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Stephanies Tale 2004 Complete: Yes Rated: XXX-I
A young man is changed into a woman then sold as a sex slave to a rich widow in Calcutta and is rescued after two years by a New Zealand businessman who takes her to his home and trains her in his business. After three years she has become very confident and he sends her to London to finalise several deals. While there she meets the woman who caused her all the pain five years ago. She is not recognised by her and decides to have her revenge by changing her into a man then selling her to an Arab friend who will turn him into a eunuch before auctioning him to the highest bidder in the Middle East.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Bondage, Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Cultural Change, Female to Male Transformations     Keywords: Butt Plugs and Dildos, Extreme Body Piercing, Hormones, Pregnant/ Having a Baby

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Karen's Wedding 2004 Complete: Yes Rated: R
He was born a boy but his mother completely rejected him until his father dressed him in pink girlie clothes and suggested they bring him up as a girl. Only then did Margie show any interest and from then on the little boy was called Karen and treated as a girl at all times. She grew and turned into a lovely girl and her parents were so proud of her.

Age: College Age 19-26     Categories: The Operation     Keywords: Hormones, Prom Girl or Fancy Dance, School Girl, Wedding Dress or Married

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School for Sissy Girls and Boys 2004 Complete: Yes Rated: X
Young boy is dumped by his parents in a school for sissies and he is put into the sissy baby nursery where he is dressed and treated as a baby then after six months she is upgraded to the little girlie class where she is dressed as a sissy girlie for two years and taught all about being a girl. After this she is put into the junior school where she is basically educated and after that is in the senior school where she undergoes further education and after two and a half years is changed by operation to a real girl. And so it goes on ------

Age: College Age 19-26     Categories: Girl's School, She Males     Keywords: Diapers or Little Girls, Hormones, Pregnant/ Having a Baby, Wedding Dress or Married

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I Dream Of Farlinia 2004 Complete: Yes Rated: XXX-I
A farmer finds that his wife and children are becomming so grumpy and are continually moaning at him that he wishes he could escape into another life and get away from them and he has very strange dreams where he does escape but not as he expected.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Magical Transformations, Medieval Times     Keywords: Bondage, Butt Plugs and Dildos, Extreme Body Piercing

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