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Conditioned into Love
by Pink Mia

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Comment by Aleesha on 08/10/10
Quite an interesting story but I thought Shannon was a bit cruel.. Thanks.

Comment by Silvia. on 04/12/10
Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.....................

Comment by Diane Sutton on 01/21/02
A fine story with some wonderful descriptive portions to it. I for one enjoy a story tha includes some hypnosis in it and even though there were no hormones used I did find the part where Mia was given some medication to help with her mind brainwashing to be just as good.

With talent like this the author can come up with some wonderful stories I'm sure and for those that I have not read I will give them a try later.

Comment by Tanya on 09/18/01
I thoroughly enjoyed all four of your stories, but I particularly loved this one.  I keep coming back and coming to re-read it. I liked the idea of the subtle coercion into shemale-hood.  Phrases such as "the voice was very weak and the power and allure of the dream and Bradís cock were overpowering" are particularly erotic.  I like, too, the fact that you elaborated on the details of Shannon's hypnotic commands at the beginning of Chapter 3.  Too often stories like this tell of an individual being hypnotized, but give no details of the imparted commands.  Such stories leave me empty.  Again, good work, and I look forward to more from your creative mind.

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