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Nothing Major

1999           Complete : Yes       rated: G

A chemical spill near a military site affects a frustrated bachelor, ending some problems and causing others to arise.

Age: Adult 26-55    Categories: Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Mind Altered/ Hypnosis/ Brainwashed, Sci-Fi   Keywords:


22 K

Added : 08-28-2000

Reader Comments
Focus Girl 2002 Complete: Yes Rated: M
Why run expensive focus groups when you can minutely observe a typical customer? Of course, you might have to create a typical customer, even against their wishes. But who could have a problem with that?

Age: Adult to Teen AR     Categories: Age Regression, Bimbo, Bondage, Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Crossdressing/TV, Femdom/ Authoritarian, Mind Altered/ Hypnosis/ Brainwashed     Keywords: Bondage, Cheerleader

story 25 K Added : 11-05-2002 Reader Comments
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