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Man Gets Maid Or Maid Gets Man? 2005 Complete: Yes Rated: X
A man need a maid but he soon finds himself a maid and a slave in his own home to a beautiful woman and her boyfriend.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Bondage, Crossdressing/TV, Femdom/ Authoritarian, Stuck     Keywords: Bondage, Breast Implants, Chastity Belts, Maids or French Maids

story 19 K Added : 08-13-2005   Reader Comments
Whore's Client to Whore's Slave 2007 Complete: No Rated: XXX
Part 1 - Man who pays to be dominated runs out of cash and must become a slave for real at the brothel where he was a client.
Part 3 - Under her MIstress' guidance, debby slips deeper into slavery as she lives to serve other's sexual needs while ignoring her own.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Femdom/ Authoritarian, Physically Forced or Blackmailed, The Operation     Keywords: Breast Implants, Butt Plugs and Dildos, Chastity Belts, Hormones, Maids or French Maids

part 01 19 K Added : 04-19-2007   Reader Comments
part 02  K   Not Submitted  
part 03 19 K Added : 04-11-2008  

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