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Jennie's Potty-Training 2007 Complete: Serial Rated: R
Part 1 - Young Jeremy is diapered, dominated and petticoated when he unkindly mocks his baby sister's efforts at potty-training.
Part 5
Baby Jennie is caught enjoying her dirty wet nappies, and receives a good hard bottom spanking from her Mummy. She is then dragged off to the church Nursery again where Justine is the babysitter.

Part 6 - Mean Aunty Cath comes to visit Baby Jennie, and horribly humiliates the poor child. Jennie has a change of heart, and decides to try and behave like a good little girl for Mummy.
Part 7 - Baby Jennie decides to try and behave like a good little girl for Mummy, but then her cousins April and Bonnie come over to babysit, and style the girls hair and do their nails.
Part 8
Bonnie and April curl Baby Jennie and Angelica's hair and do their nails, and Bonnie threatens to reveal Jeremy's terrible secret.
Part 9 - Bonnie and April drag Baby Jennie and her sister Angie to the beauty salon, where Baby Jennie is embarrassed and humilated in front of the customers and staff.
Part 10 - Baby Jennie is exposed to her next-door neighbours as a helpless bedwetter and panty-pooper, and cousin Bonnie decides to show her sissified 'niece' to her best friend, Tammy.
Part 11
Bonnie and Tammy drag Baby Jennie into the bathroom, and punish the naughty little girl in an appropriately humiliating manner. After her spanking, the girls diaper her and dress Baby Jennie in her pink toddler frock.
Part 12 - Bonnie explains to her friend Tammy why she hates Baby Jennie so much, and why she continually wants to punish and humiliate the poor big sissy baby.

Age: Teenager 13-18     Categories: Bad Boy to Good Girl, Crossdressing/TV, Femdom/ Authoritarian     Keywords: Diapers or Little Girls

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