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Town and Gown 2001 Complete: Serial Rated: G
Part 1 - Jordan Winters is a normal teenage boy living in a small college town. Well, he's normal, unless you count the fact that he's been cursed. Or that he's a witch. Or that most of his extended family are witches. Or the fact that he likes to use magic to make himself look like a girl. or- y'know, Jordan isn't that normal at ALL!
Part 2 - Jordan Winters, the Teenage Witch (No, not THAT one!)runs into every TG's worst nightmare. Can Jordan manage to make deals with his private demons, and keep his secret safe?
Part 3 - Wisdom tells us that what we do comes back to us threefold. Teenage sorcerer Jordan Winters thinks that he has a way around this, But then, Jordan doesn't always think these things through.

Age: Teenager 13-18     Categories: Humor, Magical Transformations     Keywords:

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