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The Dream II
by Ann O'Nonymous

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Comment by Slyfox on 01/27/13
A very sweet message, too bad George didn't live longer to really enjoy how Paula turned out so he could see the wisdom of his choice.

Comment by Silvia. on 05/06/11
Hi Ann.
I wish all parents had a dream like this one.
One of the best stories I read.

Comment by Silvia. on 11/22/10
Hi Ann!
Good job, I liked it!

Comment by Peggy Sue on 07/28/08
I'm reading through all your stories from the beginning. This is the best so far. You do cover the whole spectrum of this problem and a lot of things are settling in my mind as I read. Thanks.

Comment by julie j on 03/02/05
a dream to prevent a serious problem occuring that was well explained well done &WELL WRITTEN THIS IS AN INTRESTING SELETION OF STORIES SO FAR

Comment by Jezzi Belle Stewart on 03/22/01
Your stories sure do cover the entire spectrum from sugar to hemlock! One thing for sure, they're never boring!

Comment by Dawn DeWinter on 03/11/01
A touching story, it DOES bring a tear to one's eye. It's a story you might want to share with your folks -- so they'll behave like true parents, rather than like threatened little children.

Comment by Nellie D on 03/04/01
An interesting short story that shows how important life's decisions are. The effects of one decision can have far reaching consequences.
Maybe my mood is off a little but one spot almost brought a tear to my eyes.

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