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Bikini Beach - The Last Laugh
by Jennifer Allison

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Comment by Dianna on 04/09/08
Hmmm...some of those punishments seem to be recipes for suicide sugar. Especially since they had the knowledge that their parents did it to them. This would shatter the trust that they had in their parents. Even if their parents didn't remember.

Comment by Paul GF on 09/05/07
A very good story particulary where the 'punishment fits the crime'.
But I strongly disagree where the baby should be punished by way of the  stigma of being the child of an unmarried mother.  Having said that if the story is set in modern times,  neither mother nor child  'couldn't care less'  about the 'supposed' stigma.

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 03/08/04
I just reread this story after 3 years, and it intrigued me, as I had commented the first time that the punishments fit the crime; I now disagree with that earlier comment:   Sam was not given a specific crime as some of the others were, and the lack of a nickname and his pairing with the narrator sort of implied that those two were not as bad as the older members of the gang.  if so, it seems unfair that he got the worst punishment.  If the baby was Sam with memories intact, than going through infancy with his almost adult mind  trapped in baby limitations would be hell and quite probably drive him insane.  If, by becoming infant Samantha. all memories of having been Sam were lost, than Sam was in fact executed for his crimes, replaced by Samantha, a new person.  Again, it seems unfair, particularly  when all his friend got was a slight age regression and being embarassed.

Comment by Nora-Adrienne on 07/01/01
I only have one comment about this story.. I think that having them all become fertile Myrtles is a bit much and not even being able to use contraception is going to far.. even for the old woman.. If it were me.. I would end up a suicide..

I already have 4 rotten kids.. who the hell would want to keep having more.. or just have my tubes tied..

Comment by Jennifer Allison on 12/05/00
I like to make a comment.  Jezzi Belle pointed something out in her comments that I thought should comment on.  In this story I left out the word 'No' In the sentence.  'I have arranged so that no stigna will be attached to this baby.'

Comment by Jezzi Belle Stewart on 12/05/00
I liked the story and the punishments fit the crimes, except that the following did not seem in character for the Old Woman: "This way you can go through the pains of labors and spend the rest of your life as an unwed mother. I have also arranged that stigma will be attached to the child."  I do not think that Elrod's Old Woman would have punished an innocent child for the crimes of the mother.
          Jezzi Belle Stewart
Too bad about Elrod shutting down The Beach.

Comment by Nellie D on 11/30/00
An interesting story of bad boys to girls and not really good girls, just girls. A couple of odd twists to the changes to add some spice. A good read overall.

Comment by paul jutras on 11/30/00
Excellent story with surprise twist with the body swap and the baby. I also like how you mentioned in this tale about the girls going through so much trouble to be stood up and laughing stocks to the points of transferred.

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