie on 01/03/04
the story was not to bad  the title did not appear to appear in the story i think a bit more work and longer story with the dark dugeon being a part of the story and the place he was put into ie locked in as he heard the keys jingle as she went away and the realisation to him of the place he was in ie heavily barred windows or a cage with heavey locks it would make the story have a lot more realism

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 09/01/03
Given that what was done to him by the "ladies" in the dream was also what was done to him in reality, I prefer his dream response.  I thought it was great he didn't lower himself to her level and throw the coffee in her face.  

Comment by "Ruth" on 03/20/01
Not my cup of tea.

Comment by zerker on 03/03/01
I can only say"HUH".This is garbled,poorly written work.Ann,Proof it again before submission.See if someone else can follow your thoughts before submitting. Your other Works were better in this respect.

Comment by Nellie D on 03/03/01
Perhaps the darkest things are those we hide inside, I don't know but believe we all have a personal demon or two. This little tale points out some of our weaknesses and it is indeed dark a times. Did he handle it correctly in the dream or in the waking world? Maybe or maybe not. The story is fine as far as it goes.

Comment by Paula Jutras on 03/03/01
Well I don't fully agree with the story statment about being homosexual just because of liking girls clothes I did enjoy the story. The opening dream and then waking up in girl clothes was especiallly well writen.

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