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Tickles and Treats © 2003 Complete: No Rated: G
Part 1 - A true story from my boy(girl)hood. Role reversal adventures with Jane my cousin. Tickles and Treats leads to swopping clothes. Helping Mum choose her clothes to send to her abroad. Aunty persuades me to try them on. Getting my very own dress, socks, shoes and undies.
Part 2
Mike gets to wear the Red Velvet Dress and wear it to the Church fancy dress social. Aunty finds more dress up clothes to try on. Even Dad is OK with the game - more true tales from Angy's boyhood.
Part 3 - Readers will recall my earlier tales of ‘tickles & treats’ played with my cousin Jane. All that I shall relate here and in parts one and two is true and came to pass in my home town of Bromley Kent when I was between the ages of about 9 and 11. Jane comes back for the hols. Bike rides in dresses. More tickles, more treats!
Part 4
- Continuing the true adventures of my young days with my tomboy cousin Jane. Caught in the woods, found out by my friend and the school uniform.
Part 5
- Concluding the true tale of my young days playing dress up with my cousin and the 'loss of innocence'!

Age: Pre-Teen Under 13     Categories: Crossdressing/TV, Deals Bets or Dares, Sweet/ Sentimental     Keywords: School Girl

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