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The Shopping Trip

2001          Complete : No       rated: R

Big sister takes little brother on foreign trip with her girlfriends, for a holiday neither will ever forget

Age: Pre-Teen to Adult AP   Categories: Crossdressing/TV, Femdom/Authoritarian, Physically Forced or Blackmailed    Keywords: Prom Girl or Fancy Dance, School Girl

part 1

9 K

Added : 09-08-2001

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part 2

12 K

Added : 09-10-2001

part 3

21 K

Added : 09-29-2001

Trapped II 2002 Complete: Yes Rated: X
An innocent young policeman on assignment is ensnared by two beautiful sisters and slowly transformed into a beautiful woman, leaving no trace of his former self.

Age: College Age 19-26     Categories: Bad Boy to Good Girl, Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Crossdressing/TV, Femdom/ Authoritarian, Mind Altered/ Hypnosis/ Brainwashed, Sweet/ Sentimental     Keywords: Bondage, Hormones

story 43 K Added : 06-21-2002 Reader Comments
Visiting Sister 2002 Complete: Serial Rated: R
A weekend visit to his older sister becomes a voyage into femininity for Richard, as he is forced to do everything she demands of him.

Age: College Age 19-26 to Adult AP     Categories: Crossdressing/TV, Physically Forced or Blackmailed     Keywords: Prom Girl or Fancy Dance

part 1 27 K Added : 08-26-2002 Reader Comments
part 2 34 K Added : 09-20-2002
James 2005 Complete: Serial Rated: R
James began the start of his business trip, but he had more in mind to do than simply attend conferences and meetings. Little did he realise, however, that he was to be paid a surprise visit at a most inopportune moment...

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Caught with Consequences, Crossdressing/TV     Keywords: Corsets, Prom Girl or Fancy Dance

part 01 40 K Added : 05-23-2006   Reader Comments
The Day Of The Triddifs 2007 Complete: Yes Rated: R
Mike wakes to find himself alone - very alone. Something mysterious has happened overnight and now he may well be the only person left on the earth. Amongst his discoveries, Mike finds himself drawn to female clothes and all their pleasures. But that is not the only surprise that lies in wait...

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Caught with Consequences, Crossdressing/TV, Sweet/ Sentimental     Keywords: Prom Girl or Fancy Dance

story 66 K Added : 03-14-2008 Reader Comments
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