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A Conversation
by Ann O'Nonymous

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Comment by wallace on 06/15/17
I'm sure Bill will live to regret being caught it will be thrown in his face every time the women want to score point's. Women are so hateful.

Comment by Maureencd on 07/07/12
Wonderful, you captured the issues so well - women can dress how ever they want when ever they want. †Men can only wear boring, dull, lifeless clothes every day. †One day cross dressing will become more acceptable .... hope I am still around to enjoy it.

Comment by Silvia. on 08/28/10
Hi Ann.
I reread your story and I'm sorry for telling you that I didn't like the story.
You wrote a †good and great story of love.

Comment by Silvia † (from Brazil) on 06/29/10
Sorry, I didn't like it.

Comment by Me on 04/20/08
>>"I went into the livingroom, and there was Bill coming in from the laundry room with a washbasket of clothes. He was wearing a slip, a housedress, and a pair of pink bunny slippers! I was so shocked, I said something and ran from the room to the kitchen. Susan went out the door and saw him going up the stairs. She came back to the kitchen to try to comfort me. Later, he stuck his head in the door and said something I didnít catch! I yelled "get out of here, you faggot. I donít ever want to see you again!í and a minute later I heard the door slam! Damn, I was so mad I just couldnít think straight."

A pistol is far too handy in its holster, likewise a dagger in its sheath; how much more handy is the tongue of a woman, where it lives in her mouth?

Comment by DEE DEE on 02/05/08
Better late than never, such a beautiful story, and so well presented! Though I'm a Transexual, not TV, I can surely relate to much of the drama and conflict. My own marital experience I would like to wish had turned out half this well. Hell, knowing my ex's background, never mind! Even knowing but not understanding I was TS from the very first moment of our relationship ended up with no bearing on the finality of our marriage. It takes Two to make a union work, mine blindsided me at one a.m. with a 2x3 spiral note taped to the front door, "I've left ....", six or so months later she confides to me that she's gay! Go figure! By this time my self esteem and outlook on life is already destroyed, the bridge scene just about seemed the best solution.... happened in 2001, times it still does.
Hope you can dig out some unfinished work and continue your good work. Take care, Dee Dee

Comment by dee on 09/17/07

Comment by Kristy Lynn Fitzpatrick on 06/21/06
Very nice! I know I am responding ages after you have written this, but I had never found this before. Fast paced and you certainly could have written more but I felt that you didn't want to impose by making this story too long. What a kind and gentle heart. Lots of emotion here and helpfullness.

  This was a great start and thank you for continuing to share Susan.



Comment by Christine Playtex on 05/22/05
Very nicely done.  It is a helpfull story which a spouse can read to help understand her loving husbands delemma, which most, I must say, probably have a very hard time explaining, especially to their loved one.  The stress living with this is terrific, if only more people could understand, thus, your story is one great help in loosening the ties that bind this in our heart, making it hard to explain to others. Thank you very much for a good story.

Comment by Doug on 06/23/03
A beautiful story, beautifully written, please don't stop whatever you do, I shall be looking for more stories from a woman who can obviously understand what life is about.  Thank you

Comment by Cheryl on 03/30/03
I think it was a great story.  I've been in much of the same fix as Bill. My first wife was aware of my transvestism before we got married and couldn't handle it.  The relationship lasted over 25 years and we are divorced.  I am trult lucky in that now I ahve found a wife I can shop with and another daughter  (step) who loves me as I am.  I'd say keep up the great work and I'll read them all.

Comment by ET on 01/01/03
Very well written.

Comment by Lisa on 10/12/01
Great story. Thank you very much.  I plan on printing out so my significant other can read it.

Comment by Jezzi Belle Stewart on 02/24/01
You write:
"Hey, Iím confused," interjected Susan. "Whatís a Drag Queen?"
Nancy pursed her lips, and said, "A Drag Queen is a person who dresses as a female, but rather flamboyantly outrageous. Some say as a mockery of the female...."
...Then, there are the drag queens, who are mostly homosexual and, usually, dress in a very, as I said, outrageous manner. Then you have the Transvestites. TVs, as they are called, could pass you on the street and you would not know! They try to do their best to look as feminine as possible. They honor females by trying to emulate them."

    I really liked your story as a way of explaining things to a non-TG.  I do think your definition of "drag queen" is a bit out of date, though.  While it's true that some impersonators create carricatures of women out of an attempt to make fun of them - like the ones who sport beards, etc.  Many that have the DQ label are simply TG-showgirls and trying to create a tribute to women at their most exuberant and glamourous.  Also, DQ's are not necessarilly homosexual anymore.  I could call myself a TG showgirl or an enfemme entertainer or a female impersonator, all of which I sometimes do, but my show (at least in October) is called "Miss Jezzi's Drag Queen Halloween", and I certainly feel like a queen when I'm all glamed up.  Many TV/CD's do dress to blend in, but even when we dress in the style of the GGs around us, many times we look better than they do - sort of like immigrants who know more about the US than native born citizens.  If we don't pass, we want the people who see us to think, "Wow, that guy is one hell of a gorgeous lady!"
   Jezzi Belle Stewart, a hetero drag queen who loves women and likes looking like them at their best and most glamourous.

Comment by Clair de Looney on 02/23/01
A very touching story! Keep it up! I appreciated the explainations, perhaps your theories aren't that far from the mark. I'll look forward to reading more of your work!

Comment by bill f. on 02/19/01

Comment by psylent1 on 02/19/01
Great work for a first timer (I'll ignore all those unfinished stories in you closet if you ignore mine). While I love the magic and sci-fi stories the best, every now and then I need to read a story like this. A story that could be real life, could of happened to anybody (or me). OK, I'll admit it, it's a little bit wish fullfillment for some of us, but we could all use a little wish every now and then.

This would make a great intro-story for the whole site (Crystal??)for those wondering what this is all about.

Comment by emmie dee on 02/18/01
Not only an engaging, enjoyable story, but a very helpful one. Through storytelling, Ann communicates a lot of truth that will help us TG's (and maybe our significant others) understand something more about what it means to be TG. Many thanks! Emmie

Comment by Rose2 on 02/18/01
   Kim said it best Wow!  A nice story complete in itself.  Please tell me you have other's planned.  you have taken the first step, now walk with us pleaseyou are a welcome addition to our community of writers.

Comment by Kim EM on 02/18/01
And this is your _first_ attempt at writing?  Wow!

It's a good story with well-defined characters and a great plot.  And for a first story.... well, all I can do is repeat what I said before:  Wow!

- Kim

Comment by Julie on 02/18/01
  I'm overwhelmed !  A very sweet story, and well written.  All I can say is ..... more !  (hugs)

Comment by Cathy_t_ on 02/18/01
So this is your first attempt at writing something, eh?  A LIKELY story!  (so pun intended)  Nevertheless, if this really IS your first attempt, I shall have to DRASTICALLY upgrade MY meager storytelling skills, just to be able to keep up with you!  My most sincere congratulations on this, your first story!  You have, with this tale, demonstrated to me that you are going to be one of the really good, if not great, writers in this genre.  You showed a rare understanding of what it means to be a TV/CD and presented it all in an engaging and thoroughly enjoyable manner.  WELCOME to the trenches! I have NO doubts that you are going to be a valuable and treasured asset to the TG community and I am very pleased to be the first to comment on your story, here at Crystal's.  VERY, VERY well done.
                            Cathy_t said that, and meant it!

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