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The Greatest Lie © 2002 Complete: Yes Rated: XXX-I
Part 1 - Alex Rios, snobbish high-school intellectual, is helped through his awkward transition through his relationship with Marta, a beautiful Latina classmate. But her old boyfriend Miguel and his friends catch them, with disastrous consequences.
Part 2 - Alex Rios travels alone to college, and discovers trouble and romance along the way.

Part 3 - Alex starts college with a bang and keeps herself occupied between academic sessions.
Part 4 - Alex finds new mentors, models and friends as the Fall Semester of her freshman year begins, and her feminine persona emerges.
Part 5 - Alexandra burgeoning sex life and successful research project bring both happiness and danger.
Part 10 -
Alex and Tran travel to Thailand to get the Operation, and they make new friends, and money, on the way.
Part 11 - A Whole New World, Same Old Me - Alexandra and Tran adjust to their new bodies and roles, but can they fit in with an unchanged world?
Part 12 -
Alexandra and Tran learn about both the advantages, and dangers, of interacting with the social power structure.
Part 13 -
Alexandra and Tran return to pornowood. Alexandra discovers a new friend and mentor, real world Trans Porn Star Allenina, and the close relationship between porno, art, and trans survival.
Part 14
- You can go home again. But journeys to the past can bring both delightful surprises, and horrible reunions.
Part 15
- Alexandra's return to idyllic Thailand for surgery and a research project is marred by the Thai government's brutal drug war. Her katoey sex worker study exposes scandalous corporate malfeasance with deadly consequences. A delightful interlude with Alexandra's old boyfriend gives Alexandra and Nancee the means to flee for their lives, but Tran is left to an uncertain future in the north of Thailand.
Part 16
- Continues the episode begun in part 15.
Part 17
Alexandra escapes Thailand into SARS quarantine, and the clutches of her estranged father. As the Thai police close in on her, she and Nancee seduce their way to freedom and whore their way to prosperity.
Part 18
Alexandra returns to Los Angeles to live and love in stealth, and incognito. But she must reveal her transsexual identity to pursue legal custody of her daughter. She sacrifices her privacy and her freedom, and confronts the most horrific demons of her past, to forge future as Alyssa’s mother.
Part 19
- Conclusion.

Age: College Age 19-26     Categories: Crossdressing/TV, She Males     Keywords: Bondage, Breast Implants, Castration, Hormones

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