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House Of Dolls 2007 Complete: Yes Rated: G
"For every action, there is an equal, but opposite reaction". So states Newton's 3rd law, or indeed the rules of Karmic Retribution.

A gang of trouble causing boys find out that their lives are forever intertwined with this principle, when after carrying out a savage attack on a group of young girls, they dare each other to spend a night at Hallows Mannor, a local haunted mannor house.

What they find there, will change their lives forever and what significance the Dolls hold, who glide across the deserted, forgotten floors of Hallows Mannor, will be revealed....

Age: Not Applicable     Categories: Bad Boy to Good Girl, Crime Punishment, Magical Transformations, Mannequin or Doll, Mind Altered/ Hypnosis/ Brainwashed, Stuck, Turned Into A Piece Of Female Clothes     Keywords: Diapers or Little Girls, Petticoats and Crinolines

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