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A Day at Work, Dressed
by Cathy_t

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Comment by Bryon on 07/10/12
Kristen: Thanks for making me feel beettr! I agree   beettr late than never. I just can't seem to keep up these days  Staci: You're right   I shouldn't get stressed about it. But I don't want people to think I'm ignoring them!J.T.: Oh phew glad I'm not the only one!

Comment by Antonia on 10/16/07
A really excellent tale.

Comment by Sheryl S. on 12/19/03
Dear cathy:

Reading your recent "Headlights" saga made me go back and explore this gem.  I've now read it twice.  I could not imagine a more marvelous story, or more expertly told, sure to warm the cockles of every TG's heart.  It is warm, loving, and completely in keeping with its context.  You are truly an amazing talent, Cathy.

Love & Huggles,
Sheryl S.

Comment by Diane Sutton on 02/01/02
Truely a dream come true that many of us would have loved to have happen to us.

This story not only tells of a factual happening in Cathy T's life but, Cathy delievers it in such a well constructed story that it makes it more interesting to read.

This author tells her stories with feeling and descriptions that are well worth the time for anyone to read.


Comment by Prue on 02/17/01
Remember if your muse goes on strike again, you can always ask me lol  great story Cathy. Now if i can only work out who those friends were, gigglz (just kidding) i could ask them what happened after lololol  ps if you leave titbits out, your muse wont leave you. huggles from your favorite fan

Comment by Paula Jutras on 02/17/01
lovely detective tale. Hope the character get more chances to live the dream.

Comment by Rose2 on 02/17/01
    This was a wonderful tale.  Living a dream with a little danger and suspence thrown in.  Please write more and write often now thaat the Muise strike is over.

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